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  1. Hi all, long time no see! After my first grow (Sugar Punch, also Sannie's way and with the COBs, see https://www.opengrow.com/topic/51179-1x-sugar-punch-sannies-way-200-watt-diy-cree-cob-mainlining/ ) I succesfully raised a Shackzilla as well (and boy, that thing got me a lot of bud :D ), then decided to take a little break. However, seeing as I still love Mary Jane and the previous grows were all much better than whatever I can get in the coffeeshops around here I decided to get busy again. Well, that and the fact that I just love to grow dope. Since I burned up all my Sannie seeds (will be reordering some though, I still haven't properly raised a Killing Fields...) I decided to take full advantage of a Black Friday sale at Sensi Seeds (apparently we are doing that shit here in the Nerherlands as well now) and got myself some nice genetics, with the Silver Haze as the star of the show. However, as I am currently all out of bud and want a shorter flowering time I decided to start off with Purple Bud! Hopefully I will finally grow some purple goodness. Not much to see as of yet, but the seed has sprouted and has been planted, I will keep you posted! Not completely sure if I will mainline due to the longer veg time, but it worked great last time around so we'll see. If I do I will let her veg longer than the first time as I had ample of space left for more buds. Setup is the same as before, with some extra added perlite: 1x White Label Purple Bud Feminized 25L of Plagron Light Perlite mix 1x Sannie's bio starter package (tabs, funghi, etc. - see Sannie's site for details) 4x Cree CXB3590 3500K 36V, running at 50 watt per COB, cooled with Arctic Pro 11 CPU coolers and powered by a Meanwell HLG-185H-C1400B driver. Standard fans and filter. This is all crammed into a Secret Jardin DS60. Let's hope we can do even better this time! Thanks for reading and stay tuned...
  2. Thank you for all the kind words! This has been an incredibly educational grow for me and it shows what preparation, information and willingness to learn can accomplish. I build a LED light, I have grown a nice looking plant and can look back with pride on these past few months. I have learned much and already have identified some mistakes that will not me made a second time, hopefully improving both quality and quantity of the second grow. For now, I'm impatiently awaiting the moment when I can enjoy the fully dried and cured fruits of my labour while secretly smoking some "trimming casualties". Still pretty wet and not a true representation of a properly handled endproduct whatsoever, but already packing quite the Sugary Punch Dry weight as well as pictures of the finished buds will be posted as soon as they are available! Thank you for reading and keep on growing!
  3. My humble apologies, I have been slacking this report a bit lately... Progression could have been followed at the Wietforum thread, but without further ado... The update! When these photo's were taken she had been above ground for 102 days and on 12/12 for 62 days, we are now 4 days further. Growing her has been a breeze so far, no problems whatsoever. She was toppling under her own weight so required support from some string and twistyties, otherwise she has been completely fine. I have been flushing her with water for 2 weeks now, with the last watering two days ago. She has been in complete darkness since yesterday and will be chopped tomorrow night! The pictures: I only regret that I haven't let her veg longer, she could have given a lot more... But for a first time grow, I am extremely pleased with how everything has worked out so far. I hope the drying and curing will be as problem-free as the grow, then I won't be disappointed. I will probably post another update with the trimmed/drying buds and I'll be sure to share the end result here. Until the next one!
  4. Henk010

