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  1. Le rat

    The Rat’s Stock

    Thank you Mr G! I have so much fun!! Busy for sure, and I will need patience : ) thank you JC! : ) you totally excite me !!! And as Mr G say, show or tell me more about the cross!! Howww so cool for munching!! I’ll follow this on the opened topic!
  2. Le rat

    The Rat’s Stock

    I just received some seeds from Mauritius Island. I have now some nice landrace to start some serious breeding! Afghan from Kandahar (USC) et Marat E Sharif, some pure Colombian (USC) now Mauritius Island and for a good start, ColJam from USC! Let’s start!
  3. Le rat

    The Rat’s Stock

    Soft caramel seems perfect!
  4. Le rat

    The Rat’s Stock

    Yes, the stretch is not too big, but there is a lot of secondary branches. I wait the second week of stretch Good fat leaf : )
  5. Le rat

    The Rat’s Stock

    As I tell you, I would like to do some sweet that provides good high !! My last (and first) tringtrying was not as expected because I started from Marrakesh butter. And the recipe was whit sugar and water only. Was not good with to much butter, because the sugar don’t react like is described. Was good but not hard as a sweet, you can broke it easily. Do you have a nice recipe for me? I would like to do sweet because i would like to keep them for a while. Taste lemon, coffee or caramel and very very strong. Thank you : )
  6. Le rat

    The Rat’s Stock

    Thank you Gardenartus!! Thank you very much! i will need your help, I saw that you are a famous cannabis cooker!! And I would like to make some powerful sweet.
  7. Le rat

    The Rat’s Stock

    Some pictures of the troops
  8. Le rat

    The Rat’s Stock

    Thank you Mr Goodfellow!!!!
  9. Le rat

    The Rat’s Stock

    It’s open : ) I create this post myself...but thank you : )
  10. Le rat

    The Rat’s Stock

    El Barto is growing
  11. Le rat

    Ghetto grow 2018

    Whow impressive girl! I wish you so much success with her !!
  12. Le rat

    A city rat story

    I make my own in wood and rock wool. 4m x 3m. Yes more fun indeed ; ) i already have some girls in jars. I will take some pics soon, and do some smoke report. Peace Mr. G !
  13. Le rat

    A city rat story

    Long time without grow pictures! I just launch some rockets girl! All my Fav. Lost Planet; Maury Povich; Durghanchitral; Chem D; there is two F12 pink malabar from USC; Amnesia Core cut; and at the extreme right 5 El Barto.
  14. Le rat

    A city rat story

    Hahahah I see that bunker project did not leave you indifferent. : ) welcome on OG bro ; )
  15. Le rat

    A city rat story

    Was yesterday right in front of me.