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  1. But here i can not buy this bulb
  2. thank you @sannie Can i find a lot of purple phenos ?
  3. Is the KF F6 really faster as the KF F4 or F5 generation ? With the same harvest and quality ??? I hope i have 2 females and when not i put the next Seeds in soil :-) I start flowering for 2 Days ( the plants have a heigh of round about 15 cm ). In the evening i can make pictures when you want...
  4. Hello, at the Moment i use the OSRAM Plantastar ( 600 W ) and i like this ! Before i used the Sylvania Growlux BUT after 2 runs this bulb must renew. With the PLANTASTAR i think the Buds have more resin... What for bulbs you guys used ? My box is 90x150x200 and at the Moment i used 1 * 600 W HPS. What can i do for the the best illumination ??? greetings
  5. Good Morning :-) is there anybody who test the KF F6 ??? Pictures ??? Now i have 3 in my Box and hope that any will be a female :-) greetings
  6. Hello, when comes the great Strain back ? I need this :-(
  7. Hello together, What are the most fruity Strains in the Shop ? I have the Killing Fields ( light purple - VERY DIESEL AND VERY SWEET ) + Madberry ( Blue Pheno very Berry tastig ) + SugarPunch ( VERY VERY SWEET ) from the Shop ( from each Strain a seleceted Mother : ) and all are very good keepers ! I have tested 2 Boudica Seeds an both are not so sweet and strong... Thx for the Help :-) And please not Strains with a longer flowering Time as the Killing Fields :-) When possible 10 weeks MAX.
  8. Hi, how long need your phenos ? 60 days or 65 days ?
  9. Hello, when comes the SugarPunch back ? This Strain is the best and strongest in the shop !!!! Best strain i have smoked !!!!! WOW !!!!!!
  10. Have the Madberry purple pheno┬┤s ``
  11. Sparrow

    Selene scrog

    Hi, really nice When came the purple color ?
  12. I hope i find a nice purple Pheno because i will select 1 or 2 Mothers... A 8 - 9 week purple pheno would be nice... I hope i find that... From 10 Seeds are 5 not sprouted :-(
  13. All from one Pack ( 10 pieces ) ?
  14. Hello is the purple pheno of the Selene so rare ? One guy has told me that and now i hope that i have 1 purple pheno of my 10 seeds... greetings
  15. thanks for your Tips... The Durganchitral looks very nice but they is out of stock :-( I need seeds of this strain...
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