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  1. I only know silverfields The name is nice. Also the high sugary buds
  2. Are u using new soil? Why don't you try urine?! It contains everything for veg. Immediately absorbable, lot's goodies. Mix 10 parts water with one part life juice. Human urine consists primarily of water (91% to 96%), with organic solutes including urea, creatinine, uric acid, and trace amounts of enzymes, carbohydrates, hormones, fatty acids, pigments, and mucins, and inorganic ions such as sodium (Na+), potassium (K+), chloride (Cl-), magnesium (Mg2+), calcium (Ca2+), ammonium (NH4+), sulfates (SO42-), and phosphates (e.g., PO43-).
  3. Yeah, would love to smoke some now.
  4. Reveg STrong perfume Fastest mmaturity Cozy high stoned I fucked up the cloning. The rooted ones didn't have a tag anymore and I used fertilized water. Always learning. Time for bubble stone. I now let it drip all the time. Want to see if they can drink so much. Opengrow ! Hazienda This could be strawberry blues, shackzilla, silverfields x boudica, unknown bagseed, sugar punch, chemdawg x headcandy or headcandy! :-D It has Ninja leaves. Wooooohhh... HAI!
  5. The luck shall find your grow So you can be high or make dough Mo power to you gringo Sry if you're latino I'm gonna enjoy the show
  6. Early harvest time. Only half of the plant from the budshot above. It's tingly like champagne. High and very stoned, can't move hehe Used some for a glycerin extraction and added lots of tobacco. It's for the e cig, name of juice: cannaueblo ;-) Cuebliss
  7. Hi DreamOfGreen, lacewing larves placed; 7-7-10 fert applied; everything dialed in It's a dream of green!
  8. Your pic Snookster: pricey but so damn beautiful!
  9. Week 2 ~ 3 after first signs of flowers. The last one showed 1 week ago. I found out what strains there are. Holy Princess, Chucky's Bride and Blue Rocket and maybe Jalisco Jaze. The thing is that I gave away all very large seeds (and grew them but had to destroy them). I think they were Jalisco Jaze, bummer because that was delicious and the high was fantastic. I would tell you more truth but that would be bad for security. The Mars900 which was 2 years in the basement of a good person arrived. It shines from the side and will go to the veg tent once they rooted bigger pots. The latest flowering ones are gooey with a very soft and hollow extra thick stem which is thick on soil level and gets thinner to the top. Not woody. Smells good. I will maybe pollinate only 1 or 2 plants and then switch all lamps to flower in 2 weeks. Some smell like lemon, some like oriental perfume and I am happy. Soon the flower fertilizer will come. Also incoming: larves which eat spidermites and thrips, half a kilo worms for composting the used soil and .. no that's it.
  10. Healthy green plants. I am waiting for my mars900. Am big Mars-Hydro fan. Full Power!
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