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  1. Hey, I just had to pop in to say how great this plant is. man! I love it. I have two phenos, one that was 7 feet high indoors, and had to bend the 2' cola down early, and one that was the smallest of the three. I haven't smoked it for a while but now it has cured into a really tasty grape and chocolate taste. Smooth and enjoyable smoke. This one seems potent on the THC side but I get CBD relief too I feel like. The large one is really stinky grape soda when you open the bag and it has been curing into a great smoke as well. I'll be back on. Gotta run now. My notifications haven't been reminding me I have replies here, so I'll try and catch up tomorrow. Lots of outdoor work and fishing! This is very good smoke, great effects, and beautiful colors. I love this plant! Thanks @Cristalin!! Great work.
  2. Summer is coming and the depression is setting in. Or everyone is outside. It's been real nice here and I've been working outside and waiting on a rainy day to work inside....it's been a minute. Some jackass has decided that all of the non mask wearing texans and cajuns are all welcome here right now. Mark your calendar! I went kayaking today for well being. It was a perfect day. I'm still around.Sometimes you may have to throw a rock at the window to get my attention.
  3. That Onyx Fire is some great smoke. I’m looking forward to looking through them. Last batch got seeded but it’s a nice cross.
  4. Hey crew! Thank you all for the birthday wishes!!! Great to see you again @DukeA#1! I was wondering how you've been. I'm not getting my notifications from Opengrow for some reason. I ended up working on my truck all day on 4/20 and got finished in the evening. I was going to go to the dispensary to treat myself to some hash from 710 Labs, for my b-day. Then, reality set in when I find they wanted $80 for a gram. I went back home and smoked my own stuff. Well, I did pick up a penny pre-roll for my b-day. It was worth the penny I guess. heh. Good to see you again, too @Justcozz! Hope you guys are all doing good. I've been busy working outside in the yard with March being so nice. April has been about the same. Just no rain. I'm doing like @gardenartus, just doing what I do every day. Not much change for me. I hate it for all of the people who aren't used to bing at home so much. It's taken me a while to get used to being so poor these days. I've been able to collect some really nice genetics this last year and looking forward to some fun grows. I haven't seen @baqualin lately either. If I drive up to his town I have to come home and self quarantine for 2 weeks. @Papalag, man, I'm so glad you caught that fire in time. Damn, that scares the shit out of me. I hope this stimulus money comes soon. I really want to buy fire alarms for my house. I plan on staying close for the next few weeks. That'll give me time to see the effects of this re-opening of the economy experiment that basically workers, not owners, will participate in.... mark your calendar for 4 weeks from today. Then decide if you want to go out. It's great to see you all on the same page for a change! Thanks to you all for the birthday wishes! That's cool! It means a lot. I love my weed fam! Plus it's 4/20 all month this year! I have 3 more days! peace and stay safe y'all! I'll try and show up more often. It gets tough once the weather gets so nice. Winter started early again this year so It's nice to be outside. Last year we got no spring.
  5. Looking fat up in your place as usual. Since the PHK is at 6 weeks it's just more of a nuisance, 'eh? It can't do a lot of damage but it's never fun seeing them. I have the lone PHK seed I had peeking out of the soil. Should be up and at 'em in the next couple of days. I have to he one IPA fem up about a week. I lost one, but started one new one and it's just behind the PHK. I'm really stoked to finally grow the IPA. Is my fem any specific pheno? I just wanted to make sure this time I harvest some IPA bud! I'm curious about what I'll see from the PHK seed. I'm willing to put up with a few nanners for at least one run. That was a very unique flower. I hope I get one like that. peace
  6. The whole site has been quiet. I haven't heard a peep from the NAW brothers.
  7. Happy 420 y'all. Black Sabbath was some of the first stoner music I listened to. The old stuff was so good at the time.
