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  1. That thing looks great Paps! Let us know what the smoke is like.
  2. Very nice. That could really clean the air you breathe if you set it up that way. I suppose the plants need to breathe, too.
  3. Hey @Damar, glad to hear all is well. How many kids you got now? good to see you! peace
  4. Best vibes on that new tk/cd. Man, I’ll be interested in that one. Sam sent me 5 of your Chocolate Kush seeds to see once more if I can find a female. I’ll save it if I do. I’d sure love to get that one up and going. Maybe then you can help me improve it to get more females in the line. peace
  5. I posted a link to an article before from a magazine, Maximum Yield, that was about pot being the next super food. It’s packed with everything. The flowers are supposed to be the best part.
  6. Once they get the anti body tests it could help. People are finally getting the message albeit slowly. It’ll take everyone staying away from each other for a while. If we have the will we can still turn it around.
  7. Cool idea. I would have never thought of that. Heh, I was about to google Samir’s Jack.
  8. You can get your vitamin D for free. Sit outside in the sun. It’s my favorite way.
  9. Yeah, I'm really glad we have our personal support groups with the canna crowd. Forums are all that keeps me from being too alone. Crap, I had a long lonely winter and I'm ready to get out and around now! lol... oh well.. If this goes on for too long, my whole yard may end up covered in marijuana plants.. That'll be the only way to cut the boredom.... plant a new strain all of the time.
  10. Those all look nice Paps. They all sound like fire, too. peace
  11. Not bad at all. Mostly because of me. It still has a strong fake grape smell in a couple... with one adding tart hops to it... The grape flavor is coming through in a couple of phenos. I'll pull them all soon and try them together. It has the typical earthy flavor as well. Nothing super terpy in these three. I'm smoking the #2 right now, and it's a little harsh, my fault, but especially on the first toke, nice grape in there. Damn nice plants to grow. Easy peasy with colors most likely. I might try some outside.
  12. Wow, $275 for the Sub stuff. Jamaican Bodsled @dieseldog381. Just $275.
  13. The Lt. Governor, Dan Patrick of Texas, is saying the same shit. Right next door in Louisiana they are having the fastest increase in cases in the world. Texas has no safety net for poor people and their health care is a joke unless you are in Houston maybe... but the good docs are only for the ultra rich. We'll still be fighting this shit same time next year, I predict. Americans are weak these days. Trump is already talking like we're coming out the other side. What a fucking loon. New York is doubling every 2 days, now. We just get to sit back and watch them all slow burn. While we all do what's needed to shorten the time...
  14. We're doing good here. Turned out my county doesn't have any cases yet. People seem to be heeding the call and keeping it safe. Some States still don't get it. We'll see how that works out. We haven't started the bad times yet. Some places are gonna be overwhelmed and the places who start practicing home isolation now will be in much better shape. But, if only half of of the country participates in reality, we're gonna be here for a much longer time than needed. Stay home, stay safe!
  15. Maybe call the school or teacher and ask if they can monitor it online during the lockdown. It would give the kids something good to continue doing while keep their minds focused. Plus is a $1000 scholarship!!!!!
  16. Awesome sounding work. It sounds killer from your description. Nice spear of a bud. Where did that PH originate, Mota?
  17. Man, she is boss @dieseldog381! What a yield and a looker, too.
  18. What he said ^^^^^!!!!
  19. I think they make a UV box to sterilize the air coming in your duct work. I've seen one somewhere.. probably not cheap. I think that PowerVeg light @dieseldog381 showed is made to run all day. Probably just a factor of strength.
  20. I would agree with that. Even with the real sunshine, it only does so much.
  21. That’s the one I was thinking about, DD. I can get those in our local grow shop.
  22. No problem brother... I had just been reading about it earlier today. I think right now the best we can all do is stay away from other people for a few weeks at least. It'll suck, but better than crashing our medical industry. Man, I sure don't want to get it. I had pneumonia in my 20's and thought It was going to take me out. I have know idea how I got it. Young people who get it may have 30% less lung function for the ret of their lives. I sure wouldn't want to risk that either.. I'm working hard on my place so I'm keeping busy. I have an 82 year old guy that lives next door. He's a great guy from Mexico a long time ago. We talk a little bit across the fence, heh.. I guess it's not a parasite but a parasite causes the disease. I remember viruses a little bit from college because it was the start of HIV back then. Viruses are stubborn MF'ers. Be safe @Bigun! Use the time to tune up the old pot farm!... and stay healthy... that shit is looking for us old folks.
  23. I forget. I know you can buy them for t-5 units. I think a lot of LED have it included. I'm not real sure. Try some silica in your nutes, too. I think it helps prevent it. It's good for lots of things, too.
  24. Some lights have it in it already. Otherwise a UV light would only be on at certain times it seems like, I don't know.
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