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  1. Got them today none crushed, Sannie's Jack. Got some Blueberry x Killing Fields freebies, wonder how those will do.
  2. I grabbed a pack of Sannie's Jack. On sale till July 4. Will see how it compare to my C99. Those pics on Instagram are great. The closeups are really art.
  3. How is the high on this one. I have a few freebies and want to try a couple next run. I understand Sugar Punch by reading and just bought some Sannies Jack. Hoping for a sativa effect.
  4. Anything new Santero? I see Eskobar seeds are not for sale now. Was hoping the Michoacan and Guerrero might get out to me someday. I have the Oaxacan and Jalisco. Koma has made some sativa Blueberry which was a Eskobar line I had wanted.
  5. I grew two Uzbekistan and got a male and female. Made 5 seeds and a small amount of smoke. Gonna reveg the plant as the high is nice. Not into indica at all for a few years but this high is very good. I chopped at 7 weeks. Gives a 'all is well' kind of high. Late night smoke before bed would be it's place.
  6. Popped 2 seeds and got a female and male. Used the pollen from the male to try and make a few seeds. Super tiny plant as it is in maybe a 30 ounce container but I will try out this exotic smoke very soon. 3 1/2 weeks into flower.
  7. You can also contact Snow directly and save a bit of money buying direct. Go to his instagram page and he lists his email there somewhere in the comments when asked how to contact him.
  8. Yeah, up and relaxed is a good way to describe it.
  9. Looks really nice Dogtowns mine were green till the end being inside. Good solid high from the Jalisco. Balanced effect I am sure you will like it.
  10. Gonna pop a couple this coming week. First indica I have grown in a couple years.
  11. Sounds really good baqualin and Sunnyvale. Did not know termites ate pot plants. Wonder if they got high, sorry about it for you though. Blue Orca Haze is as strong a strain as I have run. I have pot shops to buy from here in California and have not smoked stronger stuff from them. Pretty buds Sunnyvale. No bad or even neutral reports on this strain. Making me want to pop some seeds.
  12. yesum

    Sugar Punch

    Heard lots of good things on this strain. Trippy being one of them.
  13. When the seed will not germ in 72 hours I crack the shell some or just open it and let the embryo out. Clean hands or gloves.
  14. How did these smoke for you?
  15. Mr. Goodfellow if you can expand on what Michoacan and Acapulco Gold did for your mind or anything else that you have to say on them. I had heard the AG was quite psychedelic and sometimes the same of Michoacan.
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