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  1. yurty

    Welcome Canarie! Your plants looking very dank and healthy.
  2. Smokeshack Photodump

    Dank looking buds my friend and those playing dogs; ahhhhhh.
  3. Ouzbekistan

    Recieved mine today as well. Thank you very much Cristalin! Great service and just like @just.blaze "good karma and vibes coming your way".
  4. Opengrow is online again

    Same her! That's the good thing about OG. How more time i spend on the new OG site, the more I like it. I see a lot of handy 'short' cuts.
  5. Opengrow is online again

    Thanks Sannie! It's looking very (modern) nice.
  6. Ouzbekistan

    Woah! Those are some killer freebies my friend. Thanks a lot for handeling it this way. I dind't doubt that your taking this serious, but you deserve a compliment. SV
  7. Hamme Hydro's Phototopic

    Nice Hamme, glad you're back. We have a nice weather this weekend, enjoy it my friend.
  8. Ouzbekistan

    I've got a 50-50 rate with 4 seeds.
  9. NAW Test Center

    Whoop Whoop! Amnesia F2; Please make some F3... I think that's Soma? I love the Airborne Jack! 47 days euh? Damn she looks a lot of my Jack Candy, but that went 12 weeks (and she's gooood). I'm high atm from the G39, i've let her longer go then the previous grow, she's more relaxt the before and less scitzo, but still pineapple all over haha, very nice guys! Smoke reports will make when the cured at least 8 weeks. Have a nice weekend
  10. NAW Test Center

    They are looking good bro's! I see something from my JackCandy in the Airborne Jack. Can't wait untill they hit the shop! Love my JackCandy (and G39). Nice weekend Sunny
  11. Open Grow Word Association Part XIII

  12. Ouzbekistan

    Thanks Cristalin for this service (just mention it @the mail). I have no succes. I cracked one after a week, it was alive, but it didn't sprout. Again and just as everyone know on this broad... This is the first time I see this on OG and for USC. Their Amnesia IBL, ZamalMystik and Black Afghani all did popped and sprouted. Sadly, they didn't have a Ouzbeki sister this grow.. Thanks Cristalin.
  13. Sunnyvale's Pharmacy

    @Luma I wish. I've had her 2 years ago and I still thinking of her. It has such a powerfull smoke and hudge buds! She belongs for my next grow. I hope i find a nice female! @Leo Well that sucks bro! I hope that will change soon for ya..
  14. Ouzbekistan

    @Critalin Thanks. I know you didn't want it. All my other USC gear are good, there I don't worry about.
  15. Ouzbekistan

    Euhm - Damar?