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  1. I tell you one thing, Onyx Fire is a nice strain. Very zippy flavor. That must be the Silverfields in it? I thought it might be from the Lemon Thai, but the Lemon Bubba doesn't have the same taste exactly. Very good, but I don't think I was tasting LT in the OF... it's tasty. One Lemon Bubba I have is nice and potent.. reports soon. Some are just now about to into a jar. Except for that one OF, I already jarred. JC Haze (Sannies Jack x Silverifelds) smells so wonderfull. Big hopes for it.. although it got seeded again at the end... could be some interesting beans to look through. peace
  2. Did you make seeds of that TK x MTF? Didn't I see that cross...or something like that? I may want to get up with you soon if you do.
  3. I've been busy trimming up the clone cuts. I got them looking good and will put them in larger pots tomorrow and take cuts soon. I was going to pot them today but I trimmed them so hard, I'm going to spray them with vitamin and kelp tonight and let them rest out of it.. They were all growing into a knot up against the stem. VO was the worst, then BOH, and SP not so bad. But the first two had no limbs almost. I found them and gave them all a better shape to promote growing out and up more. I'll put a pic up somewhere later. I'm still messing around out there and listening to the Broncos on the truck stereo. Man, now that I see that bud, I'm really glad I got them out to repot! I'm hoping to get that bigger light up tonight or tomorrow and move things along. Most of my other stuff is cut and hung. That Sugar Punch really delivered!
  4. Bookmark this one and come back.... I couldn't help but add it when it popped up after the last one... this is the real shit here.. that got a lot of our music started... 1969 Cream, final concert
  5. Maybe work with a root stimulator, too? Definitely extra P to get the roots moving.. I'd prepare a lot of good microbes to go along with the transplant. You would surely want to stimulate the roots as early as possible.
  6. Man, you could call the Kooshy Monster instead of the cookie monster. Tasted it yet? I bet it's a mouthful! lol.
  7. Nice! It looks like you have some room to grow this time. peace
  8. We walk on top of good food all the time. the woman I bought the house from showed me a lot of the natural weeds here and some that are edible. If nothing else you can make great fertilizer by fermenting some weeds.I hear you bro. I lost everything, and little things have so much more meaning and importance now. Glad you found the right place!
  9. What is that growing outside your house? Feed corn or sweet corn? Do you get to pilfer a few ears of that?
  10. @gardenartus, That would get anybody in trouble! Boy, that would be a good nights sleep there. I ususally do mine around 7-8pm and sometimes have a bowl of ice cream before bed. I dig that Hershey's Chocolate Special Dark syrup.... mmm. @Toker, so, you're putting up REAL nuts? heh, I thought you're putting a bunch of pot up.
  11. Must have had a good harvest! Got a link for those bags?
  12. I was actually always a joint man. I only got on the bowl thing since I lived here. Not =sure why other than it's faster than rolling a joint... by a few seconds probably... lol. I actually just bought some pre shaped cone papers/filters the other day. They are from Zig Zag and half the price of RAW. I'll see what I think. A friend gifted me a few cone doobies of his smoke recently, and I been digging on smoking them. The have a little case for them so I can smoke what I want and snuff it out and put it in the canister and in the pocket.. I may get back to me doobies soon. It's a lot easier to stay inside and cook in the fall/winter than the summer for me. I hate to come inside in summer.
  13. I still use my fingers to this day.. heh. Maybe try some scissors. That was how an old friend always did his. I can roll a mean joint. I was always good, even in high school. I just don't do it as often. I smoke bowls all day. Smaller and it tastes great each time. Seems like I lose the best flavors in the joint.
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