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    Killer Queen - BH X K.O.Kush

    From 2016 Outdoor Grow
  2. Well, I hadn't established a plant there and I haven't grown anything else except my roses on that side of my garden. As I didn't put it there nor did it look like any other of the weeds I was pulling out I thought I would ask and see what people thought. I'm still interested to see what it is. Could be something or nothing. I do take your point about people who think they know about weed but they don't...but that goes for anything. Hope to do some breeding but will have to see how much room I have.
  3. Started with 10 White Widow three weeks ago from Dutch Passion. I got 8 out of the 10. They will be grown in pots in the garden and kept in the greenhouse at night when the weather gets better. The second grow will start end of May early August. They are also from Dutch Passion called Outlaw. Cross of Silver Haze and Amnesia. They will be going in the ground. See how that goes. Anyone grown Outlaw?
  4. When you think about it if everything died in the winter nothing would grow in springtime. So some seeds must survive the same as bulbs. Saying that I asked a few of my grower friends. Some said it was a vegetable which is what I thought it was at first and a few others said it was cannabis. Either way I will see what it is as it grows. I have however, started a White Widow grow. I know exactly what it is.
  5. Miss P

    White Widow

    New season
  6. Some pics of the outdoor seedling.
  7. Miss P

    Outdoor Seedlings

    Seeds that have grown unexpectedly.
  8. A few days ago I got a surprise. I moved my rose tree as the cannabis last year was trying to kill it off. I was weeding the garden when I saw a some weeds around the rose tree so I pulled most of them up. One I couldn't get out properly only a few leaves then I realised it was cannabis. When I took the rose tree out of the ground the cannabis had grown wrapping it's roots around the tree roots so I separated them. The cannabis root was really thick and long. I had broken most of it when I first turned my soil over because the thinner roots was about five foot long. I took some pictures still not believing my luck then planted it. The stems are different from the ones I usually grow. There were six stems coming out from the root instead of the usual one but stupid me pulled off four of them before I realised what it was. I assumed it was Sugar Punch but that was a feminised plant but I did grow Killer Queen/BH x K.O.Kush which was not feminised. Of course, the last few days I have scoured every inch of my garden for anymore signs of cannabis and this morning I found a germinated seed laying on top of the soil next to my replanted rose tree. It looks bigger than the usual size seeds and the shell was laying next to it. I have planted it and in a few days I will see what it is.
  9. Big, healthy strong plants. Brilliant! You're doing well It's great to hear how much you are enjoying smoking it. You're description of the high is what every smoker dreams about. have another puff on me.
  10. They look pretty good to me. Hoping to do some breeding myself this season. Germinated some White Widow. Got 8 out of 10. They are sitting in the greenhouse at the moment. At night I bring them in and put them on the window sill. I am going to do two grows this year without lamps. Just the sun. .
  11. Miss P

    When to Start

    Hello my friend. Firstly I use one part white vinegar and nine parts water to spray my plants if and when I see a bug problem...and check under the leaves. Two days after that I spray with water. Every day I check every leaf and when in flower I check every bud as well. Can take a few hours when the plants are really big. Some bugs you can pick off anyway. As for security I have a double gate at the back and solar lamps by the gate and at the opposite side of the garden on the kitchen door. The sun powers them during the day and at night when someone gets near the lights come on. They only cost a few euros. The light isn't blinding but bright enough to show enough light through the garden. and then there is the dog.... who will hear anything during the day or night.... faster than a bullet.... she's a Belgium Shepherd she is very territorial who loves the fruit bushes and the weed plants a tad psychotic slightly unhinged and will guard us and her territory with her life. I actually feel sorry for any poor sod who even thinks about coming in to steal. They won't see her coming!
  12. You would really think that in the year 2017 slavery would be well firmly in the past. I don't know how these people sleep! Human trafficking and slave labour apart from being inhuman also does not help the cannabis industry. The Police and Governments use situations like this to tarnish the genuine growers who would like to grow it legally but cannot at the present time because of the law. I hope the migrants are all right.
  13. If the buds are smaller I don't mind but I would like to get the buds bigger if I can. The great thing is I can experiment with a couple of plants and if it doesn't go to well I still have room in the garden or greenhouse for other plants to grow without bending. Then again if they get too tall I will do some bending. I was panicking last season when the SP grew nearly a foot over night. I was expecting the boys in blue knocking on my door. Thankfully that didn't happen. Will see what I get this year. I do put the unexpected success down to the soil I used. My partner bought it at one of the garden centers. I am going to look it up then post the brand then anyone else can get it if they wish to.
  14. While we are aware how THEY work we can work around them. The laws with regard to the cannabis issue is not to protect the people but to oppress the people. To keep the sick sick by giving them poison in the guise of medicine which lines the pockets of PharmaCorp who ARE the members of Parliament making the laws in the first place. With regards for cannabis use for recreation THEY don't want people happy and relaxed having a nice life because WE have to get up at six o'clock in the morning then drive to work in traffic for over an hour or get stuck in a crowded cramped train or bus to work 10 hours plus a day to pay tax which is actually stealing money legally to keep us paying rent, mortgage, property tax, council tax, VAT- the tax on absolutely everything you buy.... and as for me...I don't murder, steal, commit adultery or any of that. I smoke tobacco, drink tea and grow weed that my man enjoys.
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