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  1. Hi Saxo, It's a standard wardrobe height 240 cm x Width 90 cm x Depth 40 cm Grow height 180 (- minus COB distance 60 cm)
  2. Dropped the seeds, Both photos 1. LSD™ gives a euphoric, psychedelic and powerful stoned effect, giving an immense cerebral high. LSD™ has a musky smell with the intense flavour of earthy chestnut. Sativa 30% 2. UTOPIA HAZE™ This is a tall mould and disease resistant plant, growing up to 130cm, and boasts a high yield of 650g per square metre. It bursts with citrus and mint flavours, and will give you a long lasting cerebral Sativa high. Sativa 90%
  3. Hi forum, Starting a new grow this time it's a photoperiod, so I needed a bit more space! Sunk je pots into the bottom shelf for 30 cm extra height. repared the soil & will let it sit for a day. About the photos 2 strains: LSD (left) Utopia Haze (right) Tomorrow I'll drop the seeds...
  4. Okay, Last post on this thread & preparing my wardrobe for the next run. Not sure LSD or Utopia Haze both are photos femmed, I think it will be the LSD. Don't want to do a auto flower as I want to see the difference to a photo (so the auto Durban has to wait) I still have some original Skunk #1 untouched (photos not feminized) about 18 years old before the hybrid explosion Gonna plant them in the third grow and pollinate (allow fertilization) to get more seeds of this old fashion (clean) strain. Maybe see you in a next post, Grtx Rain...
  5. Hi forum, It was a pleasure to have you as an audience, it's all done and jarred up to be Cured for a few weeks. The small jars are labelled and also kept in a cool dark place see it as my private weed cellar. I like to let it age like a fine wine. Dried for 7 days (snapping stems) what's left is 162 grams (5.71438 ounce) not to bad but can be much better!
  6. Hi, I bought my Cobs from https://cobshop.net/ Grtx
  7. Hi S Surfer, For Veg I use 3500K - 6500K - 3500K Flowering 3500K - 3500K - 3500K Not sure if the COB drivers are dimmable I will ask the supplier but if they are what would you suggest? Or where can I find more info about dimming the COB's Thanks in advanced Rain...
  8. Day 80, First one down Skunk (fimmed) not a clue about the weight (dried)!
  9. It's clearly a calcium/magnesium deficiency, I've never encountered this before using HPS + photo's but I was warned about this with fast auto-flowers + cobs. Although I've added some CANNA Mono calcium/magnesium during this run maybe not enough. Here stages of events calcium/magnesium deficiency Upper leaf issues show spotting first Yellow, brown spots appear on leaf and tips Lower leaves curl and twist Never the less I am going to harvest coming weekend (10 weeks)!
  10. Hi forum, I've noticed some deficiencies looking at the leaves, I would like to know what it could be! I have a fair idea but would like a second opinion. But I'm not to worried as harvest is approaching....
  11. Day 57 still going (photo is overexposed, refers to a white-looking or washed-out image like this!) Compare to Day 29
  12. Hi, Indeed I don't smoke that much but more important don't have to care for 12 ladies as in my old set-up. It's so much easier now done in 10 minutes. Will do 2 or 3 runs a year as before only one to supply my needs.
  13. Still a few weeks to go, I can only compare this run with my old set-up but it's comparing apples to oranges (or any other fruit): Auto-flower vs Photo's Hps vs Cobs As I see it now the flower development is a bit attenuate, diaphanous, sheer, slender, slim, spare, twiggy and weedy. But hey it's my first run and already know i have to make a few adjustments regarding: Light intensity (Cobs to close) Day/night cycle (20/4 hrs to 18/6 hrs) Water management (to little/dry) Grtx Rain
  14. Just planted a Blumat digital tensiometer, I should have 2 more but can't find them after demolishing my big grow room, that's where I used them for years! For me it was dead handy a good indicator of what was going on even now as lifting a pot is difficult to feel the weight. Between 90 - 120 mbar was perfect but have a new set-up smaller pots, different lights and hardly no heat. Time will tell... How does a tensiometer work? The soil moisture can easily be measured via suction pressure. This tension arises because plants, absorb water from the soil against the suction power of the soil. With a tensiometer you measure the suction force in which the water in the soil is retained. Because the suction force causes underpressure in the tube of the meter, you can read the voltage from the display. This number represents the minimum suction force that the roots must exert to absorb water from the ground. Grtx Rain
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