    Sugar Punch 2016

    First grow, Sugar Punch Sannie's way with 200 watt DIY Cree COB lights, mainlined.
  5. Time for an update! She is now 68 days above ground and has been on 12/12 for 28 days. She now has approx. 5-7 weeks to go, depending on pheno. No complaints here, she's still going strong. If he ever sees this thread: I salute you Sannie, your genetics and "way" enable even a noob like myself to grow a strong plant without too many problems. Here you can see a couple of the 8 main cola's and the small center field of "extra" buds: And here we have a close-up of two of those beauties : Still a long way to go, let us hope they continue to fatten up even more! Thank you for your comments, until next time!
  6. Great thread, I love the combination of budporn and epic backyard wildlife Makes me a bit jealous, Dutch urban wildlife lacks the luster of black bears and deer. One day I too will have to shoo bears from my yard, it's a life goal Myrcene (probably) has strong sedative qualities that are being investigated further, but it would be my best guess that that's what makes it work so well for you. It is also one of the primary terpenoids in hops (which causes the warm, relaxed feeling when you drink a couple of hoppy beers) which would explain the IPA taste! In any case, keep up the good work and best of luck!
  7. Looking mighty fine, I hope mine will give me buds like that as well! And I am really hoping for a purple pheno, it just looks so amazing... Next round is going to be Killingfields for sure
  8. Wow. That has to be the cleanest growroom I have ever seen. Those macro shots are amazing, pure art in my humble opinion (both the photo and the grow itself, those plants look incredibly happy). I agree that most (if not all) the crap that is currently being sold here is close to unsmokable, which makes it even sadder to see that we lost a great grower when you moved to Ireland Keep up the awesome work!
  9. It's update time! She is now 56 days old and she switched to 12/12 16 days ago. As far as I can tell (and this is my first grow, so what do I know ) this Sugar Punch lady is looking really healthy and strong. I'm really impressed with her growth and maybe even more so with the budding, which I find quite strong for only 16 days of flowering. I do see some very minor discoloration of the tips of the leaves, which means she won't be getting nutes for a while The "group"foto (I find it hard to believe that's just one plant xD): And a little close up: Any feedback is of course greatly appreciated! Until next time!
  10. Henk010

    sugar punch

    I'm literally a few days away from the legendary Sugar Punch stretch and all this stuff is making me nervous as hell
  11. I was advised by some forum members over at Wietforum, but the instructional videos made by growmau5 were probably the most helpful tools I had as it visualized the theory for me. If you look growmau5 up on youtube, there is a 6(?) part tutorial on creating your own LED light system. He even shows different models, coolers and ways of connecting, so it is incredibly informative if you are going to do a build yourself. I can also recommend the topics/posts made by SupraSPL on Rollitup, although it does get really technical (for me at least;) ) most of the time. If you're into it its pure gold though, as Supra and some other forum members are constantly playing around with different currents, cooling, COB's, etc. to try and get the most efficient setup possible.
  12. Thanks for the kind words! I drive them at 50 watt each for a total of 200 watt, it might be overkill but she has been doing excellent under them so I am hesitant to change that. Might save me a few bucks but honestly, I don't care that much
  13. (Original report: http://www.wietforum.nl/topic/120740-1x-sugar-punch-200w-diy-led-mainlining-bio/page__pid__1426532__st__20#entry1426532) Greetings my fellow growers! With Crimson and others "going international" I decided to put my joint down for a minute and post my Wietforum report here instead of postponing it This is my first grow so any tips, advice and feedback is appreciated! If you have any questions, shoot! So let's start off with the setup: 1x Sannie's Sugar Punch Feminized 25L of Plagron Light Perlite mix 1x Sannie's bio starter package (tabs, funghi, etc. - see Sannie's site for details ) 4x Cree CXB3590 3500K 36V, running at 50 watt per COB, cooled with Arctic Pro 11 CPU coolers and powered by a Meanwell HLG-185H-C1400B driver. All this goodness was put in a Secret Jardin DS60 with a Winflex fan and a Prima Klima filter, with a clipfan on the side. I decided to mainline her because it sounded like a very interesting concept (especially for a stretchy plant) and so far, I have no regrets! The lights (rotate button refused to function)(The wires are less messy now, that was the first trial run) : This is her at day 22, ready for her first haircut: And after: I let her grow out for a bit again, cut her for the second time 4-5 days later, and gave her her third haircut when she was 32 days old: Now we are at day 49, I flipped the switch 9 (actually 10 now ) days ago: You can see the mainlined hub nicely on this picture, she's been hitting the gym It will be interesting to see how much she is going to stretch the coming days, but so far so good. As far as I can tell she looks healthy and strong (some purple on the stems but that comes and goes when I tie her up ) but if anyone disagrees, please let me know! Until the next one, - Henk010 EDIT: I forgot to include a picture of the second pruning, the plant was cut 3 times in total to end up with 8 mains!
  14. Henk010 reporting on Opengrow! I'm a long time lurker and active on the Dutch sister site Wietforum.nl and I thought I would introduce myself here! I am currently in the middle of a grow (1x Sugar Punch Sannie's way in 25L, mainlined and with 4x 50 watt DIY Cree CXB3590s) that is being reported on Wietforum, I will make a consolidated version of it in the micro section when I find the time to import the pictures (is there any way to import my album from Wietforum directly to OpenGrow? The websites are so similar that I'm actually surprised that there isn't a button for that ) Anyway, I hope to learn a lot from you all and I wish you all happy growing!
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