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  1. Hey! I finally saw that you posted. It's looking like you've really upped your game. That's some beautiful work! I'll try and in more but this time of year is all outside. Not much butt time lately. I'm just working hard on the property but no real work, which sucks for obvious reasons. Other than that I'm doing good, well except for the insanity I accumulated from the last year, so there's that... lol. I'll PM you my email address so you can hit me up anytime. I'd love to be able to get in touch with you when I need some medical products. I think our farmer's market is gonna open back up this year but not til middle of July. I was thinking how you could sell out on your products. They would do good here I think. That soap in really attractive. Hopefully I can get myself over here more. peace
  2. I figured I'd better get over here fast. Somebody said @Justcozz and @gardenartus were in here and I said they were mistaken..... hmmmm. Got a meeting I have to go to now but I'll be back and y'all better behave till then, heh. Hope everybody is doing well. What a lousy year. Love y'all! peace
  3. I forgot to hit the reply button on this post, oops Probably a week old or more.. Good to see you @Sacred Plant Warrior. were you finally able to get the cancer stuff whipped? I sure hope so. I'm gonna try and pop in here more. That last year took a toll on me eventually. Once summer was gone and I couldn't fish anymore it started getting depressing. Got my shots now, though, so I hope I can pick up some sort of income this year. I'm still living on much of nothing and stamps. My neck is my new ball and chain. I need to go back for a little therapy if I can. Other than all of that, I'm doing pretty good and ready for warm weather which looks to be here pretty good in a week. We been getting a lot of snow this year and now it's another mud fest day. Things are warming up but it just gets muddy then. Stat should be winding down. We have another couple of inches forecast for a couple of days from now. I plan on trying to get more serious on this house this year. Lots to do. Living the poor man's dream! lol peace What's up @Toker?! Glad things are rolling good back there. Did I hear that NC passed Medical? Pretty cool Seems like Virginia did, too. Crap, I'd almost like to move back to NC if they got legal. Those damn road blocks were about to give me a stroke when I was there. It's a wonder I never went to jail in one of those. Where has @gardenartus gotten off to? Last time I stuck my head in here fool on the hill was giving her major crap about something.
  4. Nice plants Beach. Crazy looking buds. Have tried the NYCD/LT before? I'm going to use my LT seeds soon and hope to make some seeds while at it.
  5. Hey y'all, thanks. Great to see that some regulars are still hanging. What a crappy year we all just went through. I was okay until fall came and the lake was too cold to go to anymore. It was a little depressing but I grew a few plants and that helped. Since I got my shots I'm looking forward to a little more freedom. And, some work! Or, like Toker said, get some side work going. It's be nice to cover some electric bills. Gotta go make a big pot of beef stew now. More snow tonight, but the warm is coming. I'll try and pop in more regular. I dropped my dedicated internet connection because I only have one choice and they wouldn't close out my dedicated phone number that I added for a friend staying here. After 6 months of trying and all of their excuses, I just stopped paying my bill. Heh, they refunded my money for the phone for 6 months but never turned the internet back on after they gave me a date and time, lol.. I use my phone as a hotspot for about half of the month to be able to use the desktop. I'm going to get it re-connected soon. But whn it's just the phone it's not as fun to post. peace Hey @Gardenartus and @Sacred Plant Warrior! Hope to see all of you soon.
  6. Hey @BeachBud, I'm alive and kicking. I'll have to do a lot of catching up to do in your thread. Been a hell of a year but I got my vaccine shots done so maybe it'll help. I'm about to crash atm but I plan on popping in a lot more. Oh, I gotta get a pic of the IPA I ran outside last year, lol.. I harvested more than a pound from it. It seems like close to two. I gave some to a neighbor and he said he got neck and back relief right away. I hope all is well in Beachtown! Talk at you soon.
