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  1. Agreed, and sadly, I believe the US is in the lead... Hard to tell right now. The race is a heated one between China, Russia, and us....
  2. Yeah, I saw that yesterday but it doesn't mention any seizure in Thailand. I was aware they were trying to divert orders from going out of the US.
  3. OK, I get ya.... yeah, it's hard to believe that it happened in the first place.. I haven't heard about it anywhere else. But, do I believe Trump would try and pull something along those lines? Absolutely.
  4. I don't agree with him seizing somebody else's supplies no matter where it is. He was wrong from the beginning and now is trying to make up for it by bullying others.
  5. Trump was all but bragging about that today at his briefing. I have to turn his lies off when he comes on with that shit anymore. I won't listen. I'll get the ugly details later. He can't find any medical supplies in the world because he has burned every bridge that the US ever had with any country and nobody will deal with him. History will tell the story some other time. Stay close to the house brother! Protect the family.
  6. OOOps, thanks buddy. I have too much shit on the brain lately... you answered only a couple of posts above... ha Are you planning on working the f2s? If not I may want to contact you regarding what you have now. Do you check PMs here or better to use IG?
  7. Does Indy still have those @Papalag? I asked him earlier but he never responded. I knew you were going to say it was fire!
  8. That thing looks great Paps! Let us know what the smoke is like.
  9. Very nice. That could really clean the air you breathe if you set it up that way. I suppose the plants need to breathe, too.
  10. Hey @Damar, glad to hear all is well. How many kids you got now? good to see you! peace
  11. Best vibes on that new tk/cd. Man, I’ll be interested in that one. Sam sent me 5 of your Chocolate Kush seeds to see once more if I can find a female. I’ll save it if I do. I’d sure love to get that one up and going. Maybe then you can help me improve it to get more females in the line. peace
  12. I posted a link to an article before from a magazine, Maximum Yield, that was about pot being the next super food. It’s packed with everything. The flowers are supposed to be the best part.
  13. Once they get the anti body tests it could help. People are finally getting the message albeit slowly. It’ll take everyone staying away from each other for a while. If we have the will we can still turn it around.
  14. Cool idea. I would have never thought of that. Heh, I was about to google Samir’s Jack.
  15. You can get your vitamin D for free. Sit outside in the sun. It’s my favorite way.
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