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  1. Thanks, I'm deff gonna keep the temp shocks in mind, it's not an actual actual attic, simply the top floor of a 3 story house/duplex, it's the second bedroom (used to be baby room, ergo the AC). Before I start growing Ima run the setup for a day and see what does to the temperature (on a sunny day). We'll see what extra actions against are needed at that point. As for the lights, I did consider LEDs, however... I'm confident enough to kinda wanna risk HPS, it seems tried & tested, and as first timer, I want to be 100 percent sure that if anything goes wrong, it's completely my own fault and not something like having bought sub-optimal lights. As far as which LED brands are reputable, it seems impossible to find out... "Everyone" kinda can agree that Gavita make decent lights/ballast for instance, whereas Mars Hydro for instance has people claiming they're anywhere from incredible to the biggest ripoff, it's hard to judge who's right without any prior experience I appreciate the feedback!
  2. Great, then that's settled now, both on the soil & lights. Really appreciate the feedback!
  3. Yeah, the temp shocks remark makes sense... But what dyou mean by a temperature control switch? I mean, what does it do differently from the AC itself (yknow, put mode to "cool", set temperature at 28(?)). Edit: Just to be clear, the AC unit is one of those hanging built-into the wall ones: Like this one
  4. Hi OG, Currently making preparations for my first grow, decided to join some forums to check what people think of the plans I have, and asking some advice where I'm still unsure about things (main thing being the soil, no Fox Farm to be had here in BE/NL, and that seems to be what every single grower online seems to recommend and have info on). I'm really planning to keep a good grow diary, I've got a nice camera, able to take preetty nice shots, so wanna put it to some good use and try to capture a timelapse of the grow. If not with my main camera, at least with a cheap gopro or something (with the occasional HD close up porn; I've got a Canon prime macro lens laying around that sees way too little use, I wanna change that). So yeah, I welcome everyone to give some last tips and tricks, made a topic on what I'm planning to buy here. (Especially feel free to lemme know what soil you use and what your thoughts are on how I should go about this, 3 weeks for seedling in soil X (with/without nutes?), then switch to soil X (with nutes) after 3 weeks). I read something different on every tutorial, and most grow diaries I've read myself either don't specify which soil they use, or use Fox Farm which isn't available here) Grt
  5. I actually have an AC unit in the grow room itself (installed by previous owners), I was thinking of having it jump on once a day to get the room back to a cooler 25 degrees C at the hottest time of day, just gotta be careful the jump in temp isn't too much too freak the plants out
  6. I'll be sure to get some decent fans, and to take lots of pictures. Apologies for the post in Dutch, I thought I was posting to "http://www.wietforum.nl/index.php" because of the layout
  7. Edit: Posted in Dutch since I mistook this forum for wietforum.nl, translated to English now Hi all, Planning to go to the local growshop for all stuff I need for my first grow soon. I'm still doubting about one or two things and interested to hear other people's thoughts/ideas I'm unsure whether to go for 400w or 600w, I was recommended to buy 600w ballast/lights and that if need be I can always dimm them to 2/3s if I want it to operate at 400w (for temperature reasons, growing on the attic floor) Tent: Secret Jardin DarkRoom 120 - €189 Strain: Special Queen x3 Lights: HPS - Gavita - €39/€49 (400w/600w) MH - Superveg - €39/€59 (400w/600w) Ballast: Gavita - €175/€205 (400w/600w) Hood: €20-€30 Ventilation: 125mm 300m3 - €79 (EDIT: I was told this would probably be too small, and to maybe go for 150mm 450m3 instead?) Carbon Filter: Can Original 300m/h - €39 ---> I read people using Can's and hating Phresh and vice versa, any thoughts? Pots: 1L - 11L - x5 ---> Normal plastic pots, or are smart pots a "must"? Soil: Here help would be most appreciated, growshop recommended me to take the pre-fertilzed Plagron (Growmix I believe?) and to switch to Lightmix + Nutes when replanting the seedling at 3 weeks. However, I'd like to grow bio and got the suggestion to: Use lightmix for 3 weeks, no nutes, for the seedling, and then transfer to Batmix. However, I've had people tell me "DONT EVER GO FOR BATMIX!" and "I love batmix I grow with nothing else!"... Thoughts? Nutrients: Plagron And a bunch of small stuff, shears, gloves, stone wool for germinating?, thermo/PH/hygrometer If I'm missing essentials, do tell! Any tips are highly appreciated. I'ma try and keep a strict grow journal, stay tuned! Grts
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