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  1. Thanks Paps. Credits go to San with this wonderfull creation.
  2. Silver Lemon Haze (SSH x Lemon Thai)
  3. Hi Smokey, good to see you back. Still thinking of your crosses with the Black Lime, there were great broski, thanks!
  4. I can smell those Candy Lemon bitches over here! Amnesia would be always in the top 3 for me!
  5. Thx broski, You are right. It’s so unfair, I hope the new elections will change that bro! About 5 plants and your stash. If You document everything, that You have your plants just 5 plants, the judge approved it. Sad part, the mayors are acting like they are the judge, with closing houses etc. I am in conversation with the police and mayor to grow 5 plants. I would love to grow more then 5. If not only for selections... Stay safe bro (and if You see something You like, PM me bro)
  6. Left Killer Grapes. Right Silver Lemon Haze Big one: LemonMaryHaze (Lemon Mary x Sifi/Jaze) small one: Lemon Cheesel > this one is the daddy i am going to use. It’s a smelly one, reeks at diesel/minty Lemon. Reacts very well to training. I hope the Killer Grapes is the same pheno i had last time. It would be a great partner for the Lemon Cheesel. Since I only can grow 5. This is going to be the pool i am searching for some freebee crosses. Stay Safe, Sunnyvale
  7. Sunnyvale


  8. I know bro, maybe i got something for You. But first I have to check it myself, before i send You garbadge lol Silly4Soil
  9. Sunnyvale


  10. Boy, what missed i a lot on OpG. Much respect Hamme, You nailed it. Dang, what a beauties. And Your lamp, i love it! I must say bro, Hamme Hydro sounds a lot cooler then Hamme Soil, But it’s time for a name change, You nailed it!
  11. Hi there brother, I only Made Some Amnesia x Chocolate Diesel. Then the cops knocked on my door and never had the change to make new one. But i’ve something on my mind. If You like, i have some seeds if You want.
  12. I ate Some of my cookies and was thinking. You ate Some of my right? Well brother, i sure make them a hell of a lot stronger. So want a good weekend? Second question Will be; do ever think of crossing Ammie? I only had the time to cross it with Chocolate Diesel. But i think she’s perfect for Some Malawi Gold, Jamaican greetings from space
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