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  1. as far as doing a rooted cutting (clone) as Hempyfan says it will not do what you want But I do believe you could could clone them thru meristemming (cloning) which I am not sure if anyone is doing it with the weed it is a lot more high tech then just rooting a cutting all the best Dequelo
  2. Said Hi at the other place here are a couple plants that really show what can be done with a pair of scissors the one in the white pot is a BC Big Bud the one in the brown pot is a Skunk #1 from sam the skunkman white pot is a 12 inch pot the brown may have been 14 inches
  3. How you doing My Friend it has been about forever thanks for the kind words , I hope you are well I am still growing as always and abusing plants all the best and be safe Dequelo
  4. checkin in bro, hope all is well

    1. dequelo


      Hello My Friend still alive and well and growing as always

      Hope all is good with you also

      be safe and stay free



  5. i like your all post...tanks

  6. here is a bit of an update so I have been working on building my room/building, I went with 8 foot by 16 foot with a ceiling of 7 foot 8 inches here is the floor done with one wall going up putting in insulation I went with R 13 for the walls,floor and ceiling and will use 6 mil black plastic as a vapor barrier insulation in the walls have 7/16 OSB inside and out, I am using 2 by 3 s for studs one done and two more going up I did them in 8 foot sections so I could stand them up by myself three walls up and two almost done three walls done and two ceiling section on, I did the ceiling in 4 foot section so I could put them up by myself all the walls up and the door jamb in place the door will swing out because the room is only 8 feet a shot from outside the building I built this in is a 20 foot by 40 foot pole building with a 16 foot ceiling my build should be done by the weekend and I hope to have a space setup up and running next week I have a 100 amp panel I will install as a sub panel to power the room the building has a 200 amp service in it so I have more power then I need all the best and stay safe Dequelo will put up some plant updates in a bit
  7. never had that problem they must build the 9 dollar MH bulbs I use well all the best Dequelo
  8. a bit of blah blah blah some grower from Bulgaria posted me some beans so I may start six more my choices are Blackberry, Papaya, Hindu Kush and Aurora indica I am leaning towards the Blackberry as I have never grown it, I went to the lumber yard today and got the wood I needed to get my floor in so it will be done this weekend my plants are growing like a .................... weed all the best Dequelo
  9. Good Day Folks I did not trim the plants today but I did pot them up in six inch square pots these are some Afghani in the front and Blueberries in the back five Hash Bomb with a feminized something trimmed bagseeds Afghani and Blueberries plants on the shelves all the best and be safe Dequelo
  10. Good Day My Friends No photos today but the plants are grow very well the ones in the drink cups will get topped tomorrow and moved to six inch square pots it has cooled down here a bit and I hope to get them under a MH light but we will see, cooling right now is a problem for me As you all may or may not know I have be looking at grow tents, at first I was thinking of going with a 5 foot by 5 foot then I thought about going with a 4 foot by 8 foot because I could use 2 - 600 watt light or 3 - 400 watt lights, I was talking with my son who is here from Cali he said the cheap tents are indeed cheaply made he said the middle price ones are OK but they have problem with zippers etc.and that gorilla tents rock but they can get hot very quickly and need good active cooling So after some thought and some more looking at tents for the price of a really good tent (Gorilla) I can build a stick built room So I am building a 8 foot by 16 foot room (inside dimensions ) in a building here at my place so I will have a 4 foot by 8 foot grow space at each end then I will have an 8 foot by 8 foot space in the center to clone keep mothers etc. so with any luck I will be able to harvest a space every 8 weeks while one is in flower I will veg the other one more then likely I will flower under 2 - 600 watt lights and veg under 3 - 400 watt lights I will try to put up some build photos, the building I am using has very high ceilings so I am hoping any floor space I am losing I will be able to use the top of the room just need to build it strong, but believe it or not it is about 150 dollars cheaper to build this the buy a 4 foot by 8 foot Gorilla tent of course that does not include my time but since I work from home two days a week the company I work for is paying me to build the room all the tools I have they were bought years ago when I redid my house all the best and enjoy the day dequelo
  11. Good Day Folks not much to show as of yet but we do have beans a poppin' that being said I absolutely hate starting from beans but you got to start somewhere and where is here I had 5 for 5 of the Afghani pop, 6 for 6 of the Blueberry pop, 5 for 5 of the Hash Bomb, but only one of the Master Kush hopefully a female right now I am working under 4 foot shop lights with daylight bulbs, I bought some off brand tubes that were junk so I had to replace them that set the plants back a bit I am using a four shelf bakers rack, I have four unknown bag seeds going they took a hit when I put the under a 400 watt HID light dimmed to 250 watt and it got 100 degree outside they are coming back I topped the first three and will do the last one today or tomorrow, put what I cut off iI put in a cloner with hopes I have some females also I wanted to run some stuff to start getting my power bill back up from the 28 dollars a month it is now some shots of the unkowns the last one I thought I burned to a crisp but pot is indeed a weed and it came back a couple of shots of seedlings in drink cups I have not used my camera in three years as alls I take photos of is weed so I needed the practice on a side note I have been looking at grow tents to the point of having my head hurt, I am going to pick up a 4 foot by 8 foot and run three 400 watt lights in it all the best and enjoy the day Dequelo
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