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  1. Weederstand

    What LED grow light you use

    Had a HANS PANEL for veg. Phase, only once for testing. Now I have some Secret Jardin 26 W. LEDs for the little ones. http://www.secretjardin.com/catalogue/lighting-for-indoor-culture-secret-jardin/lamps-for-indoor-culture-secret-jardin/tled-26w-growing/bl,product,193,0 and another one to play around from SanLight, the M30: https://www.sanlight.com/leuchten/sanlight-m30/ Last but not least...when will this ever end?! A DIY 3x4 COBs, I could run them on 600W. but only use 300-400 Max. for uniform illumination in my1x1x2M. Box.
  2. Weederstand

    Hamme Hydro's Phototopic

    Haha, this is how I started first in the early ´90, with slabs, clones and no ph/ec meter and realy absolut no knowledge about the plant. Bought it in Rotterdam @ Home Grow Shop long time a go...
  3. Weederstand

    My little grow.

    The crazy thing for me is, that you can buy weed etc. in a coffeeshop in your country but you´re not allowed to grow it yourself. Ridiculous! All the best and good luck for the other baby´s!
  4. Weederstand

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Blue Dream (Clone only) at 3 weeks into bloom.
  5. Weederstand

    Hamme Hydro's Phototopic

    Yep, some of those light lager smell like weed! It´s a well known chemical reaction by light, hops is related to marijuana.
  6. Weederstand

    Hamme Hydro's Phototopic

    I drink beer for the effect not for taste... Intresting is, it seems "you" like Pils more than Alt beer, witch is my favorite. On the other Hand, I like to buy sometimes Heineken(like the Weed Aroma) or Belgium "Cherry Beer"...mhhhh, that´s for taste and effect. Tot ziens, Prost and stay cool!
  7. Weederstand

    White Widow. Timelapse ganja growing

    Great video and plants, barackuda! Have to show your video and pic from gardenartus to my WW´s in the current run. So that they know what I expect...
  8. Weederstand

    Hamme Hydro's Phototopic

    That´s a wise dicision, theres no need to jump the popos in there face with your naked ass. Maybe your on there "list" and so there´s no need to give ´em what they´re waiting for! Thumbs up, mate!
  9. Weederstand

    Hamme Hydro's Phototopic

    I think "we" are not so weak like in the days back and have build up a high tolerance to Amnesia. First year I don´t smoked Amnesia if I had to drive my car. Now I smoke it before I have things to do, it relaxe me now. I smoke Amnesia for around four years/daily and now I feel the need of something "new". Therefore some Elite Cuts now waiting to grow and flower in my box.
  10. Weederstand

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Exquisite genetics, mate! Thumbs up!
  11. Weederstand

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Nice buds but what strain is it?
  12. Weederstand

    Finally setup but i really struggled...

    Nice clean setup! Where do you get the fresh air from in to your tent, it looks like that all intakes are closed... With the high temps a.t.m. outside it´s hard to get in the right range indoor. btw. Can you dim your LEDs? I think it´s to much light, heat etc. for little seeds. Sometimes less is more.
  13. Weederstand

    Collie's Weed

    That name is 100% suitable, not many names match to the plant, imho. And it´s not one of those fancy "blablabla" name, like it!
  14. Weederstand

    Sugar Punch

    Loved Sugar Punch, found here the first plant that´s worth to keep! Thanks for sharing the "step by step" manual. btw. Would not expected that 400W Gavita works in a 80x80 tent with those temperatures outside.