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  1. Thanks for the heads up @overlord!
  2. Blue satellite x Luther dogman, blue Magoo x luther dogman, or maybe blue Moonrocks x luther dogman . If none of these are the cross then I bet they would be awesome!
  3. A shout out to the men and women that have and whom are currently served our country. I for one very much appreciate your service and sacrifices. I feel honored and privalidged to know and love some fine service people. Peace and good fortune this day and every that follow. May the day never come that you return home from armed conflict to a country of indignation and indifference.
  4. I ot several of those LBL male crosses in the 4/20 deals ; GG#4, White Dawg, SFV OG, and the Zero Dark30 #8.I can't wait to see how yours turn out man to kinda see how mine will but im not gonna crack those for outdoor. Dragboatjeffy over at Great Lakes Genetics hooks up a deal now
  5. Yeah man can't wait for my Selene x Herijuana bet there is some sickness in dare lol
  6. I did get agent orange but decided not to run it outside and grabbed tripoli wicked#6xclementine from MaddFarmer for this year outsidepeace and good fortune guys and thank you all for responding
  7. Yup @Hempyfan i checked out the blog spot mentioned by the OP and it's actually a New Zealand based seed company but i dont think they ship to other countries . I think he wants to use his paypal to stock himself . Just my opinion.
  8. Thank you much for all the awesome suggestions ive looked at most of those and damn I'll be looking into the pineapple panty peel Fo Sho Lol . I've really been digging through all of Mota's gear and haven't seen it offered . I decided to go with Agent Orange this round...about all i will have room for. I have been breaking ground and my back lol . Got shipping conformation on my Herijuana and heribei freebies !!! Chocolate Rain Fem was ordered a lil later but should be on it's way soon. As well as MotaRebel Strawberry Queen, and Mellvanetics The Evelyne. I have 31 other children already potted up and 30or so auto think different i collodial silvered for some beans i have ran 15 of the ones i made indoor and no hermies so id like to see what they can do outside. It's gonna be a goooood year Tatar! I will list the other photoperiod strains and post a few pics in the journal. Hopefuly i will get the journal up on the morrow
  9. @Sacred Plant Warrior i'm leaning towards Cali-O from Homegrown Fantaseeds. Iread every available description at Sannie's shop really hoping to find one here but alas... I did however order Herijuana reg.and Chocolate Rain fem. And asked for Heribei crosses for outdoor freebies . I dont like paying heavy prices for genetics as me and a couple of friends have always shared but i. Like buying from boutique breeders when i do buy seeds . I have also used Seedsman for deals . I like MotaRebels gear very well and finally found a fair price on the Strawberry Queen $60 at Great Lakes Genetics . So about Homegrown Fantaseeds have you used them and or refer them?
  10. I have done much research lol was just wanting feedback from folks here and a chance to make some friends here as well. I lurked for over a year before joining any site and this is the one i chose as it seems the most helpful with the least drama. Where i am i have no trouble with finishers of large beauties setting out as late as mid June so not worried about the new beans now. But i already have a bunch of starts of other strains i will list when i start my first outdoor journal here this year. I was born and raised here and have gardened since a child taught by my Grandfather . Im a skilled hunter, angler , trapper, herbalist and guerilla grower:) i know my climate well but thank you kindly for your welcome suggestions. Peaceand good fortune
  11. Farout guys reallly thanks for a welcome feeling! @ledfoot the panels are great temp fencing when getting animals from catch pen to trailor they are sturdy and flexibleand provide a run between the chute and the trailor . The pliable nature makes them useful in the garden too i will post pics as soon as i get my the journal startted. Lol i love the comment @DesertGrown im in the midwest and it gets pretty humid in the fall im gonna use my panels as a blackout tunnel and start flowering in July to get done early. I have several strains i have never done outdoor this year there will be a watchful eye in the garden thanks for your input. I'll start my journal soon with the kids ive already started while im waiting on my Sannie's order "HellYeah!". I also just sent off for Eskobar's Chocolate Rain got the fems cause the regs were out but i know they were tested cant wait for those too! On the strength note im prepared for class lol i will be gentle! I grew a short stout dark purple that came from some cali outdoor bagseed that made some green and go out for air motion sick sweaty lol it didnt do that to me and my helper but some experienced folks greened out and i lost the clone during a move everyone has been screaming for something that caliber again and i hope the search is over:)im sure if not this pack i will find that keeper i cant wait to search it out and sounds like i will find it right off the bat. Thank you @Damar
  12. I have a client requesting a really fragrant and tasty orange strain for this year outdoor. I told them i'd put something out and go pheno hunting. Would just like to here from some good people a strain to pheno hunt through. Thanks in advance. Peace and good fortune
  13. Seedsman uas Power Africa in they're lineup and have also given thm as freebies . I have seen they're regs line offered at other banks as a breeder and also as freebies. Dont know if that is the case of PA but could be they are using the same beans wholesaler or was tobe promotional and get rid of aging stock. I have seen a grow, i will try to find a link , but it looks good and fun:). I got they're faux Widow as a freebie and i loved it not WW but an awesome producer and yummy berry flavors and one concord grape pheno i kept for a bit. Back on track i have wanted to grow the PW for a while just always want to try something else more lol but now i may have to bite the bullet and pull the trigger on some. Peace and good fortune
  14. Oregon elite seeds has a deal on Dj Short gear $95 pack of ten and limited time buy two get one free. They also had deals on Sin City gear. RIPT has some yummy looking crosses like Randy Watson OG ( remeber sexual chocolate from the movie coming to america lol) and was looking at their bannana bread or bannana hammock . Peace and good fortune
  15. Hey dude: seeds here now,US; oregon elite seeds,US; RIPT genetics,US . All take paypal and are legit . SHN has great breeders, Mota Rebel, Snowhigh, Archive to name a few. These companies are flying under the wire selling high grade bird seed here in the states but they are legit promise. Peace and good fortune. UPDATE I am terribly sorry for the misinformation but seeds here now does not take paypal:( the other twodo im getting some from each of these too though. Gonna be a good year Tater
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