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  1. its actually pretty good. i only grew it to about 2 and a half feet and i got just under 2 oz. (indoors). i would definetly recommend trying this strain out, it just looks so amazing through the whole process and the finished product is top level.
  2. thats fine i respect your opinion, but you can tell just by looking at the nugs that theyre different. the first two have way more trichomes and less hairs, where as the last two have more hairs and less trichomes.
  3. ah the blackberry is a nice uplifting sativa with nice lil body high to go with it, PERFECT for relaxing an listening to music. and the gods is just a nice indica, great for the appetite and if you have trouble sleeping. i wish i could share these nuggies with the rest of you guys!
  4. thank you guys for the kind words. i was truly blessed to have those cuts in my garden, im just harvested some diablo master kush and am still waiting on my 818 og, banana og, and chem D to be done. ill have pics of those for you guys very soon.
  6. most of the pics are blackberry and gods gift. some are diablo master kush and banana OG kush. ill post pictures of the other strains when they get closer to harvest time, but the blackberry and gods gift are 10 days from harvest...filling out very nicely with purple hues. i put them in the album section cuz i couldnt figure out how to post them here but tell me what you guys think!!
  7. j-roll20

    justins photos

    photos from my second grow
  8. been checkin out this site for a few days so i decided to join. got a nice lil farm in my room at the moment, 4 diablo master kush, 2 banana og kush, 1 blackberry, 1 gods gift, 1 818 og kush, 1 chem dawg D. there about 28 days into flowering ill post some pics in a bit so you all can see, btw any constructive criticism/ help is always accepted. just wanted to say hi to everyone and i look forward to meeting some cool people. ~j-roll~
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