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  1. Hello Hamme, Yea man, i’m fine, how are You? haha, lol. Please ask your ladies if ‘uncle Sunnyvale’ can come by. Maybe they think first i am a little obsessive, but tell them i wont touch them. I only found them so damn pretty!!
  2. A problem we all know to well. Always a short of space haha. Maybe in the future, would be a cool cross!
  3. I also love the Thai strains. I love the extra aroma of Lemon which the Lemon Thai added to the SSH which also has a very Lemon odor. Last year I crossed the Lemon Haze with a Cheese/Diesel x Lemon Thai to create a Lemon Thai dom, with more yield and stretch - But also heady tho.. this year it Will be crossed with a very big Moose and Lobsta male. I am sure your indica Lemon Thai is something special. I am correct You are going to cross it with amnesia?
  4. Hahaha lol yea it’s a long time. I love the effect of a sativa and the G13 traits. Would love to see the outcome of it -
  5. Very Nice bro! Love your choice of strains a lot i did grew to haha lol. What is your opinion about ColJam? silverfields is indeed fantastic. I crosses it with a Jalisco Jaze and send those as freebees at SH peace, sunnyvale
  6. Love the smell and effect from Lemon Thai. Use the ssh x Lemon Thai from santero everyday. Looks like yours is more on the indica side if i am correct? peace
  7. Haha lol, i am going to make F2 for sure. Already have one killing male.. Kali Snapple dom but with the aroma/stemrub of a chemdawg (with pineapple in the back)It’s also going to be crossed with a Lemon Haze (ssh x Lemon Thai). I send You a PM if I got and send You the F2’s Love the honey Badger tho
  8. Really nice cross bro! Both strains are some of my favorites! I am working with ‘Moose and Lobsta’ still in veg though. ——- they are covered in trichs!(your photos)
  9. Nice man! I have a Killer Grapes male wich has the BM grapefruit smell.
  10. Always a pleasure to look bro! How is the smell on the HBH? Did You grew Silverfields F1 before!m? If so, is there a big difference with the F2? Thanks
  11. @Zanzibar Amazing bro! Can You please tell more about the aroma’s? And how do they compare with (your) AH x CR F2? P.S: thank You for your work in the repro’s Sunny
  12. Very nice man! something else. But if i remember it correctly, San used your Bright Moments for the Killer Grapes?
  13. Smoke to much Amnesia and you’ll be paranoid. With or without people lol
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