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  1. Of course breeders/sellers say not to breed with them, 'regular' seeds could have hermie traits just as femmed ones could but they sell femm seeds so that buyers are the end user and buy more seeds for the next crop.
  2. Well it would be just ridiculous of me not to comment here, so here I am commenting. I like raffles.
  3. It turns out that the male parts on the plant were not my fault from light pollution but rather she is hermie as the clones that are flowering out now are showing the same male bits and in both cases none of the other strains have. The Kronocaine x big Hero crossed plants luckily are not showing anything but I will be keeping a keen eye on them.
  4. I'm not one of those guys that can distinguish different flavours and I am a light-weight smoker but what what I can tell you that the smoke was outstanding.. My friends that are heavy smokers tell me is was some of the best they have had.
  5. to me it looks like unhardened leaves gone straight under strong lighting and the newer leaves are OK, at 50w per COB I could get to 10cm from the plant tops before light bleaching. 2 feet away defeats the purpose of having strong light...
  6. IT'S GONE... the cab had been removed for a couple of weeks now to make way for the slightly bigger tent. The white flies caught up with me so I ended up finishing up the perpetual grow just to get rid of them. The lights have been on in the tent now for 8 days, I was going to monocrop SOG but without thinking I had cut back all my mothers a few days before I needed them WHOOPS. So now I have lots of different strains on the go and I guess I will see which performs better in the SOG. There will be 62 plants in this 3x3 tray under 1000w of Cree LED COBS... there have been 20 clones added since this picture and there are 18 more in the clone box getting ready to replace males.
  7. Pedro Bann

    Tent SOG

  8. so 8 COBS in total on the 2 drivers? that should be plenty mate.
  9. ^Only with jiffy pellets or rockwool cubes to start clones or seedlings on top of the Hydroton clay pellets, nothing underneath. Each pot holds about 1 litre of Hydroton pellets at 4 pots per square foot.
  10. Temps are pretty good at 27c lights on (overnight) and 25-27c lights off (daytime), relative humidity normally sits at around 50% but can swing dramatically upwards during a storm. My money is that it's just a freak. I also look forward to what the seeds can make. The rest of the lower buds on the Kronocaine and the rest of the cabinet were harvested and trimmed today so the cabinet will be retired now and soon a new 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m tent will be in it's place.
  11. On the gallery page copy the BB code beside the picture and paste in your post. I'm in for the ride.
  12. Could you tell us about your pump for the ebb cycle (last seen in post #266) and how you flood without overflowing etc.? It could come in handy to have the trays on the floor and save 50 or 60cm in height from a traditional flood and drain system.
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