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  1. Sunnyvale

    Hey OG

  2. Sunnyvale

    Beach's Backroom

    Nice Saxo. I see that beach learned you also to coat suger on your ladies. Nice one!
  3. Sunnyvale

    Sunnyvale's Pharmacy

    Good to hear bro . I say SANFUNE, SANFUNE, SANFUNE haha. I also have his Lemon Thai collection, those are sweet too! Well, everything from the SanMan is supurB. Most things he give away and are not for sale . That's why I orderd some stuff, I want to contribute (when I can) to such great fellas. And psssst: and mmmaybe because these are such truefully gems haha Anybody a space-cookie?
  4. Sunnyvale

    Beach's Backroom

    @saxo Do you have a picture? I would love to see yours bro
  5. Sunnyvale


    Yea bro. SanFune F2 and indeed we are among some very awesome and nice breeders I know the struggle bro. I found some stuff from Mr Nice. So i must have a collection of those . Same as you I want to try some Bodhi stuff also, but one thing at the time haha.
  6. Sunnyvale

    Sunnyvale's Pharmacy

    Wow, that's some real AAA grade! Yea let me know bro. I hope I can send you a bunch of my crosses in the end of this year, beginning the new one. I promised JC also.
  7. Sunnyvale

    Sunnyvale's Pharmacy

    Thanks bro! Yes, my Christmass is gonna be up in smoke !
  8. Sunnyvale

    pretty projects in progress

    The are indeed on some point simulair. A couple of weeks and we'll find out
  9. Sunnyvale

    Sunnyvale's Pharmacy

    Well I can say, she is also a special plant to smoke . I can see why the cross went so good, PC x Selene
  10. Sunnyvale


    @Mr Goodfellow When you can? You should do it right away my amigo! Scroll up and see how big she was 17 october or so. What a stretch! and she is smelly, yea this one is going to test my filters for sure. Hell how I am gonna dry that haha
  11. Sunnyvale

    Sunnyvale's Pharmacy

    Haha that's a good thing bro. I have the same problem. The SSSelene surprises me! She had only 1,5-2 week veg. She is a smelly one; a nice blend between te Suger Slap and Selene; tropical/pineapple/dark fruit -ish. I think the G13 is coming through (sadly) so let's hope it stay this tropical! I do not have clones from her, because i first want to see if the cutting is what I search for (i have so much seeds haha). Is potent enough? Then i will search further. Same goes for the SiFi x Selene. I have another lady, a very special one for me. Sadly my SD cart failed, but I have 1 Double Jam lady. Oh boy she's sexy and healthy! I have 1 indoor and 1 outdoor (making seeds) and even in this cold weather - the jamaican is holding on (with purple tones). Indoor she's wild, so i am gonna restrain her haha.
  12. Sunnyvale

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Long John Sails 'A' Amnesia Haze La Nina 2 La Nina 3
  13. Sunnyvale


    Say someone 'Big Fune'?
  14. Sunnyvale

    Sunnyvale's Pharmacy

    Selene F2 Amnesia Haze SSSelene (suger slap x Selene) SanFune La Nina 2 La NIna 3 LJS A
  15. Sunnyvale

    Sunnyvale's Pharmacy

    @Hamme Hydro Thanks brova! As you know, I make the cookies today. I really hope you like them @Mr Goodfellow Hahaha thanks bro! Only in my bad dreams! It's good that somebody use the room bro - I mean - it would be a shame if there would not grow weed in 'tha house of Mr.G'. I hope you can earn the money bro and buy better stuff. We all know 'the list' we want haha. @lumatekfan BRO ! Thanks for your kind words bro. It is a lot better with her. Rest and some ganja will do the trick. I am glad she is okay, because i really want to go to the forest with Bruce and a nice J. Tiger Balm oh my friend... haha. I remember it well. A buddy said it is good for your back. My GF rubt it in my back and i was high AF. Well i don't know which one he had, but for me it was like liquid lava on my skin!