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  1. *furiously Googles Barney's Farm LSD seed...*
  2. I don't think I did either until it never cleared up. I have a doc appt. in a week and a half. I had to make some radical adjustments and still not sure I'm past it but I'm way better. Stomach is still hurting atm though. If I stumble onto another 4:20 sighting, I'll let you know, ha.
  3. Aaaaannd, GARDENER finishes first! They look sweet, Mine are going to get flipped any day now. I had wanted to run them outside but they were never going to make it so I sort of held them back until I got the downstairs space ready. I did get to run the Uzbek outside but it went into flower pretty quick so it stayed out. I'm still bringing it in at night as it was the last to finish. It smells wonderful. I'll get my pics up soon. Mine all look very nice, with nice structure. They're ready to flip right now, but I just got the last 5 plants of this run up potted yesterday and want to give them a day or two before I flip. Very nice job @Gardener! Can't wait to hear the report. Are you getting any smells from her? peace
  4. It never fails... Your best pic seems to always have a hair right in the pic.. Super nice @Baqualin... Got me excited. All of the cuts were moved into 5 gallon pots the day before yesterday,. They had just started putting out 5 finger leaves again. It worked out well. I was trying to sort of hold them back and they did just right. They seemed to just keep getting more bushy and tangled. Then when I finally trimmed them up real good, they responded immediately and started to stretch a little, too.Especially the SP. Sannie better check that his SP seed stock is holding up. After that pic I predict Sugar Punch seeds may get a good looking at!
  5. I've been looking at other options besides Gatorade. I was looking for Pedialyte online and found another one that is ll natural flavors and sweetened with stevia instead of sugar...a couple were Ultima, and Ucan. Not cheap, but neither is Gatorade and I really hate drinking a bottle of chemicals but I do until I can get something more natural.. but, as we all know.. natural comes at a price. smh... Actually that natural stuff is about the same as Pedialyte. Remember a while back when I was telling you guys that I was always looking at the time on random days and I would see 4:20pm more times then not.... It was a little strange, but really cool and made me laugh every time it happened. That was happening right after I moved here and went on most of three years. Well, recently, I started noticing on random times I was still seeing the time in the afternoon (I guess I just naturally start looking at the time around that time of day. I'm actually anything but a clock watcher), but I was hitting at 4:23.. 4:26.. anything close but never hitting right on 4:20.. and I noticed. It bugged me. And, it was all right around when I started having some health problems back in the last part of summer. So, I was thinking, wow... maybe its related.. I was feeling totally out of sync in my life and that part seemed to related. I've been working hard at getting my system straightened out and I'm finally feeling better. Slowly. But, I'm eating a little again, and I've had a few days now that were good and I actually got things done. So, the other day, one of the days I started feeling better, that afternoon I checked the time (it's right about when the sun goes behind the hill behind my house) and finally hit it on 4:20, lol. I don't look at my watch knowing it's close, just the opposite, I usually am running around crazy trying to get things finished before the sun sets so it happens I check the time around then a lot I guess. So, I laughed and felt like maybe my body had just been out of sync. It'll be interesting if I see the 4:20 again. If I do It'll be a sign, lol.. Long story short, I'm feeling better. I haven't been as irritable either. I'm actually going to try and work today. I'm doing some small projects for some friends. I got all of my plants into larger pots the last two days, so things are turning. Wish me luck and send the good vibes! peace.. and 4:20! ha hah ha hahhhaha
  6. I'll be right over!... in a few days. Can you wait?
  7. They dry really fast. If no rain you would water it every day. Here I was watering twice a day for a bit, but we have 10% humidities. And if ot rains a lot, it can't hold the water and will drain out. So, they always keep a little oxygen going.
  8. You must have spied a few good outdoor possibilities. Oh, lord. Growing outside where you live will give you plants almost as tall os those pines growing nearby. Just shape them into big round monsters like they do in Humboldt. Nice sunrise above! When I see your sunrise pics and knowing where you live, I always think how you're looking at the sky right above the Outer Banks. Man, I gotta break out my old pics from back there.. You finally get a break from the heat. Looked like it was still pushing 90+ back there last week. peace
  9. I like the third from last pic. That bud has a wicked look to it. Looking good bro.
  10. I used to keep a bottle of the unfiltered here. Doing better today. Drinking lot of Gatorade and water. I got 6 plants moved up to 5 gallons.
  11. Yeah. I figured that out. I only take it at night atm. Baqualin is discovering the oddness of it being so dry here. I like dry weather, but this is crazy. My buds are going to take some re-hydration, too. The whole plant will dry crispy here in a week. Usually, I hang for 2-3 days at most, and at that point can jar the buds and burp regularly. Mine are always crispy on the outside when they go in the jar but the insides of the buds are still moist so it works. Just takes a new approach. Hey @Baqualin, save me a taste of the SP and SF. I'd love to taste them. I have some stuff not too, although most is seeded again. The new run will be for smoke and no males. I have one strain that was all males so I may save one because it is special; MOB x Cocoon by Islayhearts. I have to get pics of them up. All 3 were males but they all are the baddest males I have eve seen. They already wreak, too. All others were female...12 out of 12 females plus @ Baqualin's 3 cuts. They look great. Potting them today. The haircut was what they needed. Shooting out 5 finger leaves again now. peace
  12. Yeah, I can't put my finger on it. I was dehydrated and had been working on that and constipated as well. Maybe I still need more action in that dept. We've had humidities around 8-10% for the last two months and it's hard for me to stay hydrated. I even stopped drinking beer. we'll see. I've been real tired a lot too. And irritable, and supposedly dehydration does those things to you.
  13. That's crazy. I'm fighting something right now that has me mostly down lately. I have one good day and then back to a bad one. It's some sort of digestion problem and pain in the abdomen and loss of appetite. If I eat if plugs me up. I do oil at night but have to ration the rest because I wont be able to get more alcohol til the first. I made a doctor appt. today but it's two weeks off almost. Not sure what's going on but hope it'll pass. Been doing mostly broth the last 4 days. I tried more food last night and it seemed to be okay, and all day I didn't even want to eat.
  14. I sent you a PM if you still monitor this. I have a Swiss customer for you that is interested in your stuff. peace
  15. I'll see if I can get you some. The seeds have been made. Should have them before Christmas. They were done as a preservation project with an open pollination outdoors in a guerilla grow and everything came out well. I know you like the prof! peace
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