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  1. Yeah, that's what I meant, lol. I been smoking a lot of the Sultana and the other pheno has more Boudica coming through. I bet the f2s will unlock some of that a little more. Hope so. peace
  2. Looking great bro. I love that plant. Not the largest, but a great one. Makes me want to go and pop the rest of mine... But I have a bunch of NAW plants already going so I'll wait. I want to get some of the other pheno plants, like the Honey Hoo Hoo, and the Cat Piss. Enjoy all of those trichomes! peace
  3. Looking great Jet. I can't believe that mom screen. It's growing fast. Busted all of my likes trying to keep up. peace
  4. Yeah, hard to tell with that ragged Octopot crew all over the place.
  5. Yeah, you are in a much smaller space than I was. I was in a full bedroom and lots of open space I was trying to fill. The reason I put them down low was two of my plants were very sativa dominate and in the ceiling, lol. So I put the lights to the side, and a little below part of the time.
  6. That's looking pretty good for 30 days. It has a cool look to it too. peace
  7. Hey, I like my wasps now. And they have more intelligence than honey bees ( I just read that today, actually my paper wasps are the ones that are smart... Never underestimate a wasp..) I agree though, bees are disappearing. My older neighbor was talking to me about it the other day. All of the fruit trees are blooming this year but no bees.
  8. Same here. I came on the scene just a little too late. But, I have a chance at making some f2s for a friend so maybe this summer we'll have some. It's gonna be tight so I want everything to be right and ready. I've been wanting a chocolate pheno really bad. I read so many good reviews of the early CR. Lots of yummy sounding choco pheno stories. I have heard very little from anyone out there that might have more. I'm sure it's around. Keep an eye open for this summer. If I'm successful I'm sure we can share a few. peace
  9. Pretty cool. I think the first is a Day Lilly, huh? They grow so easy. Just keep dividing them up every year and they will fill the whole yard if that's what you wanted. That looks like a rare'ish color on that one. I know people grow them and hybridize them to create new varieties and some go for thousands of dollars if you can create a special one. I have the basic yellow ones out back. Some flower early, some mid summer, and some late. I've seen the second one but I forget the name. Very cool looking and it likes that weather, it seems. Nature is so interesting peace
  10. Nice pic JC. I swear that looks exactly like the area around here. I need to start looking for some manure myself. It looks like the horses just came from that pasture next door, lol. It looks mowed short.
  11. I'll update my thread I started. @Justcozz is the only person to pop a seed of it yet. He has a few above and they look great. Lemon Fantasy is (Deathstar x SFV og) x Lemon Skunk. I should have a few more of the seeds of that one left. There weren't many of those but I should have some more. I was sort of looking the other day and didn't find them. But there has to be more. Im growing some NAW strains, 2- Blue Hammer, 1- Cartel Haze, 2- Strappleberry, and 3- Airborne Jack. I also have a couple from @Douglasfurtrapper that were a couple of weeks bigger before I flipped.It's Humboldt og x Sugar Punch. I hear is a good one. The last one I grew with the Humboldt was really nice and had crazy smells and flavors. Straight up fresh bag of Skittles, I shit you not. I let it go a little too long, imo, and it lost that smell but had some of the flavor. Then, I have a hap hazard mix of misfits that are still in solo cups. My soil mix burned the hell out of some and others did just the opposite and are 12'' tall. They finally slowed down. I have Santero's Lemon Bubba, one or two, but I may plant some for outside. I have JC's Onyx Fire and a couple of Sannies Jack x Silverfields (JC Haze). I had some Sunshine Daydream but all 3 were male. Same with Santero's Chocolate Kush. One was male and I popped the last 3 and lost one. So, only two more chances to get a female. I really been wanting that one bad but no luck. If I can find anymore of those seeds I think I'd pop them all at once and maybe even make some seeds right then if I got a female. I'm keeping the Choco Kush male to collect some pollen. I have about 7 others that i have to decide if I want the pollen or chop them tomorrow. Then it'll be time for me to start some for outside. I'm thinking of doing yours since I know they will hang. I'm gonna do an Uzbekistan for sure. Not 100% sure past that. I want to try your Dawn and the Road Trip. Same with Beaches IPA. I got them a long time ago and had bad luck both times I tried them... actually the same time that I lost that Road Trip to an early freeze. And lost seedlings the other time, same as beaches IPA. Whew!... did you ask what I was growing? lol. I swear I want to try them all. So many great crosses from fellow OG'ers. I'd take them over many of these $80 a pack strains that are everywhere now. I saw some for $450 a pack somewhere recently. We'll make our own awesome shit, thank you! Stay in touch bro. I'll try and gather some of the Dusk x Lemon Fantasy, and Mohawk xLF to get to you. Nobody tried the Dusk x LF yet either. I think it would be a good chance at dank, too. Cause it was already dank! Sorry JC... I got on a tangent... Thank Bigun for the Mohawk X LF. He did a great job on the Mohawk. I still want to grow the Lemon Fantasy, maybe next. Papalag said he loves it. It was a pretty dad, for sure and had a great stem rub. peace
