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  2. Oh ya plants veged for 6 weeks Week 6 12/12 Here is a Chemdog XCoCo Kush Uploaded with ImageShack.us A killing fields Uploaded with ImageShack.us A blue berry Sativa Uploaded with ImageShack.us Ladycane Vanilla Sky Uploaded with ImageShack.us Partial Group Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Well thats it for week 6, thanks for all the good vibes and comments
  3. Toker2

    Vanilla Sky

    Cheers to you and enjoy the fruits of your labour....That VS pic is so Her, look just like mine. Thanks for the info man.
  4. Thanks Man, Hers a group shot of some of the CDxCK, EQ, VS, LC veggin after they got a shower Uploaded with ImageShack.us and a day later Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  5. Im stoned and a little drunk, but if we are talking about a green dragon like product........Count me in. I cant wait to give the trim off this grow to the MRS to make me up a liter LOL if i am lucky of course..lol
  6. Ok tomorrow will be week 6 and i thought I would offer some info. First im really happy because 2 of my early queens are female the others not sure yet but i have already got cuts from 2 ladies. @ Eskobar-- Last germ Report..beens all gone Hint Hint.... The Chemdog x CoCo kush was slower than the others but temps migh have been an issue but now that things have warmed up shes a monster... Germ rates for 40 beans approx was 94 % Girls to guys was about 50/50 Vannilla Sky was quick all the way around with excellent germ rates of 98% out of 40 beans approx Girls to guys was again around 50 % The Ladycane.........what can i say about her, excellent germs excellent vigour NOT ONE Hermi out of 15 girls and of course the were Fem beans. Blueberry Sativa--- 99% germ rate out of 20 beans Unsexed......male to female was wicked....70% girls.... All of them clone well but the BBS is making love to me in the root area Well thats my report so far , I hope it adds some data to the equation..perhaps she knows shes medicine for a ms patient. @ Sannie Killing fields .....excellent germ and 100 % popped. Mine are fem and Not one hermi. KFxM...100 % germ Rate but alas my dumb ass killed them I was seeing purple last week but i dont think she will be , All three are sick with frost too. Ill go by the grow tomorrow and the Porn shall continue. @ whomever....Shantis Early Queen was 99% germ and execellent vigour. Thanks Guys.
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    Vanilla Sky

