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  1. Got my mouth drooling, man. Very nice post. I have 4 seeds up from Smokey's GG#4 x Sou Bubble... I've never gown either. Sounds like it will be some nice smoke. Do you remember any flowering times on the Humboldt /SP? It seems close but can't tell if it wants to keep going or not. I'm going to chop the tops off of them all and let the bottoms grow another week or two. peace
  2. That's the one I'm most excited about. Wow, that taste is gonna be so welcome! Best vibes bro. Looking great!
  3. Yeah, I haven't tried a srcog before. Got it on the bucket list, though! I like the idea of geting to know every inch of the plant.. that's cool when you when you get that close..
  4. I'm taking my AJ's down today I think. I'll give them one last check but it's day 63 today...and they're cloudy. Now, I won't be able to get them dried fast enough!!
  5. YES!, I knew there was some delicacy I remembered. That is so good! perfect match... now I want some!
  6. You guys are a lot more optimistic about those clones than I am...
  7. Man, the nerds work wonders with their strains. They just grow so easy. And, they are always so entertaining, lol.. I love looking at them. Perfect looking buds shining with millions of little diamonds. Mine are close if not there... a few will go a little more, but it's about time for the harvest!!!! Man, I'm excited to get the downstairs set up, so I can grow larger numbers of NAW's stuff. I'm so scattered that I can't get much info back to them. I tell, just not much to report except that they did fantastic and were perfect girls. I finally bought a piece of black felt fabric so I can set up a backdrop for better photos.. that 125 year old closet even depresses me... It makes the plants feel like they're out in the garden, heh.
  8. Ha, that's cool Paps! Only fill it twice in flower! ...awww ok, maybe two and a half, lol. All you have to do is tuck a lot and snip leaves, huh? Pretty cool. They sure look promising! peace
  9. That almost doesn't surprise me but is very cool. They're a pretty cool tree, too. Good shade and they do grow like a weed. They always have massive fruit. I used to not like them but I do much more now. Fig preserves are actually good. Tons of cooking possibilities. It would probably be a really good candy base for edibles.. All natural, and sweetened with it's own juice or another fruit juice. I doubt they would grow out here. It would be neat to have one again.
  10. Oh buddy, I think you'll like it.. if you don't get the one that is all chem and sweet skunk.. keep looking! lol Your's looks a lot like mine did. It was pretty leafy but worth it. JC, did you get the chem taste in yours? That's funny about the jars, I do exactly the last thing. It must be some OCD thing or something, lol. I do that with every jar. I found smoke from 2 years ago and I've been smoking the hell out of it. Some are over oxidized and some, only the surface of the buds. I found some shake and popcorn G-39. It smokes great. Still burns my nose on exhale. I found a perfectly dense nugget of MadScientist, Chucky's Bride (not as good), Rebel Yell x Heri, Pineapple Chunk x Selene (great).... Actually, I'm glad now. I was getting bored of what I have and it's been a hoot to smoke the old runs. peace
  11. Head Silver or Hammerfields.
  12. Now that I know what I'm dealing with, yep, that's the plan... I'm super happy though. I got what I wanted, some high quality buds in a pretty fast turn around. Plus I had never grown any of them.. They're all AAA+. I would grow any of them all again and I haven't even smoked them yet. but the smells.. wow. Glad I did it this way now because I got called back to finish a job out of town. I should have them all down and drying curing by the time I have to leave. I'm glad I didn't have 10 monsters to trim and process with all the other stuff hitting me atm. I may do some of their stuff outside this summer... hmmm... yeah. Let them be the trees that they want to be!
