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  1. @stanky im not the best at describing highs (I smoke a shit ton so I have a huge tolerance) but it gets the job done without being overwhelmingly crushing. The first one has a subtle hashy smell with a sourish kush in the background and a kinda sweet taste im guessing from the hashplant influence. The second one was more sour and loud. All but one female look dead on triangle kush. I'd love to get another pack and f2 these so I have a stash for life but not sure when/if I'd have the time or effort. Def gonna get a pack for the stash while they are in stock tho.


    Next up sunshine daydream #2. Massive yielder that smells of rubber tires.





    Sin city triple cherry diesel (freebie).



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  2. @stanky I do have some im currently harvesting this week. I set it up this year so i don't have a big harvest at once. I can't take that much trimming on at once so I have it so I harvest like 6 to 8 plants every couple weeks. I've been having internet issues lately so it's tough for me to get pics up but ill find a way. I cut another black triangle last night and have a triple cherry diesel from sin city and heavy yielding sunshine daydream up in the next day or two. Stay tuned!!!

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  3. @crimson I am of the belief that things are worth what someone is willing to pay. I will also say that I would never pay that much for it. Or any pack for that matter. I think i got this pack from attitude like 5+ years ago. If u find my previous years harvest thread there should be some pics in there. Think I had 2 or 3 females with the best being a good yielding fruity smelling stretchy golfball nug type plant

  4. @Sunnyvale I did the rest of this pack a year or two ago and had some nice pineapple smeeling ladies. I thought the high was weak at first but with this strain I found the longer the cure the better it gets. They looked exactly like the pic that dynasty uses in the description.


    I was going from memory above and obviously my numbers were off. Bottom left tray is 2x grape stomper and 4x miss universe. Bottom right tray is 3x soliloqueen and 3x DGR

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  5. @stanky good to see u back around bud. The one blue heron I had was okay. Gets me plenty high but but is kinda lacking in flavor and smell. Could be my fault as my house is really dry in the winter and my bowl is absolutely filthy. Looks amazing as always with dynasty. It's also only one female so im not judging the strain overall by that. I had 3 slow vegging crinkle leaf phenos and all turned out to be males. Started the rest of the pack along with all my old leftover packs from my stash. Heres a pic. All about 3-4 weeks since germination


    Top right tray:

    5x blue heron v2


    Top left tray:

    4x motarebel stoned sour (sour dub x sfv og bx1)


    Bottom right tray:

    3x so so dank DanGeerRoss aka dangerous (no clue on the genetics as they were freebies, although they are leaning heavy indica so far) and

    3x dynasty miss universe


    Bottom left tray:

    2x gage green grape stomper og

    2x dynasty soliloqueen and

    1x dynasty ms universe



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  6. Next up a couple triangle kush crosses.


    First motarebel swamp gas #1 ( sfv og bx x triangle kush). Similar to the last one posted above but smaller yield.







    Then bodhi black triangle #2 (88 g13/hp x triangle kush). This one should be real good. Similar to the previous black triangle #1 I cut but this one smells like a proper kush. The last one didnt have much scent (Im guessing that's the father's influence?) But this one stinks.







    I'm sure you could find something really special in either of these strains if you had enough seeds to go through. The bodhi seems to let the triangle kush mother come through more in the offspring though. Smells are similar but the swamp gas has a bit of fruityness to it where as the black triangle has more of a sour funk.

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  7. @Mr G if ur referring to the sfv OG from motarebel im not sure. It's sold out where I bought it but there's so many American seedbanks popping up it may be available at one of them.


    @leo.z dynasty has gotten a bit pricey but its worth it for me. All i need is one keeper which hasn't been hard for me to find in a pack. I wish I knew how good dynasty was when his gear was stocked at sannies. I would have bought as much as i could. I was actually torn between the the huckleberry diesel and the starduster (sour diesel x ms universe#10). For me it just come down to the fact i liked huckleberry more than the ms universe when i ran them


    On to the next one, another SFV OG. This one was the yielder. Massive rock hard nugs but not much smell





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  8. @Mr G dynasty is probably my favorite source of seeds. I've never grown a strain from the professor that wasn't as described. U can really tell he cares about his work. I've always had good results with bodhi too. As far as the sunshine daydream, I haven't harvested any yet. I think i have 4 or 5 females from the pack I had. I've heard the butter pheno is the one to look for


