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  1. Nice one sannie sounds like she belongs in my garden already
  2. Wow congrats on the new shop just done my first order with the new layout, love the way you have all the information regarding each strain, where they come from how best to grow each individual one real credit to your hard work Sannie nice one
  3. That's exactly my situation darth there going to be chilling in the fridge until needed
  4. Yep rush rush, wonder who will be the first to get a grow log of sugar punch up and running first
  5. Jetdro, hope you get your order sorted, I would either PM Sannie direct or use the contact page on the main website it will work out faster incase Sannie is to busy to drop by https://www.sanniesshop.com/page-1-en.html
  6. Always wondered if herijuana x shiva is anything like Sannies hercules strain he had a while back
  7. Wow hydro, was wondering who would get there seeds first, nice one
  8. I'm not going to go into detail but let's just say it's not going to be seeds thrown into a mail bag and off it goes, you should be OK at your end
  9. Wow fantastic Sannie just ordered 2 packs that should keep me busy for a while, thanks for not giving up.
  10. Scone_of_arc, love the pics that's exactly why I want this strain again had a lovely pink/purple mother that I lost and would love to find her again.
  11. Justcozz, think that's a bit drastic especially when people have been waiting for the beans to hit the shop for a while like me, I have 90% of Sannies beans just waiting for this one so for me to add extra beans I already have would be a weird thing to do, good idea limiting people on pack quantities though.
  12. wow cant wait to get my hands on some, good work sannie
  13. Congratulations Sannie thank you for keeping it going can't wait to see them in the shop and more importantly coming through my mail box
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