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  1. Mr Goodfellow

    Sinister '18. Still underground

    Oh yeah, I remember now. Wow!
  2. Mr Goodfellow

    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    Hey bro, I feel ya. It's a hard line to walk. I'm doing the same thing for a complete stranger that seems to have a real promise as an artist but it is tough some days. Your guy at least has resources. If nothing else, tell him the ex and you will never have a good chance at revival with him there every night.... Maybe start weening him off by limiting the time he stays at your place to a couple or three nights a week. That might ease his mind into realizing it's time to look towards the future. Best vibes bro! It's tough being a giver, but sleep well. peace mrG
  3. Mr Goodfellow

    Sinister '18. Still underground

    Looking dank, bro! Hey, what's in the Damaged Case again? I have my cheat sheet put away somewhere. I have that and the Snow Kush to do soon! peace mrG
  4. Mr Goodfellow

    Trapper's corner

    . I gotta make some more wax. I have lots of trim.. That looks really clean. I'll have to pick your brain sometime on your method. Enjoy! peace mrG
  5. Mr Goodfellow

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    My Rhino Blood.. RhinoCBD's Green Manalishi x Le rat's Lemon Fantasy peace mrG
  6. Mr Goodfellow

    The Sannitarium Of Green Angels.

    Yeah, great mix! I can't wait to watch this. I've got a couple of those. That's gonna be a lot of top grade smoke! peace mrG
  7. Mr Goodfellow

    Chucky's Comin' For Christmas!

  8. Mr Goodfellow

    Sinister '18. Still underground

    Harvest time, huh? Dankness from the looks of it! peace mrG
  9. Mr Goodfellow

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Very nice and finishing early, too! peace mrG
  10. Mr Goodfellow

    Trapper's corner

    Very nice! peace mrG
  11. Mr Goodfellow

    Sugar Punch

    And, that was uphill, ....both ways!!
  12. Mr Goodfellow

    PuaManaOhana meets Appalachia E Komo Mai

    They all sure turned out nice, for sure. I would try their stuff if I got the chance. Beautiful buds! peace mrG
  13. Mr Goodfellow

    A Continuous Evolutionary Grow

    I never did it fro the start like that, only after it had vegged outside for a good month to two months. Then, when I did it it was close enough to flower time maybe, that it just went off like crazy on budding. I always had the thought that you have, that survival is inherent and that it's natural, in that sort of stress event, that maybe the plant decides it's time to go for survival. It sure amazed me. Wish I had pics. Good memories outside, in the mountains of western North Carolina. peace mrG
  14. Mr Goodfellow

    Sugar Punch

    Mine was less than 2 weeks this time. Last time was different. It came eventually, twice, after getting intercepted at customs. Got the package, empty, with the green tape on it. Has he already mailed it? Should be 2-3 weeks from then normally. Holidays could slow it, but I doubt much being a small pack. Best vibes on getting it soon! I hate that feeling. I was more nervous about the cash getting there.. peace mrG
  15. Mr Goodfellow

    A Continuous Evolutionary Grow

    I did that to a plant outside a long time ago. It wasn't any pre ordained method, I just defoliated the crap out of it in late summer. I thought I had killed it. I went out the next day and saw how much I trimmed it. I sort of freaked out and thought I'd lose the plant. Next thing I know it started budding like yours; buds everywhere. And, since there was no foliage, all the buds flourished. I never did it again to that extent. I just got lucky on the time I chose to do it. It was a hell of a haul. peace mrG