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  1. Looks like a lotta fun, until you crash that is!!!!!
  2. medipuffs info is spot on, unless the lamp is rated dimmable by the manufacturer (and the majority of lamps are not) all you will do is shorten the life span of the HID lamp, electronic dimmable ballasts are notorious for this. Not to mention RF issues if you haven't bought a RF shielded electronic ballast, this could potentially lead to an unwanted visit form a cable tv or telephone company or worse, theives or law enforcement. I'm a firm believer in magnetic ballast's and standard inexpensive HPS and MH lamps and have used them for many many years. I've tried the expensive par hyped lamps and noticed nothing beats a standard HPS or MH lamp swapped out more often. Standard HID lamp is about $20 bucks, par hyped HID lamps are typically $100 bucks plus. I use a typical cobra head 400w street lighter magnetic ballast and lamp, works great ive been using the same one for almost a decade and havent had to change the capacitor or starter yet. Street lights use a higher grade of components in their cores or reactors designed to last longer as well as their standard components. I've tried dimmable electronic ballasts and their features and never particularly cared for them. I believe in KISS "keep it simple stoner"!!!!!
  3. Elro

    Sweet Skunk

    Test pics
  4. Elro


    Excellent link Barrie84 thanks!!!!!
  5. Everthing looks great Wallem nice set up, make sure you have 1 or 2 spare lamps around when using dimmable electronic ballasts just in case!!!!! Attic grows can and will be challenging good luck my friend!!!!!!
  6. Elro


    Thanks for the info Barrie84!!!!! LOL thanks for the correction and I'll check out the link shortly!!!!!! I'll let you know how things grow once i start!!!!!
  7. Elro


    Gonna pop a few of sannies freebies in the next little while and just wondering if anyone has started or into a kinky blade grow, perhaps I could get you to share your experiences up to now. I know in the freebie section it says "thanks to barrie" perhaps barrie could chime in and give me an idea of what expect!!!!!! The good weather is creeping up too slowly, happy grows to all!!!!!!
  8. Yup wish I had taken more pictures over the years and the ones i do have are in no particular order. Looking back there are some pretty good and funny memories especially when i tried my hand at bubble buckets boy did i ever torture those poor plants, been a coco guy forever never had so many PH problems in my life!!! LOL Did a few hempy bucket grows and man did i ever grow a few monsters the food those suckers take up is insane the funny thing is they could've grown bigger gonna have to go back to hempy buckets again the ease of use is rediculous and the results can be just as ridiculous!!!!! LOL Super nice pics HillCrest!!!!
  9. Don't believe the hype!!!!!
  10. Looking for a new camera think ill have a look at the cannon!!! And the ir gun is neat, might have to get one just for the hell of it!!!!! Nice work Hamme!!!!!!
  11. Post #3 LOL true enough!!!! Post #14 LOL again true enough!!!!!!
  12. Yupp picked some up gonna get them eventually!!!!! So many seeds so little time !!!!!! LOL
  13. Post #3 Ahhh I don't think the chains are for lights!!!!! Ooops did I say that out loud!!
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