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  1. GrĂ¼ne Hessin before chop. Warlock x Jack Flash. Drying now. Intimidated by the extreme haze smell..... oh oh Two sisters cuddling.... So much bud it didnt know where to grow...
  2. It might be a phosphorus deficiency. I am not entirely sure though. These symptoms come up around week 4 after switching to 12/12 every time? When do you switch from Grow to Bloom nutes? Are you using the exact BioBizz recomendated dosages or less? Can you link the biobizz feeding plan? If you dont have an EC meter you might be able to research your water hardness online. Many cities have an index for water quality sorted by street name. Try to google "(your city name) water quality". If your water is super soft it might be calcium deficiency, if no it could be lack of phosphorus. Calcium deficiency is more of an hydro issue than on soil. Also, how is you environment? Temperatures at day, at night? Humidity range?
  3. I will keep some in a glass jar and the rest in plastic boxes. They are good quality food grade so I dont worry too much.
  4. @Maria sanchez Im planning to cure the buds for at least some months since I like how the smell and taste profiles change over time. Also I will make some ice hash from the frozen trim. Either gumby method or I will actually get some micron bags. Any suggestions? Original bubblebags or are there better ones? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finally some pictures After chopping. You can see the algae buildup and white mold. Possibly the myco? A pile of freshly bucked buds and some leaves. After drying 6-7 days. I'm trying to keep the buds at RH 62% in food grade plastic boxes. I am still burping the boxes everyday since humidity climbs slightly over night. Most buds were trimmed using a spinning trimmer causing damage to the buds and responsible for the darker color of the buds. These are hand-trimmed head buds. They are visibly lighter in colour and its possible to see the trichomes. The harvest in plastic boxes while burping the buds. Xbox 360 for comparison. All boxed up almost ready for long term curing. I hope everybody enjoyed the grow report and see you all next time RTS
  5. when i cut them down 50-60% of pistils were brown. that happened in 3-4 days. so i can imagine it would have been ripe in 5-7 more days
  6. yeah growwise it seems to be more of an indica leaning hybrid with very hard and dense buds. my RH had spikes of up to 70% at night. in my opinion the biggest factor was me spraying a foliar feed on the buds despite high humidity. the humidity lodged in the buds and couldnt escape causing mold and budrot. fortunately i could cut around the affected areas and the damage was not that big. allegedly the wappa clone i have is done in 8 weeks but some people like to harvest it at 7 1/2 weeks. I harvested half a week earlier. i didnt have the chance to flush the medium so thats also a thing. buds are currently drying ready to jar for some curing in a day or two. i will upload pics tomorrow
  7. I have been busy the last few days so I didnt post any updates. I have actually decided to chop them at 7 weeks since I have been noticing mold issues in many buds and there seemed to be 2-3 new affected buds every day. Currently the buds are trimmed and drying. I will update with pictures soon. It's a bummer I had to cut them early but I think its for the better. I learned a lot from this grow and look forward to the next. Pictures will follow
  8. I think I made the mistake to start this thread under "hydro" instead of "grow reports". More people follow the threads there. Glad you found your way here though
  9. Day 42 I took the first pictures before light turned on using flash. The other three I took as the HPS was turning on giving me different colors. It looks pretty cool in my opinion. I had a little accident causing nute burn and upward clawing leaves. I have used the iron foliar feed and not thinking I used the recommended dosage frying my plants. Note to self: use 1/4 of the recommended dosage. I look forward to harvest day I'm thinking to grow the same clones again but without making the mistakes I did this run. RH too low first 2 weeks included mycos and trichodermas too late started supplementing calcium too late too high EC foliar feed too strong All in all I am still satisfied how things are coming along and really like the ease of use of my current setup. I definitely need to change my charcoal filter before next run and add another fan for better circulation. Also I might need a heater for cold nights. RTS
  10. @Maria sanchez Thank you I didnt veg at all. The clones went straight to 12/12 after rooting.
  11. Thought I'd share some pictures of Jackberry F4 gravity hash using water and crushed ice. No micron bags. The hash was made December 2018 and has been sitting in a glass jar along with a pack of boveda 62% RH. The hash is very soft and resiny. Hands become very oily and sticky after touching it. It gets super soft just from hand warmth. It is very difficult to handle.. if you touch it a little bit too long its gonna stick to your finger. I will elaborate on the smell, taste and effect soon. For now I want to share the pictures. The two chunks are around 4g in total
  12. Very very interesting video. Thank you for sharing. I have also watched this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Z8PJvOPx8M I wonder if there really is such a big difference in effect of the resin glands of different micron bags. Is there?
  13. @Snydgrow I just got the silica additive recently so I cannot say anything about it's effectiveness. It's Silica Blast by botanicare. It's a clear liquid with no smell. You might want to consider a biofilter if you have issues with film and foam.
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