  8. Awesome bro! Makes me want to grow the freaks I made. Looks like you got cauliflower buds! It's a beauty! happy 420!
  9. What's in the Rainmaker? They look like real nice for 21 days. Looking to be a big haul.
  10. You mean Bon Bon? That's the one I was asking about it? I thought Mohawk was with pineapple skunk..? I remember the Mohawk. It was a frosty girl. It was funny that it had no smell in the bag or growing but was dank as hell smoking it. Never had that before. I'll be growing it again. I actually have seeds of it and that Lemon Fantasy from Le rat from when I made the Rhino Blood with the Green Manalish from RhinoCBD and the LF. That pollen hit them all. I have seeds from the Dusk and LF as well. I haven't grown any of them yet. Justcozz grew the Mohawk x LF but I never heard much else. He disappeared sort of. Speaking of disappeared, haven't seen the NAW crew for a while... I'll be growing their Cartel Haze again looking for a pheno I got last time. It gave a really nice lemon taste that coated the mouth and lips with a slickness that morphed into a nice chocolate taste after about the third toke. It's some of the coolest tasting pot I ever had plus it was strong. I didn't get a cut... I hope I find it again but he said he's never seen that one. I'm looking forward to the Road Trip. Been way too long.
  11. I'll help you smoke it if you do.
  12. Cool, I'll put in the 8' high plant spot! I hope the hell I do get an 8' Road Trip. It'll help me make up for lost time. What's in the Bon Bon? I'm sure I asked a long time ago, but that was a long time ago.
  13. Awesome bro. That should help get you through. I'm smoking on some Wedding Cake/Gelato 33 x Dosido right now. Damn yummy stuff. I may try some seeds I got from your Sugar Punch x Humboldt Kush. I got about 12 seeds from some SSDD pollen I let hit it before I cut the plant. It snowed here last night and today, too. After a month of 60's and 70's. Not too far from growing weather here.
  14. It's a beauty Paps! Man. Let us know what you think. It looks good enough to smoke.
  15. Hey @Bigun, how tall will the Road Trip get outside? I want to get some going outside this summer. Depending on the average height I'll make a decision as to what part of the property to put them. I may start some inside soon and when the frost danger is behind us I'll drop them in a hole outside. I don't have to hide it too much so I want to grow it out. It is a plant you ever topped? I want to get the most from her. Thanks. Have you tried it yet? that sounds like a tasty cross.
  16. Flowers are a blast to grow. And yeah, do the bugs a favor. I think milkweed is a main food source for monarch butterflies and mostly eradicated with pesticides. So plant some that, too. This is the time to get in touch with the land you have. I’m cleaning mine up and planning for future projects. I have a lot of natural stuff growing around here so my insect and bird life is robust. I may get chickens this year. It depends on whether or not I can finish a coup for them. I have the building but need to clean it out and convert to coup. They eat grasshoppers!
  17. I got to see John Prine live once and it was all you would have wanted it to be. It's been so long I can't remember where I saw him. I's really sad, he was only 73 I believe. I guess he had neck cancer for a while and I hadn't known that. He was definitely one of the big ones because his sound was completely unique. RIP JP, and thanks for the entertainment in all of those weed sessions back in the day.
  18. Agreed, and sadly, I believe the US is in the lead... Hard to tell right now. The race is a heated one between China, Russia, and us....
  19. Yeah, I saw that yesterday but it doesn't mention any seizure in Thailand. I was aware they were trying to divert orders from going out of the US.
  20. OK, I get ya.... yeah, it's hard to believe that it happened in the first place.. I haven't heard about it anywhere else. But, do I believe Trump would try and pull something along those lines? Absolutely.
  21. I don't agree with him seizing somebody else's supplies no matter where it is. He was wrong from the beginning and now is trying to make up for it by bullying others.
  22. Trump was all but bragging about that today at his briefing. I have to turn his lies off when he comes on with that shit anymore. I won't listen. I'll get the ugly details later. He can't find any medical supplies in the world because he has burned every bridge that the US ever had with any country and nobody will deal with him. History will tell the story some other time. Stay close to the house brother! Protect the family.
  23. OOOps, thanks buddy. I have too much shit on the brain lately... you answered only a couple of posts above... ha Are you planning on working the f2s? If not I may want to contact you regarding what you have now. Do you check PMs here or better to use IG?
  24. Does Indy still have those @Papalag? I asked him earlier but he never responded. I knew you were going to say it was fire!
  25. That thing looks great Paps! Let us know what the smoke is like.
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