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  1. I love the fucking trailer park boys, fuck sake


  2. can not wait! I’ve been eyeballing that a long time...
  3. Nnnnnnnice (out of likes sadly) Nerds! I think i am going to order next week some NAW gear My Purple Chemdog x Headcandy is a smelly one (still in veg). I think its a headcandy dom.
  4. I agree brother. ——————— You are nailing it brother. Damn, what a bud porn you have here man. It should be warned with an 18+ poster
  5. An Old friend of mine had one too. It wasn’t the most pretty one, neither it was fast, but still a lot of fun with it
  6. Exactly! Love your intergra too bro. They are also pretty pricey over here! Wooooop wooop Nice brother. I didnt know we are also sharing the love of cars. Sadly i can not help you bro, but it would have been fun!
  7. Alfa Romeo 156 sportswagon. My first car (and still have her) is her little sister a 155, which is completely modified (technical, so larger engine, brembo brakes, handmade exhaust and So on). But i can not being high while driving, the cops pull me over way to much Love your american muscle cars. Sadly the NL goverment dont like them, So you pay to much taxes for them
  8. Exactly! Now they can ask more taxes to the coffeeshop, “nattevinger werk”.
  9. People get throw out of their insurance?
  10. Haha. You my friend, are always welcome. The things i can offer you; weed, food, a place to sleep and a very happy dog who want attention/cuddle Haha. Sorry fellas. Its only the vegatation sure i want a bigger flower, but then it must be legal. For now... i am a happy man. Well, its bed time. I went to a very good concert. I am a fan (godsmack) from when i am a child And now they where for the first time in Europe, So i had to go I think i am going again in june, when they are in the netherland (today was Belgium). Stay save Brothers. SV
  11. @Papalag Thanks paps. @Mr Goodfellow hahaha I sleep enough brother. Thanks for your concern, but this Killing Fields beauty is grown fully organic. She only wanted some water for 8,5 weeks and she is done.
  12. Mine didnt bro and i have a high LV. Very resistent i believe. But i ‘duim’ (cross my Fingers) for you for the rest. love the Hamme show (and can not wait for the Amnesia)
  13. Second time ive run and this time she even smell better, more intense. Chemical sweetness Thanks friend @lumatekfan! P.s; ive finally got my bigger tent and you soon will see your others gems
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