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  1. Well, leave 'em if you got 'em. Use it to share with others and help get ideas on solving your own problem.... Peace edit: I'll be back to post my own current gadget try, a DIY Octopot.... sort of/ kind of.. lol.. I could use some ideas. I'm close. Gotta run now but will post my stuff when I get back. I wanted to get a separate thread going since we had hijacked Mr. Dirt's grow diary... here is a sneak at what I started... I have to work out some issues.... it's the OctoBucket... lol
  2. Mr Goodfellow

    Open Grow Word Association Part XIII

    dog dish
  3. Mr Goodfellow

    Open Grow Word Association Part XIII

  4. Mr Goodfellow

    Smokeshack Photodump

    Nice run ..again! Best vibes on the grow. I'm waiting on the weather to warm a little for mine but I love seeing everybody else's grow. I'm itching!!! What's in the Lemon Goji? Lemon Thai? .. And, Is the BLR the mom or dad in your crosses above. I have a couple of those that I have listed the other way. They sound like fire either way. BLR and SP crossed together seem like they should be a hoot! Peace
  5. I can't like that cause I don't own any. That was funny.
  6. Kind of slow with the Tips and Tricks angle... no takers... got any jokes?
  7. Sweet. If anybody comes out here from Bama this year, I'll have them bring some. I need one, too!
  8. Mr Goodfellow

    Sunnyvale's Pharmacy

    Looking great Sunny! They all look dank, but I would let the one in the center go a little longer.
  9. Mr Goodfellow

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Ahhh, right! thanks
  10. Ah hell, I was just kidding. I couldn't reciprocate atm. I don't even have any good Bama gear. A hat and one t-shirt if I recall. lol. But, if you have connections, L-XL heh. I really want to go back home to Bama to visit this year if possible. I probably need to bring back some schwag. My brother is a die hard Auburn fan so no help from him. A good buddy of mine is an old time ticket holder and die hard to the death Bama fan. He may know where to get good stuff. You'll be like me, you'll finally have a pro football/baseball team to root for. Your state is just like Bama; no pro teams. It's fun out here sports wise as people are form all over so seems like you always find somebody that also roots for your old team. Broncos fans are rabid and that's fun. Rockies baseball is cool, too. I got to go to a game last year and they have a beautiful stadium. But, you won't have to lose your allegiance to your home teams here. Everybody gets it! peace
  11. I hear you bro, and we suck so bad at BBall that I'd gladly wear a blue jersey! lol. peace
  12. Huh?... I was already picking out some crimson and gray shirts for you. Roll Tide Roll!! lol
  13. Mr Goodfellow

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Crap, what you feeding those giants? lol. It's another beauty! Very nice. Hey, what is LOS?... don't know why I can't figure it out.. I keep seeing it in certain places....
  14. The cool thing, for me, was that I did too, and I still do!!!! I love it out here. You'll still feel like a kid a year from when you first get here... I still pinch myself somedays.. I'll be rooting for the SEC if they get there. I have to start paying attention. peace
  15. Mr Goodfellow


    Ah, all good stories! I agree about the cold. It hampered my grow last winter immensely. I struggled with that one. I would have needed a heater, and humidifier, and a decent air intake/exhaust. I really saw first hand, what effect environment plays in your indoor grows.. EVERYTHING! It was like riding a roller coaster going up and down. I'm glad I didn't try growing this winter without the correct environment in place. It's been much colder this year and more of it, too. It's still 3F degrees this morning. We got about 3 inches of snow last night.Sun came out blazing this morning and I thought the storm passed without much affect. But now, it's cloudy again and the sun won't be helping to warm my house today! lol peace
  16. Likee! I agree. I love watching them grow. They are beautiful at every stage. What an amazing plant. She's a picture of health and what is to come! Best vibes! peace
  17. Mr Goodfellow

    NAW Test Center

    Damn, out of likes early today! The Airborne has some influence, wow. The G39 was one of my favorite morning buds, along with Green Manalishi. Two hits and I go into a temporary daze with the bowl hanging from my fingers.. Good shit! peace
  18. Mr Goodfellow

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Yeah, they like that climate, heh! Looking strong!! peace
  19. Yeah, you're geting real close... Damn. spring is almost here... Kentucky has a real shot at the tourney this year, huh? April is a cool time and can be fickle but it should be mostly nice by then. Usually get a late snow sometime in the month but not guaranteed. peace
  20. Just read the first couple of sentences and yep, sounds like you have it.. I'll read it in the AM. I got two things from it real quick, and yep... lol
  21. Mr Goodfellow

    A Continuous Evolutionary Grow

    Man, they look wonderful. nothing like a little sativa to stretch those buds out. I love that structure. Very nice, man! peace mrG
  22. Mr Goodfellow

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    hell yeah, I'll never forget those bastards... you sweat every day down there and they love it... They can hurt, too.. lol. hey Toker, can you manipulate your separate spectrums, as in turn off all red and go jus blue and white? Doing that in the last 72 hours increases terpenes for better aromas and taste. It causes the buds to store it up and it stays there once harvested. It's in that article I linked elsewhere form Maximum Yield mag March /April 2019, page 42. peace
  23. Anybody else wanna show off their GADGETS?? I know we have some serious DIY people here. Got any cool hacks others would dig? Mine was just to get a thread started and get out of another one. My bucket is just a glorified version of what's already out there on You Tube as self watering pots... The physics are a little different for the 2 sizes of Octos.. the 3 gal has a smaller res. I think that volume and possibly shape are critical.. I could do the math easy enough with dimensions... soon enough. THE THREAD IS OPEN TO EVERYBODY TO ADD YOUR IDEAS AND GROW HACKS! peace mrG
  24. Cool deal man. My birthday is 4/20, lol. Probably more of a big deal up around the Springs, than where I live.. 420 holiday every day here ha.... I think the Springs has a big festival. Sometimes I go out for a treat or special at the shops. They get a kick out of my 4/20 birthday. If I put the pot farther down with the other adapter it's not so top heavy but that crossed my mind first. The other thing is I could fill the 6 gallon with rocks up to where I need it anyway and it would anchor it better... still not ideal. If you could find the right container the size and shape of the Octo you could make it work better. I just can't think of where you could find something like that. This will still make a cool planter for a vegatable if not weed. I'll try and post more tomorrow with a couple of ideas maybe, but for now, I gotta eat something and chill down. Glad to hear the trip is shaping up! Let me know if there is anything I might could do to help. peace mrG
  25. Mr Goodfellow

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Think it'll develop any pollen sacs @Baqualin? Cool pics. I love the bug. Is it a bee? I love wasps in my plants. They're mean to other bugs. I love the goggles that one has on. Looks like a bounty hunter patrol. Nice Kush as well. Hey Toker, those are some cool pics. Looks like some gems you've been hiding. Enjoy! Edit: Ditto on the last OG Kush, too, Baq.... dayum!