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  1. Yep, it's about to get weird. Hopefully the testing will at least get some organization going. That started happening on a larger scale today in a lot of places but will be slow. I don't eat like I used to either and especially since I lost the extra weight. I have enough to live a month or so, maybe more... just need more milk and beer, heh. I only live a mile or two from the Walmart. It's actually the only Walmart I ever liked. It's never like other WM. Never really crowded, always a good parking spot, people are all super nice, .... see... not like WM at all. It's not as big as the new ones either. This is nothing new for me. I stay home most of the time now because of finances. But I have a cool place. I can go hiking out back door and plenty of it. We have lots of critters that visit, too. Coming home from WM last night I came right up an a huge buck deer right on the side of the road a few doors down. I pulled right up to him and then he walked off. He had a huge set of antlers. A bull elk was in my back yard one night last week or two. I never saw him but wish I had. Other neighbors said they had seen him behind the houses for a while. he jumped the fence and cruised all over my yard. Then He went over the fence on the other side of the house. I got a shovel and bucket yesterday and walked around and collected all of his poop for my compost. heh I got about 2.5 gallons worth.
  2. Same thing here. We only have 8000 people here but they're going stupid, too. For three days straight at least they have been emptying shelves. We only have one Safeway and one Walmart grocery. I have enough but will need to go grab milk bread and eggs maybe... and beer. II was going to buy an extra dozen eggs but the good ones (organic cage free) have been bought out every day. We may get it here, but it seems like it would run its' course pretty fast eventually. I live out of town and our town is pretty rural but it is on I-25 which connects Mexico and Canada, basically. I'm sure somebody will be nice and drop some virus off here when they gas up. I'll check out those links. Thanks
  3. I'm not familiar with the Sinclair story. I never got to go there. It's funny, I've only not been to 5 or 6 states and Mich is one of them. I've been on all sides. Weird.I know it had a great reputation. Gimme a link for that story or can I just Google Sinclair Ann Arbor?
  4. That's in Michigan I guess. I remember Ann Arbor was always known for the pot parties in the 70's. They were an open town that long ago. How'd they pull that off? heh
  5. Yeah, but that's not what the kids think, lol. They wouldn't get it.
  6. Happy birthday bro! We aren't as complicated as we get older huh? Kids: "Dad, what would you like for your birthday?" , You: "Uh, maybe some salt.." Enjoy bro.
  7. Those rooters really work well. I think they're worth the money now. My first time using them were what you gave me. Every clone rooted.
  8. Yeah, I'm looking at the two leaves on the bottom of that top PP pic. wow.
  9. Looking awesome as always buddy. Have you smoked the PHK yet. It's a pretty plant. Is it an IBL or where does it come from? Just curious how a Hindu Kush tastes. What's the deal on the vape? Is it for flower or concentrates? I have a few of the pens for cartridges but those aren't in my budget. If it takes flower and small homemade wax I might be interested. No biggie though, especially if someone else has interest. peace
  10. Oh, I forgot... I missed it last week when he had the sale. Story of my life. Not like I need any seeds but I need that one. If I get lucky I'll get my own soon. If not let me know and I'll take cut for sure. That one and Goji are elusive to me. lol I have to put some money into the downstairs to do the winter grow but I plan on starting some stuff now to go until if gets cold again. I want to do some long flowering stuff down there. I have some old Mexican seeds that I need to try if I can get them to germ with some Panama Red that I was able to get one of those going but lost it to bugs while out of town working. Otherwise, outside is gonna be here soon. I have some great stuff that you'll want a cut of. I'll keep you informed. I'm doing a lot of work on the yard with this weather and will be working on the house all summer. I'm not going away for work anymore I don't think. I'm going to pour everything into making this place rock... more. I'll have a bedroom back in shape for you soon. Let me know and I can have it done in a day. At least good enough for a quick visit. Come on down.
