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  1. I’ll pm. I know a few good places. Lots of bad ones too.
  2. That's funny.. I forgot we called them a machine. Ahhh, computer games on four legs and flipper buttons.
  3. Somebody's got a new friend! It looks powerful.
  4. I can't wait to grow that again. Main what I trichome beast. That's a beauty there!
  5. Does the cookies come out in it as well? Sure looks nice!
  6. Nice! I'm going to get my Hammerhead going soon. I can't wait to get a few jars of good meds to put away. I'm finally geting my space going downstairs. It'll only get better as time goes. I'll have as much room as I need as long as I can afford a light to put above it. I think I'm gonna run some NAW seeds outside this coming year to see how big they'll get! peace
  7. Wow, I love it....11 fingered Indica leaves! I can imagine bubbling beakers giving off vapors, test tubes full of funny colored substances, ...and @RhinoCBDwith his coca cola bottle eyeglasses and lab coat on, hair all frizzled and standing straight up on his head, running back and forth in his lab lit by lamps on all of the tables, middle of the night, head down, continuously mumbling something under his breath, all the while he works...
  8. Awesome. Yeah that thing in the forehead is a dead ringer sign that I got some good smoke! heh. It'll be really good in a few weeks and then only better with more time. Sativas get better with even longer cures I here. peace
  9. That one sure turned out nice. Great job!
  10. Yes! That sounds very nice. Very good. I went trough my small stash so fast. The future calls for more. I'm working on the new grow space finally and it will improve my whole situation. Best vibes!
  11. How's she taste, Paps? Got the lemon in there? I like it when I hear somebody that smokes a lot like me, describes a strain as strong, heh. My tolerance is pretty high, but sometimes a strain will get my attention. That's when I know its strong. If it makes me higher than a get every day, that's saying something! With all of the genetics I'm finally getting my hands on, I'm afraid to taper off. I would get so high I bet that I would get scared otherwise, lol!
  12. I have plenty of food, but I got stranded at my house for a few days. My brakes went out in my truck and I had to leave it in town. I had an appt. to get them done on Monday but they didn't make it. Never had that happen. I got some beer a bottle of wine, some food to grill (if the 40mph wind dies down), lots of smoke and plenty to do with my grow space. I'll be warm and happy! Thanks for everything to all of the cool peeps here. It's been a fun year! peace
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