  7. Hey-o my Opengrow peeps. I hope everyone is well. I'm doing fine, just much meaner than last year, lol. I'll try and not be a stranger anymore. I have a lot to catch up on, but just from a quick glance things seem to be about the same, heh. I finally got my 2nd vaccine shot and looking forward to a better year. I basically didn't work at all last year. At least the weather is geting better. Thank God for weed! I basically just grew my way through the damnpenic, I mean pandemic. Gotta bust some chores out now, before another snow event. We've had a lot this year. peace
  8. Hey, I just had to pop in to say how great this plant is. man! I love it. I have two phenos, one that was 7 feet high indoors, and had to bend the 2' cola down early, and one that was the smallest of the three. I haven't smoked it for a while but now it has cured into a really tasty grape and chocolate taste. Smooth and enjoyable smoke. This one seems potent on the THC side but I get CBD relief too I feel like. The large one is really stinky grape soda when you open the bag and it has been curing into a great smoke as well. I'll be back on. Gotta run now. My notifications haven't been reminding me I have replies here, so I'll try and catch up tomorrow. Lots of outdoor work and fishing! This is very good smoke, great effects, and beautiful colors. I love this plant! Thanks @Cristalin!! Great work.
  9. Summer is coming and the depression is setting in. Or everyone is outside. It's been real nice here and I've been working outside and waiting on a rainy day to work inside....it's been a minute. Some jackass has decided that all of the non mask wearing texans and cajuns are all welcome here right now. Mark your calendar! I went kayaking today for well being. It was a perfect day. I'm still around.Sometimes you may have to throw a rock at the window to get my attention.
  10. That Onyx Fire is some great smoke. I’m looking forward to looking through them. Last batch got seeded but it’s a nice cross.
  11. Hey crew! Thank you all for the birthday wishes!!! Great to see you again @DukeA#1! I was wondering how you've been. I'm not getting my notifications from Opengrow for some reason. I ended up working on my truck all day on 4/20 and got finished in the evening. I was going to go to the dispensary to treat myself to some hash from 710 Labs, for my b-day. Then, reality set in when I find they wanted $80 for a gram. I went back home and smoked my own stuff. Well, I did pick up a penny pre-roll for my b-day. It was worth the penny I guess. heh. Good to see you again, too @Justcozz! Hope you guys are all doing good. I've been busy working outside in the yard with March being so nice. April has been about the same. Just no rain. I'm doing like @gardenartus, just doing what I do every day. Not much change for me. I hate it for all of the people who aren't used to bing at home so much. It's taken me a while to get used to being so poor these days. I've been able to collect some really nice genetics this last year and looking forward to some fun grows. I haven't seen @baqualin lately either. If I drive up to his town I have to come home and self quarantine for 2 weeks. @Papalag, man, I'm so glad you caught that fire in time. Damn, that scares the shit out of me. I hope this stimulus money comes soon. I really want to buy fire alarms for my house. I plan on staying close for the next few weeks. That'll give me time to see the effects of this re-opening of the economy experiment that basically workers, not owners, will participate in.... mark your calendar for 4 weeks from today. Then decide if you want to go out. It's great to see you all on the same page for a change! Thanks to you all for the birthday wishes! That's cool! It means a lot. I love my weed fam! Plus it's 4/20 all month this year! I have 3 more days! peace and stay safe y'all! I'll try and show up more often. It gets tough once the weather gets so nice. Winter started early again this year so It's nice to be outside. Last year we got no spring.
  12. Looking fat up in your place as usual. Since the PHK is at 6 weeks it's just more of a nuisance, 'eh? It can't do a lot of damage but it's never fun seeing them. I have the lone PHK seed I had peeking out of the soil. Should be up and at 'em in the next couple of days. I have to he one IPA fem up about a week. I lost one, but started one new one and it's just behind the PHK. I'm really stoked to finally grow the IPA. Is my fem any specific pheno? I just wanted to make sure this time I harvest some IPA bud! I'm curious about what I'll see from the PHK seed. I'm willing to put up with a few nanners for at least one run. That was a very unique flower. I hope I get one like that. peace
  13. The whole site has been quiet. I haven't heard a peep from the NAW brothers.
  14. Happy 420 y'all. Black Sabbath was some of the first stoner music I listened to. The old stuff was so good at the time.
  15. Awesome bro! Makes me want to grow the freaks I made. Looks like you got cauliflower buds! It's a beauty! happy 420!
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