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  1. Thought I'd share some pictures of Jackberry F4 gravity hash using water and crushed ice. No micron bags. The hash was made December 2018 and has been sitting in a glass jar along with a pack of boveda 62% RH. The hash is very soft and resiny. Hands become very oily and sticky after touching it. It gets super soft just from hand warmth. It is very difficult to handle.. if you touch it a little bit too long its gonna stick to your finger. I will elaborate on the smell, taste and effect soon. For now I want to share the pictures. The two chunks are around 4g in total
  2. Very very interesting video. Thank you for sharing. I have also watched this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Z8PJvOPx8M I wonder if there really is such a big difference in effect of the resin glands of different micron bags. Is there?
  3. @Snydgrow I just got the silica additive recently so I cannot say anything about it's effectiveness. It's Silica Blast by botanicare. It's a clear liquid with no smell. You might want to consider a biofilter if you have issues with film and foam.
  4. @ifish@Hamme Hydro Thanks a lot for the praise :) @Snydgrow I stopped using calgreen as it has 30% Nitrogen. I am afraid to prolong flowering time or prevent maturation. I have used myself though and had a great grow but I'm always looking to optimize things. That's why I dont want to be adding any more N than is already in my base nutes. I believe calgreen is ment to be used with Metrop's MR1 and MR2 which are low in nitrogen. When I did use it I added it at 1ml / 10L strength. During this grow I have not been using a calcium additive up until a few days ago. I decided to go with Canna Mono Calcium which purely consists of 11.6% calcium and the rest is distilled water I guess. My tap water is around 0.4 mS and thus far I have only been adding base nutes A+B up until total EC of up to 1.8mS. Also rootstim the first 3 weeks. A few posts ago I have written that I noticed the feed is too hot and spotted some marks on the leaves due to calcium deficiency. I don't mind explaining my nutrient mix. My new feed from now is: →0.4mS base EC tap water →1.4mS after adding A+B components of flower nutes →1.5mS after adding calcium → I add 1/2 strength silica additive as an experiment. It does not raise EC much (if at all) but raises pH →I also add some myco and bacteria powder. I am not sure if it can work in a high P environment. I only started adding it after I switched to bloom nutes so I might be wasting money here. →I add AtaClean to my mix to make sure drippers dont clog. I use it according to instructions. Maybe a little bit more generous :) →Finally I add diluted pH- solution to adjust the pH to 5.8-6.0 and let my pH pump do the rest. This way my nutrient solution has an EC/pH of 1.5/5.8. I plan to leave my nutrient mix as is until EC rises over 1.7 mS from the recirculating drain. Then I will dilute with tap water to 1.5mS Hope this helps :) RTS
  5. Day 26 just before lights on. I think the pink pistils are due to camera flash
  6. I spotted some calcium deficiency so I will be grabbing a calcium additive from the shop tomorrow. I have Metrop CalGreen here but I don't like that there is so much Nitrogen in it. I will get Calcium from the Canna Mono series as it has only calcium. Also I have noticed the plants are too dark green and have tip burn. My nutrient solution is too strong. I was feeding with an EC of 1.86mS and getting a drain EC just short of 2.0mS. I added a bit of tap water to dilute my nutrient solution to 1.66mS. I will dilute it further down to 1.4 - 1.5 mS tomorrow. I dont want to make too big of a jump at once. Not all plants are showing calcium deficiency. Here is a picture of a leaf that is particularly nute burnt and shows clear calcium deficiency.
  7. I like how you used the slabs inside the crates. About the algae, it cannot cause any problems? Will you reuse the slabs despite the algae buildup?
  8. Here are the pictures. It's flower day 22 now. The tent actually filled up quite nicely except for the some patches. I have algae buildup on every rockwool cube. Other than that and besides some slight heat stress and high humidity at night everything is under control. I have found a way to combat high humidity at night though so things should work out just fine. I am actually very happy with the budding so far. How do you like the pictures? Algae buildup
  9. I have increased irrigation to 3x / day at 4 hours apart. So at lights on, 4 hrs later and 4 hrs after that. I reduced my irrigation time to 3 minutes each as it is more than enough to get decent drain. I might reduce even further. Today begins flower day 22 and I think the veg phase is almost if not completely finished. I will take some pictures as soon as the sun rises.
  10. @Snydgrow They actually filled out a little more but there are still some empty spaces. Buds are progressing rapidly. I had still 20 some Liters of Grow nutrient mix in my reservoir and topped up with 70L flower nutrient mix. EC is 1.8 and pH in is 5.8. pH out is slightly higher but since my setup is recirculating pH out is around 5.8 too after a couple of minutes. I have changed my watering times to 20 min at lights on and another 15 minutes after 6 hours. I am going to post some new pictures on the weekend.
  11. Short update. Day 14. I just replaced the 400w MH / 400w HPS with 3 x 600w HPS. I took couple of pictures with lights out and flash and some under HPS lighting. You can see how there are still lots of gaps between the plants. Hope it will fill up. Plants are doing really good except for a little bit of heat stress. The lights were a tad too low but I raised them.
  12. Thanks for the kind words. Things are looking good mostly. I start to worry about whether the plants are going to cover the whole area. We're almost at the 2 week mark now and there is still a lot of space between the plants. I can see the first bud sites developing since 3 days so I wonder how much the plants are still going to grow. I had very low humidity the first week ( 30%) so I'm afraid roots didnt develop as they should have. I'm thinking to build a transparent shield for next round like esko did in his mapito grow tutorial.
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