    Next plant up is motarebel sfv bx1 #4. I have 3 females from the 5 pack and this is the lowest yielding but best smelling and first to finish. Went about 65 days. Nugs feel heavy and tight. I suspect this will be the winner of the 3 qualitywise





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  9. @Mr G @papalag the moose and lobsta was an impulse buy. After I saw the description on prof p's website I had to have it


    @stringy pete I always wanted that caramel cough and never pulled the trigger. Been kicking myself since so i figured I'd buy one of the cough crosses the professor has available. I also read somewhere his ssh f3 was amazing so i figured I couldn't go wrong there. A nice change of pace from what im used to


    @leo.z the huckleberry diesel has to be good. I'm interested to see how they blend since the huckleberry is usally such a small plant and diesel usually has some nice stretch. I was gonna try and make this strain myself cuz I have access to a cut of diesel but i killed my last 3 huckleberry f3 seeds and now it's sold out everywhere. The huck is pure fire. I love it.



    Some dry nug shots of the above before going in the jars for a cure


    Chemical desire







    Black triangle







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  10. Thank you @sunnyvale


    Next up ghost ridge og. This is the only female I ended up with out of a 5 pack. Really pretty plant. Heavy stretch golf ball nug type plant with a heavenly fruity smell like a pack of Skittles candy






    Realized last night that im gonna have a bunch of open space in the flower room. It's possible I could start some more seeds and guess what? I just happened to get fresh seeds in. Any one got any opinions what to do next?


    Bodhi lotus head-loompa headband x snow lotus

    Bodhi Appalachian super skunk-mass super skunk x Appalachia

    Bodhi space cake remix-ogkb x snow lotus

    Dynasty moose n lobsta-kali Snapple x huckleberry

    Dynasty huckleberry diesel-sour diesel x huckleberry

    Dynasty huckleberry kush v5-oregon afghan x huckleberry

    Dynasty super silver cough- the cough x super silver haze f3

    Karma ghostrider v2- the white x biker kush (I think)

    Karma white age-old sage x white og

    Motarebel twisted lime og- rebel og x lung candy

    Motarebel stoned sour- sour dub x sfv og vs



    Quite the choices. Really not sure what I'm gonna do


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  11. @dieseldog No tricks just a camera with the flash on. I credit the breeders for the frost, not myself. Im in the same boat as u as far as bodhi is concerned. Ive never heard a bad thing about him or his genetics.the Apollos seem to be popular and always sell out quick and goji is one ive been wanting to try myself but its always sold out when I'm looking to make a purchase. Ive run a couple of his strains and I've been impressed by what I've seen so far.



    @gardener The colors are due to an especially cold winter where I am. It's gotten as low as 55 degrees when the lights are off in my room so most of the plants have faded one or more colors



    @gardenartus thank you for the compliment but they won't all look this pretty lol

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  12. So I've decided to start a new harvest pic thread. I like to do these threads so people have an idea what to expect if they ever decide to run any of these strains. Whenever I start a strain im always lurking around forums looking for grow reports but sometimes it's tough to find info. Unfortunately I dont have any sannie shop gear at the moment. Hopefully sannie will start taking cards again here shortly and gets a couple strains back in stock. I really miss the sugar punch and I've never ran the jack yet which id like to do. Anyways, this thread will be short and to the point, mostly pics but if anyone has any questions about any of the strains feel free to ask. Some strains currently going are bodhi black triangle, sunshine daydream, and ssdd x chem, motarebel sfv og bx1, ghost ridge og, swamp gas, chemical desire, and dynasty blue magoo. There's probably another couple strains im forgetting but we'll get to them when theyre harvested


    So first up is bodhi black triangle #1. This one is straight kush in looks and smell. Reminds me of an insane pheno I found in salmon river og. If this one is half as good as the salmon river I'll be happy. That pheno was devastatingly potent. I still miss her to this day




    Next up motarebel chemical desire #1. This one was probably the frostiest plant of the batch. Had a citrus smell while growing but after chopping its kinda turning into more of a hazy less citrus smell





    I'll get some nug shots up when dry

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  13. @leo.z the bud is pretty tight but not rock hard. More of a Styrofoam type feel. The smell is extremely fruity...like a pack of Skittles with lime being the most predominate. Can't wait to try here. I'm sure she will be delicious.


    Sour diesel right before coming down




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