    Hmm, Im thinking then 10 .5 weeks for mine? Nice buds too thanks for the report. I really want the Vannilla taste, But i guess i can let a few go longer and get both.
  8. I'm glad things worked out so i could finally show some bud porn. All of them VS CDxCk LC BBS...all of them are amazing. Ill make sure the CDxCK is the first as she should be ready in 5 weeks. Everyone else including sannies Killing fields is going 11 weeks plus depending on the trichs. Yes we are very grateful and excited, such fine herb i have never seen. The VS smells so good too, they all do. I know your Cheeseberry well and Miss her greatly ..wink wink nudge nudge.... Anyway Until now the finest herb i have ever smoked, I'm sure your other strains will more than please. Cant say thank you enough for the Honor to have these in my garden and the graciousness that brought them to me.
  9. My man....Shes next for me I hope , way the freebees are running out i sure hope i make it in time. Pulling up a chair
  10. While we wait its was about time to get a few more clones so i am getting 3 cuts of Vannilla Sky and 3 cuts of Lady cane. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us In 7-10 days they should root and go into a 2l like in this below pic, then 7-10 more days into a pot like is next to the 2l.....then from there you can do as you want Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Well next update for bud porn is in 6 days.
  11. Sure, Blueberry sativa, Killing Fields. Chemdog x CoCo kush . Vannilla sky . Early Queen. and Lady Cane. Thanks for stoping in.
  12. i would go for 6-8 weeks , mine did grow in 12.12 but not to where i could not control it,
  13. Ok Update This is a partial group shot 12/12 week 5 1000k Hps Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us A BBS Uploaded with ImageShack.us A LC i think Uploaded with ImageShack.us A KFs Uploaded with ImageShack.us another Kfs You cant tell but i think one is turning purple Uploaded with ImageShack.us The VS and CDxCK are in the group shots, I need to get better pics but for now thats this weeks update. Thanks for stoping By
  14. Nice, cant wait till i sample it, Thanks for the work it took to bring this to Me.
  15. Oh.........I do soil man, Perhaps you could try that? But i suspect if you read enough and get good advice and be patient and keep at it you will get it. Me im skared of hydro.
  16. OK some may know i had issues at first, I'm thinking i staved them to death as the only other problem it could have been was too much oyster shell but the control pots were the same so it was not that. My girls i was under the impression were low nute plants but it appears they are all greedy feeders. Anyway next time its Sannies buffer tabs and Fox Farm but for now were doing the best we can. Any advise or tips and suggestions are welcome as we need all the help we can get. Below in the square pots are some killing fields clones and some BBS clones in the 2 and 3 l containers Heres a few more under the t12s a few CDxCK seedlings and a Vs seedling. http://img263.imageshack.us/img263/9072/opengrow004.jpg .This pic shows our Veg station. 400 watt hps, plants are around 6 weeks old and will veg for 6 more or so and then go into 5 gallon buckets to finish in the Flower station, Pics of that will be posted tomorrow. I warn you , I don't keep a tidy ship here, at the flower station we do better In the foreground to the left in the front is a lady cane clone, Behind her is a Early Queen and next to her is another Eq In the middle is a CDxCK and the back left is a LC the back right a VS Anyways i know they look ruff but they actually look better since feeding . Tomorrow I visit the 1k and will get some bud porn, maybe tonight. and can some one tell me how i posted a link in one and the actual pic In the thread?
  17. You will...........I got a new comp and camera today YAY!!!!!!!! Ill go make the thread now but the 1k grow pics will have to wait till tomorrow as we planned to meet sat and tonight they have guests .
  18. No shit, You guys know that. Today i saw our 1k grow, first time in a week. At week 4 i am astounded, after my little problems that seem to be just hungy plants they look aswome, lush and frosty. Killing fields..frost all over her, sadly no purple but i think maybe a chineese pheno. Her smell at first was of oranges at first and a hint of lemon with just a small petrol finish . BBS is amazing frosty too, more fruity i think. Lady cane is amazing, quickest of the 3 but frosty and dank too. CDxCK is frosty and smells awsome too, can put my fingeer on it. The VS is frosty too, smell is great but i just cant forget the killing fields, it wrecked my nose Next time ill smell the others first, soon Ill put up some pics as its getting worthy now. Im just stunned, i cant believe how frosty they are and most have 6-8 weeks more to go. Amazing, thanks for the work it took to bring these to me.
  19. Ya Cheeseberry.....Best High i have had to date. Ko Kush, i want that too but not for me except as a sleep aid Opps Im high.wrong thread But Damn your plants Look damn good
  20. In essance most chem ferts are just salts, but not as concentrated as Sea Salt. Cant add anything else.
  21. Not an expert but heres what i learned this grow. Check ph on the bottom of pot. Check NPK Make sure nutes are in correct range. Make sure drainage is Good. Dont over water. Try foliar feeding to see if they need a little N, Iron as i understand it make ones leaves whiteish Good luck .
  22. Yikes.....I pay 12.5 cents in the winter....14.5 cents in the summer.
  23. Good luck....I am at week 3 and hoping to see a purple one in my KFs. But Ill not be dissapointed if i dont , Ill just reorder and get some Jackberry too. Keep us posted.
  24. Not an expert......in the 80s i smoked what was called African and it rocked my Boat Ethopian Coffee is the best....perhaps some grown on Kilimanjaros slopes. Tanzanian coffee is killer But HELL ya Great ideas and Im supprtive as can be.
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