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  1. Ghetto grow 2018

    Thanks Gardener. Yep. Born on 4/20. The young stoners love it. They think it’s cool. I do too! I wear it proud. peace mrG
  2. Ghetto grow 2018

    Thanks @Justcozz. About to go start my day at the "house of pain" (therapy) and get it over with. Then I have no plans. I might go cruiese a few dispensaries for fun. Some will have stuff going on. There are so many now I haven't been in half of them. Once I got my first harvest in, I haven't been back except to buy a cartridge for the vaporizer when I travel. peace mrG
  3. Ghetto grow 2018

    My SSDD seemed to have a warm fuzzy feeling to it. More body for sure. I really liked it. All the trim I get will be turned to wax so no huge loss. Just more trimming. Starting out today smoking some Dusk from Bigun. It's Ghash x (Psychosis x Herijuana). Very nice. It's still curing but it has a slight sweet berry undertone and a little cheese in the back. Still a little early. I also hit the plants with too much nitrogen in the end and they brought come chlorophyll to the end product. Still, it's very potent and relaxing. I haven't finished trimming them totally since I've been a little out of it but I did get them in large freezer bags with Boveda packs and I'll finish them up soon and put it small jars.
  4. stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    I hear you bro, I was just thinking the same thing...
  5. Ghetto grow 2018

    Thanks bro!
  6. Trapper's corner

    Hell yeah! It's my birthday, too. I'm gonna try to have fun! happy 420! peace mrG
  7. stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    Have fun camping Webe! Happy 420 to everybody. It's also my birthday! weeeeeeee peace mrG
  8. stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    @gardenartusIf nothing else PM a Moderator. I got a reply the other day and I didn't know I asked? heh. I hit the wrong button somehow and a reply to a private message went to the mod. So, there is a button somewhere, ha. I have no idea how I did that but he was kind enough to let me know and to warn me to be cautious while learning the new site. That was cool. peace mrG
  9. Don't Panic It's Organic 2

    Good to see you again Damar. Seems like everybody is suffering through a weird winter this year. Hope your veggies pull out of it. My BJ/Selene had a good bit of stretch just to let you know. Topping would be suggested. Hope yours play better than mine. Dog has some dank shit. His accidental cross of Pineapple Chunk (barneys farm seeds) x Selene. It may be the most impressive bud I've grown so far in the last few years, maybe ever. It scored really high in every category, and it is dank and fairly potent. It was a huge sativa dam plant but it yielded really nice as well. So, I think that Selene dad he used on all of that stuff must have been a real stud. Enjoy, and just have fun! peace mrG
  10. G-39, HoD

    Hell yes! Very nice bro. I love watching you guys work. Maybe a little will rub off on me one day! I'll be concentrating more on pain relieving strains, too, from now on. I keep adding more pains every day it seems. I have one CBD cross going now and it's supposed to have at least a 2:1 ratio. I lost all the seeds except two and they both were female and I lost my clones. So, I have to see if there is any chance to get more. I'd like to start collecting a few CBD strains to maybe marry one to one of the NAW meds someday. I'm really digging my little Green Manalishi f2 right now. It was tiny but wow is it nice. The buds are beautiful when you break them open. This one is really greasy, too. I'm going to load some now! peace mrG
  11. Ghetto grow 2018

    Hey buddy, where have you been hiding? I suppose you're uber busy raising a family now. That's a cross from Douglasfurtrapper and I was the first to grow it I believe. I agree but I suppose it's just indica traits. I'm having a hell of a time with Powdery Mildew and those thick leaved girls make it hard to stay on top of. I never saw this stuff in my life, now I see it too much. Let me know if you run out of beans. I still have some of the stuff Doc Bonez sent. Only a potion of my got squished. I told him I would share. Just let me know. Sounds like your about to get your garden going. It'll be a while before I trust anything outside. It's been a weird year and nothing but wind and super low humidities. And it's freeze anytime. heh. Hope you get your grow going soon. peace mrG
  12. T.P.R (the pain reliever)

    I agree Lumatek. It really shows once you grow their strains. They're very predictable and dependable. peace mrG
  13. T.P.R (the pain reliever)

    Hey Luma, I stopped trying to make sense of it, heh. I keep a notebook close now so I can take notes. What ever their secrets are, they are alright! peace mrG
  14. Sinister '18. Still underground

    I have some f2 Selene and been wanting to grow them. I think they would be the bomb to breed/cross with. I haven't had it straight up, just in crosses. peace mrG
  15. A Continuous Evolutionary Grow

    You have a cool run going. I see what you mean on the other plant. Gonna be a nice yield. Enjoy! peace mrG