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  1. Mr Goodfellow

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Ok, yes, that's the story I remember. Cool. Was it the freebies or a better connection? Can't wait to hear more about her. It seemed kind of a mystery that faded away by the time I heard of it. Best vibes on the finish and I look forward to more pics and info! peace mrG
  2. Mr Goodfellow

    Ghetto grow 2018

    Wait til you see them up close.... freaks of nature, really, lol. I can't take it. Gotta crash. Appointment at the house of pain in the AM. Thanks for swinging by! peace mrG
  3. Mr Goodfellow

    Ghetto grow 2018

    Well, it took me a bit to get all of the cobwebs and dust off of the door to get back in my thread so I'll try to stop in more often. Most of you know, I'm in the process of buying this house with my sister. I'll be able to stay put and do all the work on it to make it better and hopefully grow some food, fruit, and lots of pot for myself. The kind lady who lived here before had a tough time keeping up with the place for the last two years. So, I'm getting the landscape straightened out and trying to plant a few things here and there. I have 9 heirloom tomato plants, a Japanese Pickling Eggplant (supposed to be extra tasty for baking), a few herbs and flowers, including zinnias, marigolds, fuschia, and some salvia. I'm tending some exploding roses, too. I have a grape vine I have to get an arbor built for, and thornless blackberries (full of huge seeds though, lol) and raspberries. There are a few fruit trees and other flowers, aaaand.... I still have work to do in the house. It's completely livable but needs updating and paint. Most very serious updates have been done, so mine will be mostly cosmetic. It's a huge challenge and I love it. All my pot plants are outside atm. I had started a run and then found out I needed surgery after they were already up. So, they were neglected a little but are beasts now, and I have all of them to manage. I have to clean the flower room super good to plan for PM and maybe I will flower a bunch soon. I'm just worried about the electric bill because I will still be tight with money for a couple of months. Plus, gotta go to therapy for my knee 5 days a week. I sleep good. I have pics I want to start putting up of my current grow. Now that I have them back in shape and vegged up nicely, I'm really excited. I feel like I have one of those special grows. I hope I don't forget anybody, but the lineup is: Shivadawg by SAN (M39 x Stardawg... crap, I think that's right.. ) Sultana by Saxo (boudica x turkish landrace) Folsom Prison Blues by Sinister (uk blues x sfv og) Hills and Valleys by Sinister (Tom Hill deep chunk x sfv og) (killing fields x katsu kush) x holy princess by DrDocBonez green manalishi x lemon fantasy, my first pollen chuck Ok... I have food on the stove. Hopefully I can add a pic or two tonight. Ahh hell, here's one. I want to show them all... This is L-R Shiva dawg, Sultana satty pheno, Sultana less satty pheno. They all smell AAA+ peace mrG
  4. Mr Goodfellow

    autum/winter grow 2017

    Is that your cross? I thought I remembered you growing it. If so, and this is the first grow, I'm really interested in following along. It seems like a fantastic cross and worth finding out the outcome. Best vibes for your grower friend. I'd love to hear the results of the smoke. I haven't smoked Colombian Gold since high school, I guess.... maybe 1974 or '75 is the last I saw any. I did get that gold color in a strain I dried out in the sun last summer. It was the Ghost Dream. I've always heard that's how they got the color in CG, was by leaving it to dry in the field in the sun. After the color I got in my buds I tend to accept this explantation. peace mrG
  5. Mr Goodfellow

    What do you listen in this moment ?

