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  1. Just revisited the link and Other than the fact he mentions publishing a book in 2002, I see no other advertisement for anything what so ever. The link was NOT a request for your approval, but simply something I founds useful and so I posted the link for others with interest. ( which was a mistake) It breaks my heart that you will not be visiting the site again. C Yall
  2. Post deleted by avr1 C Yall
  3. @steve Kelp4less Extreme Blend is a must have too
  4. @steve http://www.sanniesshop.com/regular-cannabis-seeds-en/naw-seeds/
  5. Yup, clone only hermie plant. A cross to the real deal cut would be the best you could do, or maybe a S2?
  6. Consider feeding them a balanced nute feeding, versus flushing
  7. +1 Buy China products and get China quality. Bottom Line: Buy American or European products
  8. @Budbuild Last I heard of him was a couple months ago, he said he had a stroke. He did not say how bad the stoke was though. Have not heard from him since.
  9. Looks like this problem is solved. Adding Cal Mag perked them up with no more drooping/damaged leaves. I have ran Hydro before and knew Cal Mag was needed in hydro and other medians like hydro (coco) but failed to remember this important fact.( 2 strokes == memeory issues) It's hell to get old. :-( Thanks for the input folks.
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    @gardenartus How many beans did you go through to find that? Nice!!
  11. It's possbile I splashed nutes, but I don't think so as I keep the youngin's more or less to themselves. That said, I'm no longer very stable while standing or squatting so it's possbile they received a splash. I have rerinsed my remaining coco just in case it's a salt problem.
  12. Let me add that I rinsed the coco 3 times in hot water before use.
  13. I'm wanting to start using coco but have problems with a seedling. Using 1/8 dose of nutes (Humbolts Countys Own) PHing in a range of 5.6 to 5.8. I started out with no nutes and saw problems right away, futher reading told me even seedling need a little nutes in coco. New growth is also showing a problem so I'm stumped. Light is a Claifornia Light works 220 LED and the seedling are to the side and not directly under the LED which is up 3 foot. Any help?
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