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  1. Okay, I'm way behind. that deal ended 2 weeks ago. Story of my life.. heh. I'm going to grab some SF this year some how, in some form. I wouldn't ming having the regs.. but I'd jump at the fems, too.
  2. Did anybody take you up on the SF deal?? Is it over? Probably since I might be able to afford it now. Let me know.
  3. OK, that's the sort of things I always hear, but I bet the tenacious effort would pay off. That male could give you some real magic with the BA. I just put some seeds with tails into dirt of Cristalin's Afghan CBD x BA. Looking forward to it. I have some Thai crosses I'll do eventually. I have one Golden Wedding going.. (malawi gold X '72 Colomb gold). Man, I hear you with the space and time... I want to run Santero's killer cookies for sure.. got the Lemon Bubba going.. I think.. I've been losing labels, lol.. I just dropped some other crazy stuff with cookies.. which I have no history with. I came a cross two crosses, one is Wedding Cake X Gelato#33 x Dosido, and the other is Purple Poison Cookies f2. Purple Poison(Snake Venom x GrandDaddy Purple) x Flaming Cookies. I'm hitting a bunch of stuff I've never tried yet. And some I have! happy grows!
  4. Got any friends or neighbors you could gift? They'll always remember you, lol.
  5. Looking very nice Beach! Our town had the same deal.... I stayed close to the house mostly. The weather is so strange this year.. But, I'm getting things moving. I always get inspired coming by your thread! I'm starting a couple of Goj x BM by Stankydank. Just now getting to them. It might be fun. I have a lot of terpene bombs going this run. I hope I can manage it all. Happy grows! Once I get settled from my crazy times, I'll put together some beans for you if you're interested. You can always share them with neighbors! peace
  6. Very cool. I hope you get the chance to work with it good and get past any herm issues that seems to be rumored to happen to them. I might try for some of those. Man, if you could get a good female I bet that would be some awesome smoke. .Thanks!
  7. Did you get your Chocolate Thai from a seed bank?
  8. What's the last two pics? I like the looks of it with the super strong stems and color.. It sure has a stout look in structure.
  9. Yeah, that's pretty cool. Nice dance song.
  10. I'll try and find keepers and make some seeds eventually.
  11. "Gator got your granny, chomp....., chomp, chomp" ... ahh hahahah
  12. You might like this one Garden! It's one of my favorites... Tony Joe White... Polk Salad Annie..some old, down home, swamp music. Vintage 1970!
  13. Thanks for your reports! I have some of Smokey's stuff I'm only now geting to. Crazy good stuff.
  14. Loves me some Eric Clapton... here's a cool Sunday tune
  15. The weather is so goofy this year, I don't know. I haven't put anything into the ground yet but may go ahead and try. I'm going to put some energy into my basement and save for more lights. Yours are looking good. I'm working on getting mine all more attention this week. I've been out of pocket for almost 2 weeks. Mine are waiting on me. I believe there should be keepers in that cross I have. It has really good genes. I have another one from the same place that should be tasty as well.... Purple Poison Cookies f2. Purple Poison is Snake Venom x GDP crossed to Flaming Cookies (probably). Purple Poison Cookies »»» Purple Poison x Flaming Cookies probably
  16. Yeah, I wouldn't know. They also have it listed as a cross of Cherry Pie and GSC.. Should be a tasty bugger. Hey, I got some stuff I can send you to pay back for those awesome Humboldt crosses. I'm starting to get swamped with seeds. But, I have some cool stuff and extras on some I can share. I'm smoking some of the Humboldt/Sugar Punch now. It's pretty good but still curing. Very frosty and dank. I gotta try the HK x SF/Boudica now!
  17. Hamme will be looking for a rental down in the ghetto just to stay!!
  18. I can show you what one cross would look like... i'm dropping beans today of (Wedding Cake x Gelato #33) x Do-si-do. Some breeders claim WC is KM x TK.
  19. Boy oh boy, I got a special pheno, I guess, and I'm now kicking myself for not taking cuts. It's soooo tasty. And, yes! It's sooo potent. Man, it went right to the head, and then I was doing stuff like crazy,, really early this morning. It's a very motivating strain. But, I was so fucked up, heh... I love it. I hope you keep working with it. It's sort of what I thought a Green Manalishi with strong lemon would be like... but, it has a sour diesel type flavor at first, on some buds... some aren't that strong... ?? weird.. man... it's a favorite. I'll try and get a pic or two up soon. Beautiful smoke guys! peace
  20. I have some seeds with that cross but I don't know which it is, lol.. The guy who made them did 4 crosses with dark devil and sent two of each with no ID. They sound bad ass. I may drop some but not sure and it may be a month.
  21. Things made it fine, @Cristalin. The holiday slowed it up I guess. It seems like the mail always gets here late! I'll put them in a soak tonight!! Good timing for the weather, too. They should do fine right away. peace
  22. Did you get a pot out in the sun this year? Happy grows and best vibes with the new place!
  23. Man, I love my Cartel Haze that is curing. What a nice smoke. The flavor at first id sour lemon diesel, and after exhale, a stickiness coats the lips and a sweet chocolate develops. The next two hits begins to turn more into a sweet chocolate. This is magic beenz weed! Is there Chocolate Diesel in the Cartel Haze?? It figures that it was the only strain that I only had one plant of. All others gave me two and three of the AJ. I can't wait to have a bowl of that this morning! I must look into this further! Nice work nerd men! Cartel Haze!! I hope you put that back in the shop so others can taste! I know JC said it was his wife's favorite smoke. nom nom nom... peace
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