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  1. I grew ducksfoot a good 10 years ago Outdoors with the luxury of backyard grow Plant looked semi stealth in its vegative stage Once flower had been initiated i found they lost the ducksfoot leaf shape and the leafs now resembled any other cannabis plant. Granted that was 10 years ago and in that time alot of breeding has been done both with pure ducks and hybrids But i also think whilst some call them stealth unidentifiable as cannabis, i also think it may get past a couple of people, growers and tokers id thunk would identify it staight away
  2. Thats how they stand last night. With the gu.njA gods smilling down over me im hoping to utilize plant size with a couple of lAmps. Dead set be heart breaking to loose that green pytbon. Multifeeding coco with 3, 1minute feeds over 16 hours,so its e ery 5hr & 20 mins.
  3. More than 7?.. No thers 7 I drove them 200kilometers Thers 6 puff puff pass out 1 skywalker oxygen and light theif
  4. https://www.opengrow.com/uploads/gallery/album_5428/gallery_16170_5428_453946.jpg Still only brings the link I can only copy n paste Grrrr Cheers youngsta
  5. Week 6 Had a bit of crawling between pots Hes gunna get em supported today wen he gets something to use https://www.opengrow.com/uploads/gallery/album_5428/gallery_16170_5428_453946.jpg Still having dramas on this tablet doing bb code
  6. Gday mate Chato is well back in oz and i see him a fair bit Havent spoken to mozz in a while although i think chato has Good to see u again been a while Hope all is well and the gunja gods are smiling over u I need to find a new rental have had this place sold and have been given notice I just wana get in and start playing with a new environment Still cant sus this bbcode link Im on a tablet and can only cut n paste Seems only links i can post Is there a thread for bbcode links?? Go tend garden before the footy kicks off Take care Billo
  7. billopuffalot


    pics from me that i come across
  8. Thanks for the welcome and encouragement Cool anything i can learn or rehash im grateful for Thanks for the tip hempyfan thanks for the link ive bokmarked it Since these pics ive dosed them with some CMX from flairform(calcium, magnesium and iron I have to get them out tonight to get a decent look at em ill get pics then I really need to switch to flower,id like to go into flower with the healthiest plants possible as i need to move house in 5 weeks New place has 3 monthly inspections, so id like to have a jump on the 1st inspection by having plants harvested and everything down and away Look forward to any feedback once i got some pics up Be back a bit later with pics Take care Bilo
  9. Thanks for the welcome guys Hey snook good to see u Yer they been 12/12 for 4 weeks in this pics The alfalfa meal is included in the f1superbud from bac I ran it last run alongside pk 13 14 And i found the finished product was far more tasty than the pk 13 14 plant Aswell as a heavier end result Im not real familair with the alfalfa meal or actually how much is indeed in the additive Im looking forward to seeing how these girls respond to it Thanks for the tips with the pics This is the 1st placei been that doesnt have a direct upload button Im sure ill have it sussed by next weeks update. Take care guys Bil
  10. https://www.opengrow.com/gallery/image/174492-4-weeks-12-12/ https://www.opengrow.com/gallery/image/174490-week-4/ https://www.opengrow.com/gallery/image/174491-week-four/ Try that for pics
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