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  1. @Mr G well done sir. That sour goo phu looks like its gonna be fantastic. Beautiful plant!
  2. @stanky im not the best at describing highs (I smoke a shit ton so I have a huge tolerance) but it gets the job done without being overwhelmingly crushing. The first one has a subtle hashy smell with a sourish kush in the background and a kinda sweet taste im guessing from the hashplant influence. The second one was more sour and loud. All but one female look dead on triangle kush. I'd love to get another pack and f2 these so I have a stash for life but not sure when/if I'd have the time or effort. Def gonna get a pack for the stash while they are in stock tho. Next up sunshine daydream #2. Massive yielder that smells of rubber tires. Sin city triple cherry diesel (freebie).
  3. Black triangle #7 Similar to the last 2. Maybe a little more branchy for a slightly higher yield.
  4. @stanky I do have some im currently harvesting this week. I set it up this year so i don't have a big harvest at once. I can't take that much trimming on at once so I have it so I harvest like 6 to 8 plants every couple weeks. I've been having internet issues lately so it's tough for me to get pics up but ill find a way. I cut another black triangle last night and have a triple cherry diesel from sin city and heavy yielding sunshine daydream up in the next day or two. Stay tuned!!!
  5. @crimson I am of the belief that things are worth what someone is willing to pay. I will also say that I would never pay that much for it. Or any pack for that matter. I think i got this pack from attitude like 5+ years ago. If u find my previous years harvest thread there should be some pics in there. Think I had 2 or 3 females with the best being a good yielding fruity smelling stretchy golfball nug type plant
  6. @Sunnyvale I did the rest of this pack a year or two ago and had some nice pineapple smeeling ladies. I thought the high was weak at first but with this strain I found the longer the cure the better it gets. They looked exactly like the pic that dynasty uses in the description. I was going from memory above and obviously my numbers were off. Bottom left tray is 2x grape stomper and 4x miss universe. Bottom right tray is 3x soliloqueen and 3x DGR
  7. @stanky good to see u back around bud. The one blue heron I had was okay. Gets me plenty high but but is kinda lacking in flavor and smell. Could be my fault as my house is really dry in the winter and my bowl is absolutely filthy. Looks amazing as always with dynasty. It's also only one female so im not judging the strain overall by that. I had 3 slow vegging crinkle leaf phenos and all turned out to be males. Started the rest of the pack along with all my old leftover packs from my stash. Heres a pic. All about 3-4 weeks since germination Top right tray: 5x blue heron v2 Top left tray: 4x motarebel stoned sour (sour dub x sfv og bx1) Bottom right tray: 3x so so dank DanGeerRoss aka dangerous (no clue on the genetics as they were freebies, although they are leaning heavy indica so far) and 3x dynasty miss universe Bottom left tray: 2x gage green grape stomper og 2x dynasty soliloqueen and 1x dynasty ms universe
  8. Next up a couple triangle kush crosses. First motarebel swamp gas #1 ( sfv og bx x triangle kush). Similar to the last one posted above but smaller yield. Then bodhi black triangle #2 (88 g13/hp x triangle kush). This one should be real good. Similar to the previous black triangle #1 I cut but this one smells like a proper kush. The last one didnt have much scent (Im guessing that's the father's influence?) But this one stinks. I'm sure you could find something really special in either of these strains if you had enough seeds to go through. The bodhi seems to let the triangle kush mother come through more in the offspring though. Smells are similar but the swamp gas has a bit of fruityness to it where as the black triangle has more of a sour funk.
  9. 3 motarebel chemical desires. 2 phenos #5. Lower yield. Citrus haze scent similar to the last one #1 similar citrus scent larger chunky nugs #3 smaller tighter nugs, not as chunky. Similar citrus/fruity scent but more sour funk like a new sneaker/rubber smell.
  10. Blue heron v2. This was the only female of the 5 or 6 i started. I did kust start the rest of the pack so well see about more females in a couple months. Small plant with basically no stretch. Smells of blueberries
  11. Ben Tokin

    jwb's grow

    Wow. These pics are amazing. Well done!
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