    Small world, huh. I remember when Gillies was big. I drove by it once, after it's hey day. I was 15 in 1970, heh.
  6. Mr Goodfellow

    Sinister '18. Still underground

    I'll have to go back and dig out a pic. I just found I have another large bud left from that batch. Maybe I'll take a pic. It may be faded. I can do a taste test tonight, too.
  7. Mr Goodfellow

    Sinister '18. Still underground

    Well, I call it that, because of the genetics from Motarebel. Seemed like he called it strawberry. I could never put a good description to it. I told Indy he should call it Victorias Secret... cause it smelled so sexy. Tastes too. It's very rose/strawberry/or some strong scent, almost like perfume or air freshener. But it has the funk, too so it's really a unique smell and taste. peace mrG
  8. Mr Goodfellow

    autum/winter grow 2017

    Did you ever row and smoke the Golden Wedding? I remember you growing it, I think.. It's gotta a be cool. peace mrG
  9. Mr Goodfellow

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Is this the one that was a freebie at one point.. seems like Fatrasta had it and it was a landrace? Just wondering... Looks cool! peace mrG
  10. Mr Goodfellow

    What do you listen in this moment ?

    Awesome JC!! Killed it. The dude I just posted is stereotypical, but he really is a West Texas modern day redneck.... he's a really cool guy but they are homegrown, for sure. That's why I was so impressed with them and the sound they copied. They also have more of a shit kicking country rock type of show and persona. peace mrG
  11. Mr Goodfellow

    What do you listen in this moment ?

    I have a couple of friends in a country band in West Texas and they have a song called "I wanna smoke one with Willie". I have to look for it if can remember their name, ha. They're actually really good for country with a great rock guitar player in the band. They have about 4-5 albums and play pretty big shows. They got invited to play at Waylon Jennings family get together a couple of times... this is after Waylon had passed but the prestige and of the people at the party is pretty high. Found it, Creed Fischer and the Redneck Nation. A buddy of mine who is in the homebrew club I belonged to when I was there before moving here. His name is Tim Krietz; Tim Kreitz Band. He's on the web, too. This is typical west Texas country and was on their first album I believe. Here's something that must be new. Damn good for current country. He's got some good stuff,,, You Tube it. If You Wanna Have a Good Time... he's got a great country voice. I partied with these guys a few times and they put on a hell of a show. They were just getting started and we got to see them a lot for free because of being friends. They're a hell of a fun Friday/Saturday night honky tonk bar party. I always stay thill they finish for the night which I never ever do in a bar these days. peace mrG
  12. Mr Goodfellow

    Sinister '18. Still underground

    I've only grown one the Rebel Yell x Herijuana and it was epic. A full on terp bomb of strawberry funk. I've got 5 of his now and only 2 going but they should be great. I hear they are. They both have SFV og as a parent and it;s one of my favorite strains to smoke; Tom Hill's Deep Chunk x SFV og (Hills and Valleys) and UK Blues x SFV og ( Folsom Prison Blues). My mouth is watering waiting on them. heh peace mrG
  13. Mr Goodfellow


    I'll put up pics of the Sultana on my thread later. The Sultana had the most seeds. Big mature seeds. Did yours come out before flowering? My Sultana male was next to the girls when young and he premature ejaculated but I never thought the plant would care since it wasn't in "flower/bloom" mode. Beasty plants though and the smell from the seed jackets and stem is really awesome. I'll wait for a while to say much, but Sultana and the Shivadawg have that "something special" going on I feel. Gonna be great! Thanks SAN and Saxo. I'll have many more pics in the future. Both plants really have my attention. peace mrG
  14. Mr Goodfellow


    Shivadawg bushing up outside. The plants have gotten over their early life stresses that I put them through. I guess I need to bring it in and flower her. Her and the two Sultana have pre-flowers that have looked like buds in the making. They are just waiting for me to turn the lights down. The cool part about that is the budding starts fast and explodes. See the seed on the main stem at the node intersection? It got hit when it was just showing pre flowers and developed a few seeds while it's been vegging. I wonder if the seed is viable? I never heard of this. The Sultana has them all up the stem, lol. Maybe I can get some seeds and then flower them as normal, heh... Got me. I don't what to expect when I flip to 12/12. I'll be putting some pics up in my thread eventually. peace mrG
  15. Mr Goodfellow

    What happened

    I see all of my galleries but haven't tried posting yet. Anybody still having problems?