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  1. Mr Goodfellow

    Saving E$cobars Strains

    Sounds good SAN!! I'd love a chance at getting the Cheeseberry and I heard good stuff about the Blue Rocket, too.... actually, all of those. Best vibes on it. peace mrG
  2. Mr Goodfellow

    Growing Just Cozz

    You're probably fine. Looks like it came real late. I never heard of any problems with G39. I want to find one of the pineapple phenos like Sunny. Mine didn't have any distinct smell or taste. Good but not memorable. It's strong weed, though. Enjoy! I hope I can get a room going soon. I really want to blow up the NAW thread with pics of a bunch of their stuff. I love growing their stuff. peace mrG
  3. Mr Goodfellow

    Drum roll, please...

    YOU GO GIRL!! ....er, uh, you know what I mean. I found the Sweet spot to need very light nutrients. I would try the old seeds (WN) in some H2O2 for about 30 min. Then go to the paper towel or soak another few hours in water first. Don't want to drown it. That or crack it manually. When it's a seed like that I would try it all, lol. Gonna be fun to watch. I have to build a new room before I can grow again. Best vibes! peace mrG
  4. Mr Goodfellow

    Trapper's corner

    Yeah, that's how to do it. I never get close to that, just ghetto wax. lol. It looks great. peace mrG
  5. Mr Goodfellow

    Saving E$cobars Strains

  6. Mr Goodfellow

    Saving E$cobars Strains

    Wow, what a collection..thanks!
  7. Mr Goodfellow

    Saving E$cobars Strains

    Yeah, Baq, that Swami Guerrero is one I'd like to try. You gave some good history on it and it sounds nice. I missed the Black Friday sale he had, sadly.... I had to put all my cash into another truck that week. At least I have a new ride. I'll get back to it soon. I need to grow some of the beans I have first! peace mrG
  8. Still have snow? I heard it was supposed to melt, and then rain and then freeze again.... That would suck. At least you got plenty of meds! peace mrG
  9. Mr Goodfellow

    A Continuous Evolutionary Grow

    Me too! I'm finally getting my stash all in jars and then it'll be time to build a new room and start some new ones. I have so many that I wish I could start all at once, lol. I hope to start separating seeds once the jarring is finished. I need to get them organized and see how many I have. Lots of one but some of all the other strains of the last two grows. It amazes me that in all of the new crosses, that some new and crazy best taste could always be possible. Not as likely as the days of Jack Herer, though. But, cool to know a real gem could surprisingly happen. Best vibes on the new babies, Gardener! Looking forward to the bud explosion on your latest defoliated plants. peace mrG
  10. Mr Goodfellow

    Saving E$cobars Strains

    I have a bag of Mexican seeds but none that are identified. I want to dig into them soon. I got some Panama Red seeds that are really old from the same guy but no good info. I got a PR to pop and it convinced me it was the real deal when it started flowering but I got called out of town and the plant got a bug infestation while gone and perished. It makes me think the bag of Mexican seeds will be good. They came from an old timer hippie is all I got from the guy. I'm interested in the Guerrero, too, SAN. I haven't grown any Mexican in decades but have an interest if I can find the time. Also, that Oaxacan is interesting to me. Seems like you gave the history of that strain once. Good to know you have these gems in safe keeping. I'm toking a bowl of Shiva Dawg that's been curing a while. Mmmmmm Mmmm, good! I'm gooD AND STONED!1 peace mrG
  11. Mr Goodfellow

    Trapper's corner

    Yeah, no doubt! Enjoy! peace mrG
  12. Mr Goodfellow

    Growing Just Cozz

    Oh yeah, a month cure changes everything. My cross was the same at first and I was kind of bummed. Man, is it ever different now.
  13. Mr Goodfellow

    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    Yeah, but I did!! Sorry man, I couldn't resist... you walked right into that one. peace
  14. Mr Goodfellow

    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    Interesting stuff Garden! A little freaky but cool stuff. peace mrG
  15. Mr Goodfellow

    Trapper's corner

    They really filled out. They're going to explode! You use a living soil don't you? Sure look good! peace mrG