  13. Holy crap, yeah... I figured if I planted everything my job would start back up and sure enough.. I have to go back in 2 weeks or less. I just looked, and my AJs are cloudy.. on the early side but not by the days... They stretched so much that I think I'll chop the top halves and try to fatten up the lower buds for a week or so more. It works outside pretty good. Teency weency buds down low but I'm only running small pots. They are jam packed with terpy trichs though.. Then the outside is another story, They're about to start growing big.. I have lots of new ones, too. I have to take them all up to the greenhouse in the mountains. Then I should be able to grow them out this summer. I may have more work though. I have to try to juggle it all. better than a sharp stick in the eye. peace
  14. I didn't realize, but the girls are at day 61 if I'm right... I better give a look at the trichs but they don't seem to be finished.. I sort of hope the early ones are about done.. that works with my schedule. The others may go 1-2 weeks more .. Cartel Haze, and Blue Hammer.. I'm really happy at how well they did in 1 gallon (3.5L) pots... perfectly well behaved. Perfect looking buds, and perfect smelling buds... I'd rather chop them on the early side if anything. I want a good up high. I'll try and get more bud pics up tonight.. can't find enough hours in the day lately. peace
  15. Man, I am having so much fun with my NAW plants!! I never imagined they would perform this well in 1 gallon pots. Now i'm getting itchy to smoke them. And then I will start more!! I can't tell which is a favorite yet. I love them all. All so different. Blu Hammer #1 is maybe the favorite smell.. but then Strappleberry, and Cartel Haze and mysterious smell... and AJ>>> wow.. They just keep packing it on. I've had a couple of people stop by and go crazy when they smell the terps. Nice job guys! @ Strappleberry on the left... and my only Cartel Haze on the right. Blue Hammer #2 Group shot of half of them.. all in 3.5L pots.. They're not finished yet... Keep up the great work nerd brothers! I'm in heaven and I haven't smoked any yet. peace
  16. Well, congrats, then! Life is a series of changes. You'll enjoy the country. Sounds like a win for the whole family! Prayers and vibes sent for the new place! peace
  17. Those clones look 100% better than the last time I looked. Hope they make it... You're doing something right.. isn't kelp stuff good for stress?? seems like I read that.. no reason to over treat them, though. They like the drying out! That Gulf Coast weather got into their bones. The heat is seeping in... heh. best vibes!
  18. Hey Matt, Welcome! Summer has begun and it's a little slow around here atm. Nice people here though and a few that have been here a looong time. I'm really interested in irrigation techniques and systems.. I grow in soil pots and will continue but want to learn about automated watering/feeding. My larger goal is to set up an indoor produce garden with vertical growing for greens and to grow it into a business. I have a ~1200 sq ft space below the house and plan on doing all indoor growing there in the future. And, that will all be automated irrigation. I'm just starting to learn about the vertical growing technique. I'd like to expand it to a few other produce items and build a mushroom space. So, I'd love to begin a relationship with you. I'm also doing it all on a shoestring to begin with so I may not get there quite as fast as I'd like to. I also do some environmental contracting work for a friend in the Permian oil field and we use the black Combo pH/EC meters. I love those and keep waiting for him to give me one, heh. He keeps saying he will. I'll have to get one soon, though, and probably a meter more related to gardening and soil/water monitoring. I may hit you up with a question about a different meter a friend left here. I have to get it calibrated.. Maybe start a thread eventually in General section? That might get the most looks atm and we can figure out a good place for you to have a thread. I'd sure appreciate learning a little more in this area. Lots of other guys so hydro or a hybrid, here and will have questions, too.. imo. Enjoy and I'm looking forward to picking your brain. Thanks for the offer!! peace
  19. I planted a few to enter the other one.. more for fun, with no expectation of winning. And, I'll take the others and up pot them to grow normally. I dropped 4- GG#4 x Sour Bubble, (Smokey Pockets) and 4 Maui Sunshine (Sebring). I planted one Black Lime Reserve at first and was going to stick with that regardless of sex... It decided to grow upside down and I had to re-route the root tip.. it may or may not survive. I'll play along if others do. I'll drop a seed when others do, too. I wrote this yesterday but forgot to post it...so, I'm in. I may be gone for a couple of weeks and may have to leave it with somebody but I'll figure it out.
  20. I hope I get to smoke it one day. It has a reputation. It just never made to my lips.. Good luck and best vibes with the babies Jet. Definitely some light, and maybe a light fan on them to dry them a little faster and give them a little stimulation..??
  21. Hey baq, we better meet up soon... I'm running out of real estate..lol I have a butt load of things going but now find out I go back to that job in two weeks. I may only be gone a week but it could be two. I'f I'm lucky my current run will be finished, at least most of them. Then I have to haul everything else up to the mountains to a friends greenhouse or outdoor corral. he's a grower and will look after them... I hope. My roomie would have no clue really.. I won't take that chance this year. Man, I'm not sure If I can even get to Pueblo before the first. I'll sure try. Or I'd rather drive on up. it'll be tight with all I have to do to be ready to go south. My partner has some work at his house that he's been wanting me to do. Some I may stay for but the main project I want to hold him off until fall. I have way too much going on here in the summer to leave but have no choice. Oh well... I hope I can chop my NAW before I leave.. I'd really hate to have to move them for just the last two weeks.. or leave them like this for anybody!! lol airborne jack..
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