  12. I was down working in southern New Mexico and it's a desert of sorts. They also have the huge ants with ant hills made with small pebbles. They also made their nests right next to or right under our little concrete pad around our water monitoring well. One morning they were swarming on my well site and I had to do some work at it for about a half hour. So I took my breakfast sandwich and broke little pieces off and tossed them outside my work zone hoping the ants would go for the food and leave my space for a short while. It worked at first, and then they started to bring the pieces back to the concrete pad above their nest to take inside. So I'm thinking I need to sacrifice more of my sandwich to really give them something big to stay and eat. So I break off a corner of my breakfast sandwich and sure enough, they all start heading for the big prize. I start getting my gear together and when I go towards the well, the little bastards have all huddled together and were hauling that huge corner of my sandwich on their shoulders right toward the concrete. I couldn't believe it. Somehow they all got under it, and around it, and next thing you know it's in the air traveling across the ground. They got stalled out when they couldn't get it to fit in the pretty large hole. I'm more careful when I mess with them now. Hell, if I tripped and fell down, I might be in trouble with that crew. I have to look to see if I got it on video. I think I did. I know I grabbed the camera so I could show my partner. Always interesting in the Macro world. peace
  13. Same here, never grown or smoked the SF. I have the JC haze going and it has SF as a parent. I need that and the Killing Fields. Some are just classics the more I'm reading from everyone. This year will be more haze and sativa from my place. I still have some good indica dom that will be in there, too. Spice of life and all... peace
  14. Yeah, I could sit and watch insects all day. I spend a good bit of time doing it anyway. I live out in the country a little and the insect population just blows me away. So many exotic looking ones I never know who they are. They're always all business. Some are downright sociable. heh. It's cool to watch a spider come down from his hideout to a bee stuck in the web. Inject the bee with venom, go back up and wait for it to take affect, then come back down and wrap it up with silk and reel it back up to the hideout. fun stuff. I also rescue wasps from the water buckets all summer. They come to the bucket to drink water like cattle. Sometimes they fall in and break the tension and can't get out. I let them climb on my hand, and watch them squeegee the water off all over, and groom themselves in the sun until they warm up and then they fly off. They're my buddies now. European Paper Wasps. Spiders are also a new curiousity of mine. Mainly because we have a real friendly one native to here and it is a real hunter. The Colorado Jumping Spider. I love them all! except weed pests!
  15. Just getting a picture from that link, but it does tell pretty much the whole story all by itself...
  16. A couple of years ago in my grow, I had T5 lights on the floor, pointing up, on both sides. They plants really responded and the bottoms filled in much nicer than they would have with the normal overhead light. And, It's not getting wasted by overlapping too much. I'm about to do it again, with the plants I have flowering now. Especially since I'm only running one 600w HPS light atm. T5 unit will add 212w of HO grow and flower spectrum. Happy grows.They should eat all of that light right up. Maybe keep your scissors in your pocket. peace
  17. Oh wow, she did real good, no topping or messing with it, huh? I just love seeing red colors in weed, I don't know why. Maybe it's because they are contrasting colors. It sure make for good pictures. I like the looks of the bud structure, too. I need to get to work, soon!! Time to buy more seeds! Nice job bro! Are you still working on producing more seeds of the TP? I still want that and the Black Afghani. I'm getting excited because soon I get to grow my Uzbekistan outside. I also have the Freebie from Sannie, the Blue Hammer x Durganchitral. That may be patio mates with my Uzbekistan. I really am stoked to get to grow your stuff. And, if I'm lucky, they will also end up married to a perfect mate some day. peace
  18. I always love seeing that first outdoor lady Bug on my plants. It's just a thing of beauty and balance. That's a big fat one. Maybe you fed her all winter and brought her outside? She's definitely doing the good work. peace
  19. They all look like they are about to go into the next phase. The Pinks look woke up as well as all the others. I really like the looks of the Mohawk x Lemon Fantasy. It could be a really nice cross. The flavors may match up well. The Sultana f2s could get a little leafy, the f1s did. The Turkish really dominates in the cross. Maybe the f2s will unlock some of the Boudica. He Saxo, did you have a name for the Choc Rain x Sultana? Yeah, JC, your plants area bout to get jiggy with it, I feel. I juuust feeel it. peace
  20. Mine had the hugest female pre-flowers. They were the first to get pollinated and grow seeds. You could see the pistils across the room. So, you should be able to tell soon.
  21. I need to do that Lost in Space soon. I has to be great. It looks good. What do you think of the Bodhi strain you have? Are you going to work some of his gear into your crosses? peace
  22. Is that an f1 or f2 RB? The f1s stretched pretty good, especially the mom and dad of the f2s. The f2s may have some GM phenos (I hope so..) that could be much shorter. I need to pop about 25 or so and see what's in there. Good luck! peace
  23. That's why I got the hammerhead. Polder's description had me sold. I have ADHD and anxiety of sorts. Weed really helps with it though. I flipped a coin and Blue hammer won out over the HH. Maybe this summer outside..
  24. Your doctor doesn't know anything if he can't deal with Lyme disease. I would ask around and get some info from other docs first. You can call the Telephone Nurse Help Lines at most any hospital and get questions answered for free. They'll be able to keep pointing you in the right direction so you don't go to a doctor, like an auto mechanic, thinking he might know something but walking out felling like you got it royally, but without the butt lube. You have something going on. Keep on them. They only listen to the loudest screamers. best vibes and peace
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