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  1. Le rat

    The Rat’s Stock

    Thank you guys !!
  2. Le rat

    The Rat’s Stock

    One week before the harvest.
  3. Le rat

    The Rat’s Stock

    hard stacked buds with a large spectrum of terpenes. she pass from sweet chocolate to to fruity bubblegum. I saw two kind of girl, one indica structure with hard stacked bud and the other is just more higher. but the bud smell the same and also hard !
  4. Le rat

    The Rat’s Stock

    Hey boyz! this is El Barto freshly harvested and trimmed. Full of terpenes!
  5. Le rat

    The Rat’s Stock

    Hello guys, this is a long and delayed blooming session, the light was set with some flash at night... they are here from mid July. anyway, they look delicate ! the smell is indescribable, between fruit & chocolate.
  6. Le rat

    The Rat’s Stock

    Yes it’s a beautiful mal! Keep the pollen, make the job, and show us the fireworks!!!
  7. Le rat

    A city rat story

    This is some lady in bloom. They have stigmata from this bad clock session.... the leafs are small but the buds look like they grow well... what are you thinking ?? Maury Povich Lost planet Chem D Uzbekistan F12 And the amazing spid...no.. Amnesia haze core cut... trichomes on trunk??? WTF!
  8. Le rat

    A city rat story

    Yes man, from Geneva, and yes I heard that on a tv report... I never heard that before. Some guys finding some nuggets right! I’m as amazed as you! look after, you will see Maury Povich... Indeed !!
  9. Le rat

    A city rat story

    My pleasur bro! Especially with your amazing results !
  10. Le rat

    The Rat’s Stock

    : ) good old song, when MTV was a music television ! I’m in love with this picture bro!!!!!
  11. Le rat

    A city rat story

    : ) it would be a big pleasure for me. But for the moment, I need to work. And you can purchase it on theratstock.com thx!!!!
  12. Le rat

    A city rat story

    some baby’s Blue afghani (sticky finger edition) blue ice white Russian blueberry headband god’s green crack mazar e sharif landrace and my unique critical mass x Jedi kush seed
  13. Le rat

    A city rat story

    Thank you Sunnyvale. The leaf is from Maury povich ; )
  14. Le rat

    A city rat story

    Thank you very much JC!! Lemon bubba x sifi blaze sound so good!!! Thank you, I think yes, they don’t look to much tired.