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  1. Hi, I love this plant had it for almost a year, it;s really interesting and a pleasure. I've narrowed down to 2 phenos out of 5, both similar in smell but different plant structure. Smell isn't too pungent in flower - slight rotten smell but not eye-watering, but if you rub it you get lots of wonderful aromas that are hard to describe, a slight floral soapy smell with a warm fruity, ginger smell maybe, some people have said red wine which definitely of makes sense as well. When vaped, balsamic woody smells like rosemary and sage and a slight incense smell, it's very pleasant and the high is wonderful, up but not racy. Definitely not particularly skunky but a definite funkyness when growing, didn't come across a raspberry pheno in my pack. Lot's of resin which makes great hash, soft and gummy from dry sift. Both plants are very vigorous and heavy yielders, a few days veg under 600 to establish roots and then 9-10 weeks flower, . One pheno grows impressive thick long cola's - including side branches - with long foxtails and less dense buds, very resinous. The other is also branchy but with tighter golf ball buds all over and compact fist sized clusters at the tips. May need staking or tying up. Cuttings strike easily, plant is all round very nice and easy but don't over feed, especially in veg/early flower, the cola/foxtailed pheno especially can get funny crinkled/variegated leaves but it recovers fine and you wouldn't know by the time its well into flower. Huge thanks to Esko - love the Jalisco crosses as well!
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