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  1. SantaBuds

    Mapito flush

    seems everybody here does it differently.. thank you all for the inputs... those are the plants that were being flush... now they hanging... def need a trellis...
  2. SantaBuds

    Mapito flush

    good to hear from you hempy!!!!! I'm actually top feeding plants!!! I found it's easier to mantain more controlled ec... easier to flush too.. I didn't like "flushing" from the bottom... peace, santa.
  3. SantaBuds

    Mapito flush

    hey guys... how are you??? I'm here trying to improve the final weeks of my grow... so I kinda wanna know how u flush your pito? when u guys cut nutes? do u finish with Pk only? how long u flush PHed water? Ok, I'm using salts, top feed... 7th week I cut the base and feed only pk, 8th I reduce the Pk, and last week only PH water.. sometimes I use florakleen on the final water? can u guys share how u guys do? Peace, Santabuds.
  4. SantaBuds

    Coco vs Mapito

    that wasn't a tree.. that was a MONSTER!
  5. I want to use some kind of automated system for top feeding Mapito crates... some drip or even these FloraFlex caps, sitting on top of the crates..
  6. Please Carper, come tell us what you are doing... I keep saying to drip, the only thing I miss in mapito is the use of guano!! curious to hear what are doing!
  7. nice one brother! they look some interesting crosses!
  8. SantaBuds

    Mapito run

    to be honest bro, the bottle was just for size comparison.. it's been empty for a while now.. I live in Brazil and can't get nutrients easily here.. this time I had mag def and the only thing I could get hands on quickly was Remo's calmag.. I used it and I guess it worked cause it did stop spreading.. peace, santa!
  9. nice show bro! I used to have aerocloners too.. they are awesome!
  10. SantaBuds

    Mapito run

    Space, im sure some light bounces back on them.... but you're right maybe if I do cover them walls with the white plastic they will get even more light... also, this grow was total improvisation... lol... I had my 4 plants ready for the tent on soil when I decided to try the Mapito one more time... the Mapito ended up working nicely so I used my veg room to flower them.. I dunno what I will do in the end with my rooms.. need to improve them... I wanna remove the teepees and have a proper room... after I harvest those plants and the soil ones I will remove everything out to have the ac cleaned.. and after that I can setup the room again with its new configuration... thanks for the input!
  11. SantaBuds

    Mapito run

    hey guys, week 7 starting.. I'm gonna be happy at the end of this run.. never had results like this on soil... maybe I suck at it... or maybe Maputo and wool methods are just very nice... buds were getting heavy so I had to tie them all... I think that's good sign...
  12. SantaBuds

    Mapito run

    hey brothers... got new battery for camera.. able to take better pics again... Day 41: and some close ups: what u guys have to say? peace santa!
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