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  1. Hello E$cob@r. say can you tell me more about the part about the anti germination stuff you mentioned. ive never heard of it. Please explain. by the way you are a great breeder in many of our eyes i for one am dazzeld by your work and the way you do what u do thanx to share.. Andmoreagain / //////
  2. h i E$cob@r/ guess i just gotta ask what were you saying about the anti germination stuff ya know a cold prosses im very courious on this /// please explain. ive never heard of it / and thanx for all you do.i grow many of your gear and they are all fantastic respect.. and Sannie wont sell just anybodys gear. i had a chance to try fusion seeds also and the gear they offer is also very fine the lemon thai, and lemon berry stellar ..so i feel Sannie is very choosy about whos gear he will promote. Motas gear also so you are with the best of the best. but know this you rock flat out your gear is the best. im so happy to run your gear as well as Sannies it all started when i saw a thread about herijuana.that caught myy attention i found the two of you and then i was Saved. thanx to share .. Andmoreagain..
  3. hello there, i just wanted to say that you will not be disapointed with any of this fine breeders gear. ive grown out many of them, and they are all great much worth the time as well as the price, as an example we grew many of Sannies and E$cob@rs strains the rest were all cup winners from attitude seeds many very nice but for me no comparison, E$coS choco cheese and chemberry, plus Sannies Selene were amazing not to mention killing fields. there gear smoked all of the cup winners flat out we did over 160 plants so there were a lot to compare to. these guys are the best you can git ,and you cant beat there costomer service anywhere. thanx for doing what ya do love it. Andmoreagain..peace...
  4. Hi , Baby on the way??thats so cool i have 3.this is indeed a special time embrace it with all of your heart. as for the beans cant wait. i love your gear its the very best.between you and Sannie i go a little craz with the two of your wonderfull strains thanx to share.. Andmoreagain... Peace.
  5. Hello E$cob@r. allthough you dont know me ,over the years i have bought many many of your seeds.last year i was able to grow outdoors many of them, and they are all very good, but the chocolate cheese was the bomb also the chemberry fems they got huge as well as the vanilla sky. and the cheeseberry haze was allso off the charts . all wonderfull strains.oh did imention C99/blueberry Dam. this year there is a rat in human form coming and causing great loss and a lot of uneeded strife ,so i have had to put my last order on hold . its for your latest creations the chuckys bride, holy princess,and blue rocket. i shure hope they dont sell out. ive been waiting these for the longest time. heard someone say youare soon to be up there with the legendary breeders. trust me when i say you are there and have been in my opionionyour the best Sannie also thanx to share. ps if any of you have any reservations about getting new gear this is where you will find the very best you can find, and the customer service is the very best there is, what he said,what ever Sannie and E$cobar saay about there gear is on the money from all of the strains ive grown ...no shit thats why i say when i found these guys ,then i was saved. thanx bro you make it all worth while. your best friend Andmoreagain . peace
  6. Garsh. does this mean me doth haveth no chance. of oh nevermind. ya know i sent some beans to acouple of people. and now you mother fuckers made me cri. i wasnt loo king for anything just being me. no reach arounds were expected,this shit makes me nut out. reminds me of high school and chicken queens, im guessing that you all have had friends forever???you cant imagine what it is to have know friends me niether. but a friend of mine onse told me of a time when she had not one never had.. then one day a girl asked her if she wanted to get high? she said yes and so they did ,,and they kept it up and soon she had friends, even if they werejust that she still had bugs she cuold call friends. and she said after having no friends all that time. that it didnt matter why or how. she had friends now. fuk now i made me cry. is it so hard to love oneanother. now about that reach around. theres allways a n elite bunch somewhere lets get high?? this is not aimed at any one by the way. cause i love me to much and what if i aimed and hit me. then i would need a reac friend i meen make nice allvrybody. your best friend Andmoreagain peace wo w
  7. HYMEN, to all. an a likitty split to be. you all talk about your girlfriends .well i wish ya could of seen mine. it was sompin else. you couldnt look directly at it without slices of eggplant inserted in your eye sockets. and the wierdest thing was all the flowers looked exactly kinda like Isadora dunkin .but i threw her in the trunk. so now shes me punk. and talk about so high ya could puke. would ya cause nthat turns her right on,and she heads straight for the saran wrap and oyster crackers. ya know the ones with Shirley Temple lil face on one side and Charlie Mansons fat face on the other. oh and hey no offence to any of you mindless pieces of shit that thought he was human. now theres a cross shirley temple and J edgar Hover. talk about some knock on your door and ask for more kind of palpitating hermi whippin hide in the kornner wanna B mo fos. some potty stop me. and folks please take your trash wit ya when ya leave .this aint no land phill. and it aint yur grannyies gear ya here. now back to whats behind door####3, hopin it aint me,me hates when dat happens. lighten up its o.k. to fantasize about your right hand when your doing it with your left.or whats left. peace an if ya got no time fo non cents check your male box herd the mailman came.an ya cam bit i taint kleenen it up. peceses of ate. m8s. so that where i putted that damb fling... mama whats a split tail??? its a two part storie story sorry. if this gind of be havior dosent stop we are going to cut off your air again.air i donze gots te show no freaking air. by the way brief me on that one more time if you wood. i love all of yew . but i realy feel that most of you should seek some sorted help.PLEASE
  8. Yes Mota, if you are able to see this thread, i wuould like to thank you for all the sacrifice and hard work you have done, we could all learn a bunch from men like yourself and Sannie, E$cobar and caring selflless people like yall all have proven too be. right on to me. Peace Andmoreagain