  11. That PP sure has some bodacious fan leaves. Yep, indoor no-till looks to work pretty good.
  12. I had 4-5 black plants this last run and a few last summer/fall. Weird. Never had any go that black on me before. I love all of the shades and variations when they do that. Mine evolved over the course of a couple of weeks or so where the colors kept shifting towards the black. I had lots of yellow, orange, red, blues, and funny enough some green! heh.. I love this plant. Simple pleasures for simple minds.
  13. Well, thank you then, for passing them to him as he gifted me a few and it was a stellar plant. I kept hearing how crappy the yield was from some people but mine was just the opposite. It had it all, nice colors, fat flowers not hard to trim, and that smell and taste. I'm looking forward to seeing yours! peace
  14. Wow. You almost can't tell it's black from all of the frost. That's a wild pic of the gloves. Sticky icky.
  15. Are those CB from Beachbud, by chance? I still have some of his and I think I only grew one but it was so beautiful in all ways. I gotta revisit that one. Looks like you're in for a treat! She's looking real nice.
  16. Who makes that B&C? All of the buds look like the same size. Sort of a funny shape compared to normal. That's a hell of a yielder.
  17. I have to decide soon as I have some new stuff of old. I may try some indica so I know they will finish sooner than some hybrids I want to grow. Having the whole crop come down all at once is too hard. I need to get two groups; one earlier flowering and the other 10-12 weeks maybe. I'll have to put my list up soon. It'll all be new for me. Nice group you have going @webeblzr. Have fun and post some pics. peace
  18. Yes! me too! You helped me right when I needed it. You helped me see a lot of things and learn to do a few for myself. I've been able to pass the same vibe on to other people and so it goes. You're making the world a better place.. No need that you don't get the credit or public fanfare; you have people that love you for it. It's funny, cannabis seems to teach everybody to be kinder in general too. Oh, and it gets you really high sometimes,t oo/// did I say I was really stoned? melting now....
  19. It’s tough when you’re used to doing everything yourself. That should work out good for you both and that’s even better.
  20. And, Alaskan Fish Fertilizer! I forgot to mention that one. That was the weed growers fert of choice. Heh, we were organic before the fake shit was even made! Some of the older guys on the other place have really hooked me up with strains I thought I'd never know. Now, age anxiety is setting in! Will I be able to grow them all before I die?! I better start now to be sure, buwahhahahahah!!
  21. That's really cool bro. I hope to get some of those for my own if work comes along. That is cool karma. The High Times grow mag edition and the books that Ed put out were how we all learned to do it. No internet or cell phones. I kept that grow mag edition forever. That grow would have lots of energy imo, just because of all of the sentimentality. That's one of the reasons I'd like to get some. It's just the excitement of that attachment to the old days. Ha, back then we had to figure it all out on our own. I really think it's a hoot to have that connection to those times available now. I think I would almost feel negligent if I don't get some! Man, the memories of those early days are really something. What a time we grew up in. Bell bottom pants and black light posters! The heavy 70's!
  22. I like the seed cracking tool. Nice price, too.
  23. You have a local case now? I haven't heard of one here yet, but it's only because nobody has the test kits. What a cluster fuck. That shit has been running free for almost two months now. Wait til those test numbers come out once they start testing. That's when the average joe is gonna freak and panic ensues.
  24. Hey buddy, I just harvested my StankyDankers.. PHC x Blue Magoo. I grew them in a new space and the cold affected the late flowering but they were still impressive. I got weird airy yields in some buds but great taste. They just went in for cure a few days ago.Hope all is well man. Stay in touch. peace
  25. That's neat. I'm finding the same thing more and more. People are just being really open and generous with everything. It only makes me wish I was back in my 30's. The fun has only started. I hope people respect all of the genetics and make sure they keep the copies of the old stuff and keep that pure. The possibilities of what could be found in a worldwide growing experiment is sort of cool to think about. Preach clean, bug free clones to everybody! Tell everybody at the party we said "hey"!
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