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  1. Thanks bro. i appreciatie it, but i have to lay low. I don’t know exactly who did what. But i have my thoughts. I am going to move and then, i Will start all over and better then ever! funny thing. They missed my jamaican cuts, which i’ve Made a day before they went in my house. (The cuts standing on a table). So i keep them alive and make Double Jam F3. Better then nothing
  2. That touches me brother. That’s why they can break us, we stand behind eachother.
  3. They took everything. Well, gladly not all my seeds. But all my clones, plants in flower, cabin, Lamps... But i Will Come back! I am proud of what i do. I said it to the police and Will say it to the judge. I did nothing wrong. Its my passion and my medicine. Yeah bro. I even had a really big one ready to go in flower... she was Ms Uni dom and had purple pistols. Another i smoked and what a taste bomb. Much respect. I had 2 ms Uni growing (unsexed) and had plans to cross her with a Ms uni or Lemon Thai. Very, very sweeet RPP was. It could match with Sanfune and Boudica. And when a strain can do that, You nailed it haha!
  4. Mine had some serious chem smell, grapefruit in the background. Very, very nice! if i am correct. The RPP is from you? @Crimson Fart sadly i cant make a smoke report. The police took everything. Sadly we live still in the middle ages in EU
  5. Sunnyvale

    Sunnyvales Pharmacy

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  6. Enjoy it brother! I’ve good memories of your Amnesia
  7. Sunnyvale


  8. Killer Grapes (Bright moments x Killer queen) @santero (very grapefruit/chemical smell). It’s a keeper! It only need a lager pre grow Chocolate Jamaican (double jam x Chocolate diesel). This one have a complex smell. Nothing like her sisters or mother, no wood - But haze, fruity, chemical. She reminds me the most of Killing Fields #6 @lumatekfan . Yeah, weird i know haha
  9. Best wishes for 2020 OpG! Here is a Killer Grapes. She smell grapefruit, Chem, sweet-ish. I can not tell exactly, she is very complexed. She did not want any nutes. She grown only on plain grow soil from plagron and sannies tablets and look at here thanks san!
  10. I love the fucking trailer park boys, fuck sake


  11. can not wait! I’ve been eyeballing that a long time...
  12. Nnnnnnnice (out of likes sadly) Nerds! I think i am going to order next week some NAW gear My Purple Chemdog x Headcandy is a smelly one (still in veg). I think its a headcandy dom.
  13. I agree brother. ——————— You are nailing it brother. Damn, what a bud porn you have here man. It should be warned with an 18+ poster
  14. An Old friend of mine had one too. It wasn’t the most pretty one, neither it was fast, but still a lot of fun with it
  15. Exactly! Love your intergra too bro. They are also pretty pricey over here! Wooooop wooop Nice brother. I didnt know we are also sharing the love of cars. Sadly i can not help you bro, but it would have been fun!
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