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  1. Thank you for asking! The discription is only advertising in my case.This plant was only a beauty, realy nothing special in any context. Just for the eyes...sadly.
  2. Hi, to y'all! found an pic. from last run, that I would like to show you. Nothing special , it´s a White Siberian from Dinafem. I liked it because the massive white layer of trichomes!
  3. Ahoi broski, that´s interesting , in my LED runs they drink much less water than with HPS. There was always the problem with to weet soil, if I don´t care about. All the best to you!
  4. Howdy hidronesia, not exactly what you searched, seeds intsead of a clone, but this strain is high on THCV. https://dutch-passion.com/en/cannabis-seeds/thc-victory
  5. I can recommend the HOTBOX Sulfume "Sulfur Evaporator". https://www.ecogardenshop.com/en/hotbox-sulfume-sulfur-vaporizer-incl-500g-sulfur.html I used it 2 hours per day/ 2 weeks and you see every day less pests.
  6. 18l. pots that´s a number! How long do you veg. them? Good luck!
  7. The same adult person can go to kill/die for there country and they´ll tell us how dangerous our plants are. It´s a shame! Best wishes to Sunnyvale, If they took everthing, we can give it back to you! If you need some equiqment maybe I can help you out.
  8. It seems but they will be there... Nothing works for ever, if you think you get rid of them, the´ll come back. If you like Vertimec, wich is not sold without permissin in Germany, you can try BAC Plant Vitality Spray. Pure Vertimec can be ordered via internet to germany, message me if you need the adress( homepage. Something new I´ve tryed last time was a dutch product, called C-Result, it works but not for ever like all the rest.
  9. Ah, thanx for that info. I´ve although grow ten strains from "cheap-seeds" in my new run, hope they will show up some nice phenos.
  10. Maybe I´am blind or dumb, maybe both? But can´t see any bin-sign button etc... Did anybody found that bin-sign?
  11. Yep, that´s the reason. But security is more important to me than a stylish thread.
  12. Hi Bro from wich breeder you bought the Lemon Haze seeds?
  13. Wish you two the best with your Herijuana grows! Hope your wishes come true. My first attempt with Heri. wasn´t realy succesful, nice plants but not as powerful as everybody told. Made a few hundred seeds with them, maybe I will find there the Herijuana magic.
  14. Hi San, are you shure? Tryed it today and can´t find any "button" to remove single pics. Can you please explain "how to..."? Thanx
  15. As gardenartus wrote, copy the link and than paste. It´s easy as that...
  16. Welcome aboard, Spunk! Wish you a nice time here and with your plants! Let it grow...
  17. No, I think the camera made it blue. Live she is dark green (the darkest green of all 10 plants) and like here name says many white pistils. Because I´am a little bit colour blind didn´t see it.
  18. No problems with bugs or other vermin? Those plants look healthy, thumbs up!
  19. Another White Siberian plant that looks even more promising to me. She is in week five and have to go min. three more. My own made seed-plants I had to throw away, the five I set intoo bloom where all male... ;( But no reason to be sad. There are few hundred in my stash, for further projects. Have a nice weekend!
  20. Great, a very nice an clean construction! Need more details about the setup, please. Now it´s time for some living plants!
  21. Hi grow-bro! Here is a pic. of my White Siberian, in week four, too. What a difference in bud building,.. This run I used the first time C-Result a "Booster", it think it workes. Good luck with your plants!
  22. Howdy Bros and Sis, this is a White Siberian (Dinafem) bud shot in week four, with a ca.25cm head bud. Really promising plant, but we will see in the end... The white spots on the leafs is only a new bug killer product (C-No Insects) wich I´am testing. The plant isn´t sick or have any deficits. Playing atm with my own "creations" SugarPunch x Herijuana, Amnesia x Herijuana seeds I hope they will develop well, so it is worthwile to show pics. Wish ya´ll a nice and happy weekend!
  23. Yep, but only the first round, second round I go up to ten min.. I use a drill machine with a big wisk for wall paint, think your machine is much more gentle than my.
  24. Those machines are not designed for ice hash first, they´re build as washing machines for camping etc.. For my experience with ice hash, 15 min. stirring is way to long, but I don´t know the machine. Maybe she is very gentle, but when I used a mixer or drilling machine I used them for 5Min. in the first round. On the next rounds I stirr the hell and green out of the leafs. I did it the other way around, in the beginniing 5Min. than ca.10Min. and so on...
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