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  1. Right on bro, things are looking good at your place. I'm still laughing at your meme. Best vibes on the phenol hunt in your strands, for turpentine ..lamo
  2. Looking good papa. You'll love that Shiva Dawg. I'm watching all of the Sugar Punch grows. Have fun! peace
  3. Still working on sexing my plants but I found a few more females in my NAW mix. Starting to look like all Strappleberry may be male. I hope not. I want to smoke some of that! Looks like the future! 13 plants,...that's a small village. Have fun! peace
  4. What's in the Cartel Haze again? Can't find it now. Hey l, like that OF graphic but I was hoping for the joint wrapped in something you said, all with the onyx flame all around!!
  5. It's out of stock in the shop so maybe I have time to gather some cashola. JC, I have a pack of Uzbekistan. Maybe we can trade a few sometime. It's got a good review by Cristalin himself, heh. I think he said it was one of his favorites atm. peace
  6. Go big or go home! heh, Toker os going BIG! That's cool as hell man. I'd be afraid to put a pic of my auto try up.. It was like a popsicle. peace
  7. Yeah, I'd dig an Onyx Fire shirt.That would be an interesting graphic.
  8. Oh man, I knew I wanted that last year. Now I know why. Wow. Do you think it'll be around for a little while? I'm going to find a way to get that. I should have done it last year when I got the Uzbek. Arrgghhh. lol/ She looks wonderful Cristalin. I love the way the buds stack. They look uniform as they can be. Almost like clones. Very nice! peace
  9. Ok, I think I want tickets for next year. I like it! have fun with it! Good times to be alive after being "the hunted" for so many years. Even after all of the harassment we took from the cops, we never gave up on pot! Ever! We'll watch drunk concert girly videos, too. Just tell every one that people are waiting and depending on you... and your "good" videos, lol. peace
  10. JC, man... you are going to have a pickup truck load of buds at harvest. You have some heavy yielders in there. The Rhino Blood and G39 will not disappoint on yield. The Cartel Haze cross looks really nice. It just has a nice healthy happy look. The Mohawk x Lemon Fantasy has the chance of being epic imo. It should at least give lots of trichomes. Getting my doors ready to put up on my closet and flip mine tonight. I'm not even moving them up. I hope I can manage them. They'll be dry every day but I'm like you, I have something stupid like 24 or something. I think I have at least a few males but I'm finding lots of females in the NAW mix. Getting ready to have some big fun! It'll be fun to watch. Man, I'm a little nervous with a Rhino Blood in an Octo.... Do you have a lot of space..just in case? But, you are doing f2s I think so you may encounter phenos I haven't seen yet. Enjoy! peace
  11. Definitely looking forward to this... and, all of the other Octo grows. Gonna be fun. So, what do you do, just park a recliner chair in there, near the plants, and watch? Hey Jet, I should be able to get my end tied up here this next week if you still want to do the 2 pots. I just hit a long stretch of no work. I spent all I had on my truck before Christmas but it was worth it for the long run. I got a great truck for being a used one. Make sure you buy your UV glasses for the recliner! And a cup holder. peace
  12. That's a lot of music. Makes me feel like going to the porta-potty right now. Man, we are having a miracle day today. It's been lightly raining since last night. I threw two bags of grass seed out ahead of it. We don't get many long soaker rains. This will really green things up now. They've been trying but this rain will change it all. I went out and looked and now my two Apple trees are blooming. Woo hoo. I can't imagine that we won't get another freeze this year but it's been a long winter so maybe not. The last one wasn't hard enough to do any damage. I only have to get through 30 more days! My Oregano came back and it's a big round deep green head of leaves right now. Getting the fever now... I'm going to try and plant my tomato seeds today. Not sure past that. peace
  13. I think lettuce and/or greens are the top cash crop. And, mushrooms are right up there too. I need an income from home. I think I can do it. All the parts are here and I'm in a good spot for regional distribution. We'll see. peace
  14. I may not have much of a garden, but not sure yet. I want top move things around and that's not done yet. I may plant some tomatoes and beans or something. Looks I could get lucky this year with fruit. All of my trees bloomed except the small apple trees, if that's what they are. I have a sort of young peach, two large full grown apricot trees, and about 5 plum trees. That would be a hoot. I have blackberry bushes that produce well and a Raspberry patch that never produced so I tried a different pruning method my neighbor told me about that she says does fine by her. I have a grape vine that did well last year. My focus this year will be on building large amounts of LOS (living organic soil). It'll depend on some things, but I'll start collecting and get it rolling so it will be a perpetual project. I would love to be able to sell it to all of the commercial growers round here. Or, home growers. I have a month before I can plant. Any sooner and I have to be ready to cover it all. That's not an option. Don't want to do that. I'll just be growing for myself this year. I have other farmer friends around here and we're always scheming on new ideas. Our Farmer's Market starts up in a month. I'm thinking of setting up an indoor garden downstairs and do some vertical gardening and maybe edible mushrooms. I have the space and outdoors here is very challenging and a short season. I think I may start building some small scale things to see how it goes. Growing lettuce on a vertical wall is almost a no brainer. I'll be working toward something gardening. Time for me to think out of the box so I might make some money as well. happy grows everybody! peace
  15. Those Octopots are pretty amazing. That's all I can say. peace
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