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  1. my bad wrong section some please move to outdoors
  2. Good Day so I have started my seeds for my outside grow on February 16th 2021 getting ready for the outside season here in the cold of upstate New York and no we are not a grow state so plant count has no real meaning one or a hundred is about the same but grow I shall a list 10 - Outside mix from Hybrids from Hell freebies 10 - Chocolate OG from So Cal Seed Vault 5 - DJ Short Blue Berry x Original Haze Alter Ego 6 - NL#5 x Sensi Star F2 from @HolyAngel 5 - Blue Berry IBL F9 8 - TrainWreck x 88 G13 Hashplant F2 5 - highland oaxacan gold Alter Ego 5 - Killing Fields F7 Buy Killingfields seeds Sannie 5 - General’s Daughter freebies with an order General’s Daughter – Fleur du Mal Seed 10 - Holy Goddess - Santa Shiva x Holy Princess 5 - Vigorosa Sativum = Jillybean as the mother and Sativa Scream by Jinxproof as the father. 5 - northern lights ( Hash Plant Pheno) x Mexican Stavia 5 - Black Lotus x Zipolite Oaxacan 5 - Blackberry Kush X Amnesia Haze so I have a few things going to work with outside this season I am working on a bakers rack with five shelves I have 4 foot LED 42 watt t-5 replace fixtures two on each shelf I get 48 on each shelf in18oz solo cups plant time Highland Oaxacan Gold or H.O.G. NL #5/Haze x Sensi Star F2 Holy Goddess santero Santa Shiva x Holy Princess General's Daughter G13 x C99 Blue Berry IBL DJ Short so they say Blue Berry x Haze old seeds two made it a Box of Chocolate mix I have list I will up it they are growing like fire Black Lotus x Zipolite Oaxacn Train Wreck x 88 G13 Hash Plant F2 Hybrids from Hell outdoor mix a Danish Breeder Chocolate OG Vigorosa Sativum = Jillybean as the mother and Sativa Scream by Jinxproof as the father. I know nothing about but I needed another Satvia Northern Lights (hash plant pheno) x Mexican Satvia Killing Fields F7 from Sannie's so next planting is on 3/9/2021 I have a lot more to plant so in between I will get this up to date all the best and enjoy the day and be safe Dequilo
  3. dequelo


    Saxo that is a crazy nice flower all the best Dequilo
  4. I did not see them fly once last season but they could use drones once leagle here I am sure they will be out in force it will be money and taxes at that point the hedge did not look like weed growing but towards the end it was the wrong green be safe and stay free Dequilo
  5. Update from outside Season 2020 It has been awhile but after coming here and bitching about Sannie I will first say he came thru now the postman needs to do the same so we will see OK so I worked outside the first time in lots of years and it was The Greatest Time I have had in 20 years I forgot how well outside plants grow duh:) this will be a bit chaotic this is a hedge I did outside here in New York 2020 is a 15 plant double row of assorted plants this is in August I had to cut them back to four foot at the end of July they were way too tall a nice long hedge of buds in the beginning they were in 1 1/2 gallon pots they started out in 4 foot page wire cages when they went into the ground to be continued need to find more photos see you in a few
  6. and you know I would not just trash Sannie you and I have posted here a long time. but no communication equal misunderstanding so all you members here please remember I did not come to bash anyone but to get some info on a purchase I made for genetics I want also as soon as it was in my mind made right I edited all my posts to reflect that so please enjoy the day and move on it is all good work on growing make seeds and share them Dequilo
  7. @saxo they are on their way and I am pumped I am working with them outside this 2021 season and wiil do a grow report here for sure the only real problem was for me no communication but all better now and much love for Sannie make beans and share them Dequilo
  8. I only spoke my mind said the same thing in an email I am not negative person as most people know but if I come off to like that please let me say that is not me but the day I cannot speak my mind no matter what it is respectfully will be the day I die Hi @Papalag see at home make beans and share them Dequilo
  9. So I did get an email for Sannie's Seed Shop thank you sir and shipping info so Sannie you have done the right thing now if the postman can will be another thing eh? all the best and make beans Dequilo
  10. Good Day all as this is the every last time I will ever post here I tried to buy beans from Sannie and had no luck but money is gone so a lesson learned do not support Seed Whores and my dear friend Sannie you have reach that point keep money may it be the millstone that drags you to your death have a great day and delete my account Dequoilo
  11. it is not indeed I have bought from Sannie's shop three or four time before with not a problem but always painful when paying so I had Swe-can from OG do a bank transfer for as he is over here not in the states we did a day after christmas and I was sure it would be slow but six days into the new year I know from the bank they got the funds on Monday if you are going to fuck me over just say so but no reply is lame it such a shame a I did want some of sannie's work the seed game is a seedy business for sure they probably needed my 100 us dollar more than I inshallah the choke on it be safe and be free Dequilo
  12. I hear I just reach out to santero he may have an idea of how to move forward it sucks I am so use to dealing with people on the level but no reply is not nice be safe Dequilo
  13. Good Day I could use a little help please I have an order I placed with Sannie had a friend over there pay by bank transfer for me I have been try to reach out by email to Sannie and not getting anywhere any help or thoughts of how to move forward I wanted some of his work all the best and have a great day Dequilo
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