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  1. I did have one seed that did not pop open but I threw one of my random seeds if its female cool if not then then I can live with 4. new pics will be uploaded soon
  2. Anyone ever seen the show "Dude your Screwed" or Impractical Jokers
  3. Hey man you didn't ruin my grow at all your welcome to post here and ask any question, glad you figured out your question much luck.
  4. Those are cups and are for temporary use until transplant. The cord ? That is thin because they are under t5 lighting until I feel their big enough to to move to a bigger light and the transplant will be also be done at that time
  5. its been about a week since the seedlings hit the dirt, the one on the left that looks different is the random seed. just noticed now it looks like a 4 leaf clover
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