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  1. Yes, she's my darling, i have the mother for over 2 years i think. The Smoke is very heavy (exhale), needs a long cure. After that the buds smell a bit like citrus fruits, but with a sweet chemical thing on it and a nice haze taste. The high is strong, if you give her 65 days it's zombie weed; can't move & can't think The haze is dominant in this pheno but with a indica stoned. I cut her down on day 60, so you get a more open high, strong but you can still move after a joint. In winter she starts purpling a little bit more, the buds have a dark golden colour with some purple after fermenting. I will up some budshots, but my PLD stash is empty right now.
  2. Soo, next big update: Chemo - Chemo x G13BlackWidow - Chemo x Gonzo #2 The pure Chemo is the small one, the ChemWidow is the biggest (9,6 L Airpot) & the rest all Chemo x Gonzo #2. I like the Chemo x G13BlackWidow the most, she looks like the G13Widow but with this Chemo factor; a fat stem and huge leaves. The Chemo x Gonzo #2 will be a great indica couchlocker i think. Some plants have a blue look, maybe from the Blue Satelite 2.0 that was used for the Gonzo #2 bx. Not much smell now, just the ChemWidow has something spicey (a bit like Monster (EVA Seeds) i had in my growroom years ago). ChemWidow 12/12 for 19 days, the rest 15 days. I used Aloe Vera and Coconut-water the first time on them, foilar & drench. My tomatoes & chilis in my garden loved it. Tomorrow my first sprouds for SST will be ready to use, barley & alfalfa. I think SST is a great thing, read a lot about it the last days. Sensistar x Chronic - Ed Rosenthal Super Bud x Chronic The StarChronic will be a great yielder, fast & frosty. They're flowering for 29 days now. The SuperChronic starts budding now. Not much to say, nice plants. Flowering for 25 days Nepalese - Kish - Silver Purple Dog f2 I love the nepali smell, spicy citrus hash. Very branchy, good performer. I used the StarChronic male to get some seeds from them; no nepali male for f2 seeds Flowering day 33 Kish is a fast budding, frosty plant with a sweet berry melasse smell a great vitality. Very easy to root cuttings from her. I made a f2 and will look for a nice male in this line. Floweringday 33 I found a nice sativa male & female in the Silver Purple Dog f2. From 12 seeds 2 "keepers", that's ok. Good yield and resin, like my Purple Lemon Dog i hope Floweringday 33 (Kish on the left, bad pheno in the center) Purple Lemon Dog Floweringday 37 ...and the rest: Xocolope - Purple Haze x Thai - Nepalma PHxT is flowering for ~120 days now... Have a nice, sunny sunday
  3. Some pics of my first grow on opengrow. Mostly Chemo & Chronic crosses + some other stuff
  4. No, it was a male from Mr Nice @ santero
  5. Thx smokey pockets, a friend gave me the Chronic xs, and he got it from some other hobby-breeders... ...but the Chemo crosses are mine Did you liked the Ed Superbud?
  6. She's nice, but has some strange genetic-defect(?) on the leaves. The Citrus smell is very strong for a haze/landrace. I made some crosses with Xocolope & Nepalma in both ways (Nep/Xo x PHT / PHT x Nep/Xo), can't wait to grow them
  7. Oh, it's the cross from ACE Seeds, not my own
  8. Chemo Chemo in the center, the others are Chemo x Gonzo #2 + original Czech Pils, imported Chemo x Gonzo #2 Chemo x G13BlackWidow (left) & Chemo x Gonzo #2 Chemo x G13BlackWidow Sensistar x Chronic & Ed Rosenthal Super Bud x Chronic Sensistar x Chronic Ed Rosenthal Super Bud x Chronic Nepalese Silver Purple Dog f2 & Kish Silver Purple Dog f2 Kish ...and some cuttings: Chocoberry Xocolope Nepalma Purple Lemon Dog ...and my Purple Haze x Thai (ACE), still flowering. Have a nice weekend!
  9. Maybe because it's not an extreme Sativa like the tropical Sativas from ACE; it's easier to grow. I had a fast pheno with good resin and moderat stretch... ...and one with longer flower and great vigor. I love the high, potency is good. Not like a "super haze", but a strong thai high.
  10. I had 5 Seeds, 4 Seedlings; but 2 of them just stopped growing after they showed their first root tip But the 2 I got are very nice as i can say yet. The male has a little bit thicker leaves than the girl, with a blue colour. The female ist a fast budding plant with good resin (~ BT20) and about 200% stretch. Smells sweet, berry.
  11. Hehe thx. Sounds interessting. The breeder is Cash Crop Ken. Have you ever smoked it?
  12. Hey, thx damar. Sorry for no update, i write my exams in a few weeks... But i will make i big update in a few days! ...you will fall in love with my Kish-beauty What a nice strain; anyone knows which afghani it was bred with (it's Blueberry x Afghani, isn't it?)? Great vigor and very branchy... See you soon
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