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  1. I have a handful of CBD strains I'm working with and would love to be able to test them on some sort of regular basis. Maybe one day.
  2. Smoking a bowl of Uzbek right now for a little wake and bake. That's a pretty one. Mine was mostly green at the end.
  3. This is mama bear. I have the big one who is papa bear, and I have another one who is baby bear, lol. They're all a little different. The big one looks more sativa or hemp and the little one is mostly green and the smallest of the three. I brought this one outside to spray it for PM and get a pic of the colors. It's looking like the black affie.
  4. That pretty much sums up my feelings on it, too. Vapes and wax just seem so one dimensional. All nuances from flower are gone. Maybe I'm more into flavors than others but I find the terpene experience to be almost everything. peace
  5. Looks like a nice male. Let us know how it comes out. Never smoked Jilly.
  6. I think you can get pot delivered here.Not mailed but private drivers. Varies by municipalities. In a big city like Denver maybe.
  7. Save that package. I see people already out copying it for future use, lol. Actually if you put real weed inside the sticker might still draw attention to do random checks to keep people honest. Whats the name of that one?? Suver?? odd name.
  8. Hey @saxo, 5 seeds are down and in the dirt.
  9. Agreed. People are hell bent on creating the image that we have fought so hard to keep in check for all of these years. It'll only come back to haunt them.
  10. Very cool! It reminds me of my home brewing beer days. I still have my capper and stuff. I started putting my beer in a keg so I could drink it faster, heh. I used to have cases of bottles. This idea you have now may make you wealthy. Gotta get a factory to fulfill all you future orders, and maybe a canning machine!
  11. Everything ok dude? Good to see you. I saw where a woman was found inside her vehicle that had been covered by snow, somewhere close to you. Hope all is well.
  12. What size pots are they flowering in, Beach? Very nice looking as usual. I have a couple of plants doing the single nanner thing. Actually one. Another was just beginning popping male flowers on the bottom of the plant. I seemed to have stopped it by removing every small limb that had them. It was already known to do that so I'm actually glad to get a chance to finish it. It's supposed to be a wonderful tasting one.
  13. So far so good using Serenade. It's bacteria. They smell bad that first day from it but it's done a good job so far. I caught it all early so I think I can make it to finish. I was gonna grab some Potassium Bicarbonate soon for another defense. It changes leaf PH too, i think.
  14. Platinum Huckleberry Cookies x Blue Magoo created by @StankyDank30 Yep, I have some PM spots. I'm in the process of eliminating it as best I can. It's a race to the finish.
  15. That would be cool! You read that somewhere? Wonder it it makes a new center stem. Keep us posted! I wanna see how it reacts. Good luck!
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