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  1. Howdy! I recently picked up a trim tray and pollen separator after I saw a friends. I’ve always used an infusion 420 or just stove topped for butter. I know the pollen goes great in rolls but is there a method I can use to make this to vape? I’m not used to dry stuff. Oh, and if you don’t have one of these, they are worth the money. This was just from bottom trash.
  2. I’m sure none will be from this state either. We will continue to see expensive crappy meds from profiteers.
  3. Fudge and second is amie haze x vanilla frosting
  4. Jersey is such a clusterfk when it comes to getting things done. Way too much greed and corruption to see anything actually finalized that benefits the citizens that live here. Just the script scam alone for a medical card says it all. Even when they set up for hardship med users to grow a few plants, I guarantee the seeds or cuts will have to come fro them. The only thing benefitting tokers in nj this year is that most leo are turning their heads to anything mj related. Sorry to be such a downer, I’m usually a very positive person. Just pissed when I look at the reality of what we will get when it’s set and finalized
  5. Yeah I’m real curious on the curkel one. Cant wait to stick them in the dirt. I forgot about allbud. Great description on the osb. Sounds like something I need in my life. yeah, gg4 and herer. Was pretty obvious on that. Hoping it does well indoor. Herer is one Ive never had a good finish with inside.
  6. Hey all. I just got a gift of some new stuff to try and curious if any of you have grown for any tips on them OSB- Oregon skunk ? curkel chemdog jack glue
  7. I usually pull it before October. At that point it usually has a 50/50 cloudy/amber. This year seems a little behind so I’ll see what the coming full moon does.
  8. This one was from a cutting that i kinda ignored. Let me see if I can find a real outdoor pic. It gets massive.
  9. Hey all! So, I just wanna give a shout out to The Fudge. I believe it’s one of Santeros? I was gifted some beans in 2015/16 if I remember right. I grew them all and found my keeper. I cloned it and reveged it….11 times I reveged that girl. Every time she gave amazing smoke. One of my favorite, and my local circles, smoke. It’s never been a big yeilder but I never cared. Beautiful rock hard buds that smell heavenly. The consensus it a light cocoa with almost tha sweet amie haze fragrance. Soaring trippy high that makes you love everything around you. Nature walks are divine. She’s very demanding when it comes to soil. It’s all my own organic mix and only water with uns molasses is fed to the soil. Don’t have many pics but here’s one from right now of it. Outdoor
  10. I’m too high to figure out who posted the orchids but they are gorgeous! Ive tried to incorporate them into my pond theme in the past but never succeeded.
  11. Yeah, he’s a bit of a troublemaker. He sets up the others to get blamed for his “fun”
  12. This is some of my crew lol. Had the frog since a tadpole and the hawk is a regular at my pond.
  13. Great thread! Ive battles these fkrs every year I grow. Mr G has excellent advice. My nightmare with them brings me to a pair of tweezers and mag glasses. Find them by their poo. 3 times, sometimes 10 I’ll pop on the glasses and go through every single bud. It’s a major pia but I guess part of the grow. Ive heard a lot of good stuff on the BT product but choose to keep it manual and pure. Bird houses around the grow will help control the moths to a degree but hands on approach is always the key.
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