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  1. Yep, but only the first round, second round I go up to ten min.. I use a drill machine with a big wisk for wall paint, think your machine is much more gentle than my.
  2. Those machines are not designed for ice hash first, they´re build as washing machines for camping etc.. For my experience with ice hash, 15 min. stirring is way to long, but I don´t know the machine. Maybe she is very gentle, but when I used a mixer or drilling machine I used them for 5Min. in the first round. On the next rounds I stirr the hell and green out of the leafs. I did it the other way around, in the beginniing 5Min. than ca.10Min. and so on...
  3. That was my first thought, too. Maybe to long / hard stirring the plant.
  4. 24/0 for eight days? Do you see any advantage instead of 18/6? For my understanding, they need a break, because they grow at night/ while "sleeping".
  5. Excuse my late answer, I´am busy the last weeks. I got a bunch of WS seeds from Dinafem, some of them shared with grow-bros and nine left over for me. Two of them look nice and promising, we will see what time brings.
  6. Good luck, mate. A.t.m. I´am runing a small grow with 9 White Siberian (Dinafem), too. My grow is one week behind your´s, so I can see what I have to expect. Thanks!
  7. It´s normal that the humidity raises with LED. Under LED you have to change your watering, less is more.
  8. Mr. Good Chem and Purple Durango (both clone only), very promising! The Blue Dream (Clone only) was disappointing, nothing special and brings PM to my box.
  9. Blue Dream (Clone only), week three of flowering. That plant brings some trouble to my grow-room, named mildew ...*buhh* This hot summer was the first grow with her and I "hope" that´s the reason for the mildew. Now I have a second run and we will see.Hope she tastes and smell better this time.
  10. Cannalope Haze around day 55. A week a go, today is chopping day! Amazing plant so smelly, sticky and a top yielder from start till end. Hope the smoke will confirms my impression. Edit: Grown in BioBizz Light Mix and feeded bio/organic in veg. with GreenBuzz and Alfa Boost. While flow. I used BAC Bloom and BAC PK, both are bio/organic.
  11. Had a HANS PANEL for veg. Phase, only once for testing. Now I have some Secret Jardin 26 W. LEDs for the little ones. http://www.secretjardin.com/catalogue/lighting-for-indoor-culture-secret-jardin/lamps-for-indoor-culture-secret-jardin/tled-26w-growing/bl,product,193,0 and another one to play around from SanLight, the M30: https://www.sanlight.com/leuchten/sanlight-m30/ Last but not least...when will this ever end?! A DIY 3x4 COBs, I could run them on 600W. but only use 300-400 Max. for uniform illumination in my1x1x2M. Box.
  12. Haha, this is how I started first in the early ´90, with slabs, clones and no ph/ec meter and realy absolut no knowledge about the plant. Bought it in Rotterdam @ Home Grow Shop long time a go...
  13. The crazy thing for me is, that you can buy weed etc. in a coffeeshop in your country but you´re not allowed to grow it yourself. Ridiculous! All the best and good luck for the other baby´s!
  14. Blue Dream (Clone only) at 3 weeks into bloom.
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