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  1. Sparrow

    Need Help

    Thanks all for Help !!! Now with CALMAG it is much better than without. On 2 plants i have the same problems as in post 1 but i will try to stop these :-) Now I use Sannies Tabs and BioBizz Lightmix and hope everything will be fine.
  2. Sparrow

    Need Help

    Thank you all for the nice information ! GREAT !!!! @ifish How is your EC ? Our EC is us/cm 121- So the EC ist 0,121 ?! Is that right ? It is better to buy a EC Tool ? Greetings
  3. Sparrow

    Need Help

    Start CALMAG in flowering ? Next Time i use Buffer Tabs but i think with CALMAG ...
  4. Sparrow

    Need Help

    Yes i use a bucket:-) Is it right 1,5 Liter water for a 7 Liter pot ? Thank you very much ! That is worldclass support I mix 6 to 10 Liters in a bucket...
  5. Sparrow

    Need Help

    What you mean with Rez ? You Start with CALMAG in flowering ?
  6. Sparrow

    Need Help

    Yes our water is very soft :/ Now i have Canna CALMAG and i hope that is ok ?!
  7. Sparrow

    Need Help

    I have no tool to check my ec :-/ I give calmag everytime ?
  8. Sparrow

    Need Help

    Thank you :-) What can i do ?
  9. Sparrow

    Need Help

    Hello, i have a problem with my Ladys... This problmes start every time in flowering week 4 I use BioBizz Light Mix ( 7 Liter pots ) with BB Grow, BB Bllo, BB Alg a Mic - I use the produts like the BB scheme My Light: 4 x Zeus XT 308 3500k -> 450 Watt Please Help Me
  10. But here i can not buy this bulb
  11. thank you @sannie Can i find a lot of purple phenos ?
  12. Is the KF F6 really faster as the KF F4 or F5 generation ? With the same harvest and quality ??? I hope i have 2 females and when not i put the next Seeds in soil :-) I start flowering for 2 Days ( the plants have a heigh of round about 15 cm ). In the evening i can make pictures when you want...
  13. Hello, at the Moment i use the OSRAM Plantastar ( 600 W ) and i like this ! Before i used the Sylvania Growlux BUT after 2 runs this bulb must renew. With the PLANTASTAR i think the Buds have more resin... What for bulbs you guys used ? My box is 90x150x200 and at the Moment i used 1 * 600 W HPS. What can i do for the the best illumination ??? greetings
  14. Good Morning :-) is there anybody who test the KF F6 ??? Pictures ??? Now i have 3 in my Box and hope that any will be a female :-) greetings
  15. Hello, when comes the great Strain back ? I need this :-(
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