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  1. Yeah, that Blue Magoo is really pretty! I have a cross with it going now. I have a few seeds of just BM and looking forward to growing them. wow. nice work!
  2. Yeah, I can..it was me about 3-4 years ago.. I couldn't figure out what the hell everyone was talking about. I still struggle some day,s but now I'm not afraid to ask, "WHAT?"!
  3. Are both pics the same plant? The top one almost looks male.
  4. There is a feeding schedule that is different from photos.. it's on the first page, I believe. I always want to try one and follow his schedule.. maybe I'll do it.
  5. This guy seems to have been an expert on them long before a lot of others.. I never read the whole thread, very long, but the first few pages are gold imo. https://www.thcfarmer.com/threads/accurate-information-about-autoflowering-plants.60678/
  6. Yeah, that sounds pretty cool. Constant watering would drown it. Reiko seems to shun all of the old auto myths like topping, and feeding. I's say he has a clue..heh. I only did it once and I stunted them by feeding too early, I was told. If you follow a little different schedule you can get them to grow 3-4 feet high. Mine was about 10-12". heh I have the schedule from some expert on THCFarm... it was a long thread if you want it. Not sure if others follow his advice these days. seems like people are okay with a 12' plant.. I'd like to get more if possible. Have fun! I been wanting to plant mine.. I may..
  7. Yeah, because autos have a limited life, they recommend putting the seedlings in their final spot. That way they don't lose two weeks adjusting to the stress of transplanting. They won't take much water at all at that stage. That's the hard part.. not overwatering at the start. They won't look like they're doing much for a week or so I suppose. They'll be busy geting some roots to the bottom.
  8. That looks nice. That'll be a really nice cola! I may finally get to try the SF, thanks to a kind fellow OG'er. I have some pollen from JC that should still be okay. If I get seeds I'll make more! Beast vibes on yours. peace
  9. No Problem. I have a couple of others in the fridge. I may get to test one soon. I actually scored some hazmat suits for this from my last project. I need to get the males all inside into another room. It's sort of hot inside but not so bad anymore. I can keep collecting if I get them in place and push them along. Hopefully before the others are vulnerable. Maybe I'll have some to bring when I drive up.
  10. No, but I have to do something. I may still end up with seeds in my grow. Problem will be I won't know what. Nothing is technically that far along yet, but Saxo's Sultana got pollinated on the preflowers before it started budding, I shit you not. I've been collecting pollen as fast as I can and then will move them all into one room in the house I guess. I have a lot of different strains going and I hope I keep them clean. Unless I dust some limbs. I have at least a few really nice males. I want to grow them on out so see if they're special, but I'll fuck up the whole neighborhood maybe. I may just get my pollen and let them go or cut them back. I'm taking pics of them all. They're all pretty good choices for males for a project or repro to f2. GG#4 x Sour Bubble looks nice. And the Maui Sunshine could be a good one. And the Uzbekistan. It actually looks really nice, too. I don't know. It seems to be right in between. It's geting limbs now but no fast stretching. And nodes are still pretty spaced out. I expect it will stretch out when I flip. And I will be doubling the size of the pot. It really has a Christmas tree shape now. More pics soon. Still potting stuff. Got the Uzbek, and Maui Sunshine females moved up to 5 gallon felt. Uzbek is really pretty with a bright lime green look and reds in the stems and in the new growth on the top.
  11. 4:20.... damn, just missed it. smoke em if you got em
  12. Yep, Russian Sage. Smells so good. Thanks Smile, I wanted to make sure. It's the prettiest plant I have maybe. The one above is pretty too, but not a sativa. I think I'm going to get the Golden Wedding into a 7 gallon hard pot. I think it's the largest. My JC Haze is in the 7 gal felt pot. The rest are 5s. I went out this morning before sunrise and decided I had 3 Maui Sunshine males. I was bummed. I thought I had 3 females. They sretched about 4 inches overnight and showed their balls pretty good. Except one. I went back out of after the sun came up good and I have a female. It spit the pistils out in the two hours from earlier. It should be good. Mr Greengene's Cherry Bomb x Sunshine Daydream. Then again it could end up being just a "Bomb". heh I'll get some pics. I'm trying to get a few in new pots. Thanks for stopping, y'all!
  13. Man, the weather has changed some and the plants are happy. I got some freakazoids on my hands. Everything decided to get it on. And, the JC Haze, Lemon Bubba, and Onyx Fire are all beginning flower. Man, they may become a show all on their own. Lemon Bubba (I think. It could be Onyx Fire, gonna need help) I had to cut some leaves out. It's crazy legs.
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