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  1. Thankyou. Looks like y’all have been busy!!
  2. Hey OG peoples! It’s been a few years since I’ve visited any online forums. Life has just had me in different directions. Haven’t stopped growing and had some amazing yields. Had to shut down for a few months for travels and just getting the ball rolling again. I’m xcited to catch up on some threads and see what I’ve missed. Hope all is well with everyone here
  3. There's a great balance to it hands down. It's only a week or so jarred but I packed my glass hitter with about three puffs worth and it hit very quickly. Full on blazed but fully functional...well, mostly lmao. I really enjoyed the polar bear sample as well. Very tasty and potent. I look forward to the cured smoke. G39 was turned to hash other than the top. A sample the other day took me to a great feeling of pain relief. I'll be soakinga few more soon as I believe it will rid me of siezurses and shakes. S
  4. white castle silver fields northern lights special gooey mom x chocolate diesel by Santero chemo go mutant Gods blue cheese chocolate fudge by Santero
  5. Hope all swell OG! Been busy staying on top of the new set up and getting od ready for the season. The past week has also had my hands full helping a childhood friend through recovery. Been a very tense week to say the least. I said goodbye to too many in the past 5 years. Can't give give up in this guy. So, I've got some perrty ones this round. I'll get the pics up in a few. Reveg is slow but progress. Buds are curing nicely from harvest. So far from a few samples of all sloth and hammerhead are my fav. Lots of great smells from the others, great high as well but those two seem to hit me just right to start my day
  6. I found more relief than I expected. It brought a nice calm to my nerves and stopped a lot of my shake. Nice high to it also as is the taste. It's definitely worthy of a smoke report after some jar time. I'm looking forward to growing it again now that things are set up. Past couple days have been rough but it's part of life and definitely part of growing. Sht happens and I do what I can to shit on the shit and make gold bricks lol. Everything is finished and plants are hanging. I saved two to reveg as they seemed to call to me. Polar bear and the apollo looking void were my keepers to reveg. Also have cuts of jb, 2 of the voids, polar bear and the sloth. Got some more beans soaking and starting to plan out the od season. In the shed, I ended up with enough room to set up a little trim and work table and set up a carbon filter outside the tents so I can get out of the cold for a sesh. Matter of fact, I got some gg#4 and some Major medic from pro. Paul's rolled up to christen the shed. Puff puff pass=======€
  7. Welp, the bulb kicked out last night so I'm gonna throw in the towel on the flower round. A couple dark days and I'll chop them. Shed is finished and cleaned up. Ended up with a good bit of workable room as well. I like it and feel accomplished. Veg side took a beating the past few days being moved around and all. After a nap, I'll get them dialed in and get some pics
  8. Lol, it's not often I go without. My smoke box was only a few feet away...couldn't get to it for hours though. Only way I could do my work was to block myself in. By he time I could get to it, I was too tired to stop an puff...that would have been a " was gonna finish my shed, but then I got high....." lol
  9. Last 24 hrs absolutely sucked lol. Put my 3x3 tent together and realized it's not the 60" high I ordered. They sent a 78". Nice of them. Only my table I keep the plants on is built for a 72" max. Shed got ripped apart again. I built the table like Fort Knox. It was an absolute batch to take down. In the middle of it all, I dropped a 315 and cracked the bulb. Sob still fired but has a slight hum to it now. Fingers crossed, new bulb arrives in 3 days. Got the tents set up. Had to move my wall receptacles and venting as well as heat. Somehow everything fit. Plants got a bit beaten up but are in the tents and now just a mess to clean up. Did I mention there's a nor'easter? Lmao, time to burn one after a very long night and day.
  10. The badass looking one on the left in the group pic is The Sloth by Santero. Amazing smells and I can't wait to light some up. A slight brush of it tickles the tastebuds in my nose. Jackberry smells of berries with a hit of fuel.
  11. I gotta look back in the thread to be for exact time but it was vegged under 4 weeks I think.
  12. almost there jackerry void 3 void 2 void 1
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