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  1. I remember this website was pretty busy once upon a time.
  2. I doubt they will ripen like that, even if they did it would be really minimal change
  3. MarkBark

    Hey all

    Hey! I never heard of that website before. Looking forward to seeing more of your grow what strains are you running?
  4. hey open growers, I made my account a while ago but never posted much. I did however continue to browse the website and learn a lot. Just wanted to say hi. Hi!
  5. Hi all! Newish user, long time reader.

    1. MarkBark


      Hey friends, not been posting much since I recently signed up but I have been around the forum a lot, doing some reading, laughing and learning :) Really enjoy using this ganja form, some good people arouund. Just bought some cheap cannabis seeds from my new favorite websitehttps://www.stickyseeds.co.uk/ - just wanted to give these dudes a shout out as their live chat was really friendly and helpful, also they gave me a right laugh with the video on their high yielding cannabis seeds page https://www.stickyseeds.co.uk/blog/post/top-5-highest-yielding-strains

    2. MarkBark


      Just leaving another note for myself here. A few more really good websites are:

      https://www.cannabisscience.com/ for ground-breaking ganja news

      https://www.bulk-seeds.co.uk/ for large orders of cannabis seeds

      https://www.leafly.com/news for non biased marijuana news





  6. Hempyfan you just blew my mind with that computer - plant machine! I guess the computer could measure the levels of all nutrients present in a leaf and compare it to the current age of the plant! Doable for sure....eventually. Until then I will just deal with my cannabis seeds on my own I guess
  7. I thought these Sativas took longer to flower than that, how do you smoke your herb? I prefer bongs for that real clean taste
  8. Great pipe, I always stick to cheap bongs myself but a stylish little pipe like this makes me pretty tempted to try it out!
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