  9. I dont know these folks, so i cant complain of them ....but drugs money women. ammmmnd brothers welll thats a different pimple sometimes best left to be. but Vuking lighten up with the stingy tudes yall. i could give a vuk about games and egoes they are like jelousy and lies and thoose are poop. why not help each other along the way?? make it much easier just alittle bit easyier. if ya cant have it all oh well but take some time too Love oneanother. the hour is nearer than we think. i have tried to learn sa much as i can from all of ya here. and i thank you all very much , but when it gits wierd then im so happy for the great bunch of Moderators we are afforded. and im flat out a scrapper. guess thats why i love this site .a very sweet place to cum to.. peace to all of yas ANDMOREAGAIN
  10. HI ,i just wanted to git an opinion or two ,Jeffman you are so lucky to be in the circles you are i,, and i know these things dont just wellll you know.this is my question fir any bodys input i ngot some freebies from Canacopie seeds when i ordered some Cinderella 99. the packet says Sam the Skunkmans mixed sativas / skunk #1 . what vis yalls take on this nice freebie??? i got a good vibe on the folks at Cannacopia.sounded like a good start for Cindy 99 since Joey weeds ran out. would still like to git some of Joewees c-99/ apollo 11. anyway can anyone tell me some thing.from experience???? im thinking there could be gold in them thar beans,,,,,, and by the way Cannacopia seeds is a a+++ bunch of folks to do business with .on every level.. thanks for your answers in addvance. and thanx for the Gear to all at Cannacopia seeds. i enjoyed doing business with a first rate seed co. and ill tellm ya Sannie at Sannies seeds has me very very spoiled.both very nice folks to know of. peace to all Andmoreagain
  11. Hello CK, im Andmoreagain. and i just wanted to say first off nice job on those ladys. i mean on that lady. .this strain is one of the tastiest smokes ive ever had and ive been burning for some 45 years. these plants have a lot of different flavors chocolate on the inhale and a lot of hard to describe flavors on the exhale.truely fantastic tasteing smoke it was one of the favorites of many at last years outdoor grow. E$cobar please make some more of these wonderfull beans.as they are truely magic. much respect to you and your abilitys as a breeder and person. i love your gear its top grade all the way. peace Andmoreagain
  12. im growing a lot off the CK at the moment. they have just started so i cant tell you much about them. but when E$cobar made them he allso made Chocolate cheese ,i think it was a freebie. any way we grew these outdoors and they were the favorite of many of the people involved in this grow of 160 plants . the finall product is amazing. there are many flavors to experience.in each hit you git the chocolate taste big time and on the exhale you git many flavors its hard to describe them. but all very delisious. ive been smoking since i was 15. im 62 now and when i say these things i am for real this is one hell of a plant one of the tastiest ive ever had and i have had many. including many of the chocolate thais and chocolate columbian.E$cobar you realy nailed it with the chocolate cheese. it is fantastic.is there any chance to see more of these??? i cant wait to try the chocolate rain. E$cobar thanx to share you are tops with me .you and Sannie are super breeders and i have learned a lot from the two of you. andi thank you.ps. i allso made oil from the chocolate cheese and it is very fine a taste sensation you will never forget. peace Andmoreagain
  13. Hello useless. im Andmoreagain. i grew your gear last year.i get hi and may have allready have told you what a great job you guys did on the Lemmon berry and the lemon thai. fucking fantastic plants to grow .we grew them outdoors and they were both outstanding.i made some oil from both and the lemmon berry oil is like such a strong lemon taste i can actually use it to cut in some flavor on some other oils that lacked a decent flavor.freezing the buds and putting them through a fine silk screen you git from the lemon berry super amounts of trichromes. only strain that ive seen with as many was a trainwreck. the year before, fine work guys ive been looking to see when the two of them would be available again. we grew quite a few of bothof them and were all fine plants. there was a very wierd thing though the two of these strains had some seeds there were no males at all .. and the way the seeds came about was strange just a very few on an occasionall branch just below the begining iiiiiof a bud site huge seeds .but it was very strange sorta like a kind of insurance for the plant . i personaly think it comes from the thai side.. but you guys if your reading this dont get your undies in a knot these plants are some very fine make that super fine plants of the highest quality you wil ever find. i loved playing with the Lemon berry it makes fine oil and hash especialy if ya like lemon flavor theres tons of it. these plants were a treat to grow and to smoke. thanks to share. p.s. sorry to hear of your set backs . but i know they aint gonna beat ya down. not if they havent allready. keep up the fine work .some of the finestplants of 160 we grew last year i think the lemon berry and lemon thai and the green Killing fields were the best of 160 plants.my favorites anyway thanks again. and i will allways try your gear fo sho. Peace Andmoreagain
  14. hi again , what i meant when i said i compare Sannies selene to race horses was the first thing i thing i think of when i see real top notch race horses you can clearly see the greatness of the genetics.and the breeding. this is what quite a few of Sannies strains are all about.fine genetics that just stand out. peace Andmoreagain
  15. hi .im andmoreagain .I did not git to see the seeds but saw boththe green pheno and the purple. we grew them last year and i have to say they are a plant that you look at and say holly shit thats unreal. the plants were so healthy looking. i compare alot of Sannies gear like fine race horses ya know when you look at them you are just taken back.. we grew these outside and they get real big. we had 160 plants and the Selean and the killing fields , and the chem dawg blueberry were the biggest of all except the vanilla sky one of E$cobars .t was thee tallest 18 foot or so. we grew a lot of Sannies gear and ther were so many fine plants. just as they say when you look at the strain. only one thing they weren honest about and that was some of the flowering times were much less some by a week or more. other than that everything they tell you is right on the dot. the Selene is a sight though. of 160 plants it was the most healthy and picture perfect plant ive ever seen. great work Sannie. realy nice to have one in the garden all that saw them were blown away. very impressive looking and the high is top noch.you will be happy you had this one...peace Andmoreagain
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