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  1. Sunnyvale

    pretty projects in progress

    I hope too! How do they smell ?
  2. Sunnyvale

    First seed run with stanky

    Where to buy? lol Sounds really nice SD!
  3. Sunnyvale

    A city rat story

    Nice buds you've got there Rat. That's gonna be taste good
  4. Sunnyvale

    pretty projects in progress

    Looking nice Mr.W!
  5. Sunnyvale

    Beach's Backroom

    They are looking great Beach! It's almost art how you temper your girls... Love the Boudica, mine were really stinky ones. One J in the room and it smelled 3 hours after Boudica haha..
  6. Sunnyvale

    Lumas Smokereports

    I hope it to my friend and by then, you'll got some new crosses (say someone said some Thai x Jamaican)? . It's a pleassure to read your smoke reports!
  7. Sunnyvale

    Don't Panic It's Organic 2

    Nice Damar! I was wondering; the name Godsmack, is that after the band Godsmack?
  8. Sunnyvale

    Kinky Blaze x Silverfields

    Thanks JC for this wonderfull thread, I for myself loved it. Can't wait for a new one. Have a nice summer bro!
  9. Sunnyvale

    Hamme Hydro's Phototopic

    Sounds like a real good pool party... I bringing some ganja and some steak
  10. Sunnyvale

    Lumas Smokereports

    Luma, friend. As always is your smoke report so nice! So detailed, you should do it for your job
  11. Sunnyvale

    Black Afghani Smoke Report

    Health and family first bro. Sending best vibes to you brother! Get well soon, we can wait.
  12. Sunnyvale

    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    Sounds good, yummy! Out of like's so, LIKE...
  13. Sunnyvale

    Hi everyone

    Hi welcome I love cows
  14. Sunnyvale

    Hamme Hydro's Phototopic

    Hamme! Love your hydro bud! It's nice to see it all at once (it's just like a gallary). The only thing i misses at your pic at the pool is a fat doobie and some Deutsche beer haha.