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    Chemdog... Anything chemdog... classic OGs. A lot of old school strains period and way into the CBD strains right now, and probably will be for the rest of my life.
  1. The purple chemdawg X head candy grow coming to an end. I only had five beings so the selection was Slim. One female was decent, but not exactly as good as I hoped. However I did hit the one good man too the remaining two females and made f2s. When I did this my intentions originally were too do some female hunting to find the chemdawg dominant. The trichome coverage is absolutely ridiculous. Even in a plant that is fully seaded. The other female plant that almost died at one point made an incredible recovery and is also partially seeded. Let the hunt begin! I will probably run this line in between my clones. Elite purple chemdog clone X head candy just doesn't have quiet a nice ring to it as far as the name goes LOL, and seeing that I have made F2s I need to come up with a name. Anyone have any feedback? So far, I've been calling it CHEM sour Haze... On a quick side note what is this I'm reading about sannie gearing up to retool some of their operation. And that some of the out-of-stock items are going to be out of stock for a while. A half year as it said in the post... My biggest complaint about that is my first initial order but I place the sannie's had strains on there that I wanted that are now out of stock.. the one that comes to mind Soliloqueen. I think that sannie's shop should send me there chemdog seeds stock and place me not getting this fine 8-week sativa. Actually I'm joking! At this point I've got more than enough Kick-Ass genetics 2 have a small but effective MMJ garden. And that is been my goal since day one. So I have become sour Haze f2s anyone interested? I also have F1 Kim sour Haze X spider bite. Peace love and health to all humanity and happy holidays!
  2. OG Ringo, Harle-Tsu, Sour Diesel X pineapple Thai , King Louie XIII OG, spider bite, & APCK... that's what's in my medicine cabinet :-)

  3. WE have OG RINGO Harle-Tsu Sour D x Pineapple Thai Pineapple Cheese Afghancitral Spiderbite Jack Hamlet and a ton of OG crosses. King Louie, Cookies , StrawBerry Looking for 1 more OG, something clasic, a strait Sour D , Headband, and straight Chem or close to it. Das going ti get Chem IX from topdawg.... $300 a pack! ?!?!??? No thanks. Tío much.
  4. Thanks...i got 5 CHEM H.C. they were kinda shitty, and 1 of 2 strains EVEN i couldn't clone. So made F2s. Ended up with 2 girls that are mostly seed. But, they do smell great. Lesa interested in the purple as long as I find that Chem DOM...I can't seem to find any (almost) straight Chem. YOU say you got CHEM beans?
  5. Made a ton of F2s from Chem x Headcandy. I was told by a Well known member that i wouldn't be getting any Chem dom phenos. . . I BET I DO havaha
  6. I use Happy Frog right out of the bag cut with perlite. A little bit of humic acid concentrate for veg that's it. And then General Hydroponics Maxi bloom and some any kind of Cal Mag Plus. That's it. Keep in mind genetics play a huge part, does every planet I've put into the soil things to do fantastic. Save yourself a lot of headache keep it simple. And definitely use the breathable smart pots for root pouches or whatever. Your plants will get huge even in a 3-gallon root pouch.
  7. Getting ready to hang 3 Beautiful CBD SKUNK HAZE! ...And where can i get some Chemdog seeds? Damn!

  8. This is Cookie Family clone? Looks very nice. Off topic, but ya'll seem to know what time it is...a need a Chemdog strain in seed form. Where? Oh Where has thereal Chemdog gone??? Its importantes for my MMJ garden.
  9. I just got my AFGHANCITRAL and some kickass freebies! Even though it was not the chemdog that I've been whining about. I'll find a chemdog cut or in seed form someday somehow some way! The previous I gotta kick ass though! It's Jack Hammer X blue hammer! Which is definitely more Haze and one plant that I've ever grown! But I'm looking forward to the results and thanks to pull the grower and sannie's in Rhino and everybody. Thanks again. The chemdog X head candy are still vegging. They are a little slower than the spider bite, and two of them are little scrawny to be honest so I got a total of two to pick from they both look like girls.
  10. Have you ran DNAs OG Kush? I dig what you're saying about the Tahoe, it's really difficult to know what to pick. Especially if money is an issue. I mean, a hundred bucks fir a 10 pack of seeds... That's about what you have to pay to get anything decent. I've actually been very lucky. But, this is a decision that if I'm going to happy with the end product comma it's going to really mess things up. It won't be the end of the world by any means. But I've been putting this MMJ Garden together for over a year now. Another quick note about the DNA LG Kush is... I can't find much info on it genetics. One of the Seedbank has it listed as chemdawg 91 or OG Kush, Sour Diesel, and other Elite genetics? Anyway, if you have ran it, I'd love to hear more about it. Appreciate the feedback
  11. I have heard great things about Tahoe. Thanks man.
  12. Awesome!!! What's that bdub? Ghost OG? Right? Does it have the lemon pledge pine-sol diesel skunk dank funk??? POWERFUL, relaxing yet uplifting almost addictive effect? Or is it parralizing, melt your face off , can't move type effect? What I need is a sativa dom. Or hybrid that is good for daytime use. It can be indica as long as it's good for daytime. I got the RINGO OG for evenings and weekends hahaha :-)
  13. Thanks for the feedback fellows. As far as the ghost OG, I did know that it was verified as one of the original. And I've been looking at Apothecary chemdawg d. It's the chemdawg D CrossFit the chem 91. I figure you can't go wrong with that. Flies sea of seeds has a special right now. Buying a pack of Apothecary seeds and get a 10 pack of mixed Kush. For us see a seed says a special right now. Buy any pack of apothecary seeds and get a 10 pack of mixed Kush. And Brett has a ton of old cut some free sure. And yeah the Ringo.. let's just say I was blessed. I haven't ran it yet or the Harley Sue. Right now I've got a couple OGs I've been messing with. Spider bite V2, CBD skunk haze, and AFGHANCITRAL on the way. Chemdog x Headcandy was a freebie and I have high hopes for this crossed. But it doesn't look like it's going to happen. Plus I want a Chemgog/ Diesel sat. dom to round out my menu. Chem/Diesel (sat dom) *** OG RINGO (ind. dom)* Spider bite (sat dom) ** AFGHANCITRAL (pure ind) on the way CBD SKUNK HAZE ** HARLE-TSU* * have, but not running ** up and running *** have, but not what I need
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