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  1. Good work wicecalyx! Sorry been busy and haven't updated the topic. Cut plants in early December, round was ok, got easily over 3 hecto with 3 plants. Will post some pics from the plants before they were cut and buds this upcoming week. I didnt consume any weed basically during the autumn, couple grams in october and few nights with serious edible overdoses. had over 2 months off before finally testing this gear starting on New Years eve. Purple madberry pheno is definetly worth vaping..I'm in a process of maybe giving up weed for good for a longer period of time..but this has really nice tought calming, happy focused effect and excellent aromas so this was really worth experiencing. Gives a different perspective compared to being sober and made me realize even better what kind of effect weed use has on my persona and tought processes. My minds been a mess with anxiety and stress this whole autumn, but this really seems to help with that..more yabber on next post.
  2. Thanks for the tip! Only been reading about landraces past years so crosses like chem are pretty new to me .
  3. Yes, lost mine gotta buy new ones, carefully removed em with finger tips. Didnt look like they spread any pollination to my fingers...so could be infertile? Heard of some fem crosses pushing nanas towards the end. The earlier was a freak for sure and not worth growing and taking a risk as it had shitloads of em..gotta keep on eye on this and keep removing em if they are a few. The nuggets are rock hard...never grown a strain with rock hard buds like that. Or maybe nutrition was right this time.. smell is mostly pinene/ caramello like hash..kinda reminds me of some afghani strains.. have a great weekend!
  4. Other Madchem started pushing bananas too. Lucky it's almost 7 weeks, watered it yesterday. So gonna check pistils and cut it if it looks ok.. E. Inspected the plant with a loop...only found few nanas on top buds.. I'm hoping to give it atleast a week, saw no amber and hoping for that kick ass stoned effect as advertised. Madberry red berry/perfume pheno should be ready at the same time..
  5. Hi, Fat buds inc. Quality is sheit, can't remove most of the plants from tent and never have time to take photos when lights are off. MadChem has suprised me by forming seriously fat buds, real surprise considering this was alot behind and experienced some mistreatment in veg and repotting. Think I finally but enough guano in soil 2-3 weeks left max for purple mb+ madchem, bigger madberry 3-4 propably..gotta cut em at same time, coz have to dry em in tent so gotta find some compromise. Madchem, very good structure this would be optimal for my setup. one of my best madberry phenos..amazing smell of the best green juicy phenos and trichomes of the best red ones...have had more frostier ones tho. coke bottle sized tops..mb
  6. Sad news, bigger madchem had gone completely hermie. I almost never check for balls or nanners..but this time went to check if any plant needs watering and noticed that this plant looks weird..well took it out and found out almost all top nuggets had serious nanners stacked on em. Not gonna grow this strain again..hopefully it didnt seed out my madberries too bad :ss such a waste of time. Sannie could give us a little more intel about the strain and selections like he used to back in the day..now u just find some strain pop up in shop, and really know nothing about it .
  7. Looks like it's going to be frosty winter time around deeze parts..half way flowering update MadChem2 MadChem1 Madberry1..man this is killer pheno I can tell..smells of fruity berrines, mixed with some sprite like lemony feeling Madberry 2..sticky buds stay tuned I was kinda dissapointed when vegging these and almost lost all expectatios for this round..well i'm freaking stoked now opening the tent for watering is just a blizz( and makes me paranoid too) since the whole apartment reeks like some serious dank..:D
  8. Madchem better version Weaker and mistreated All plants progressing nicely during their third week of flowering( since pistils). Stretchier MB got little brown leaf burn at one spot, could be combination of too strong soil+ very close to CMH. Peace..
  9. Here's some purple Madberry incoming Green stretchy very funky smelling Madberry
  10. Hi, and thank you I started counting when all had showed hairs, which was pretty much 1 week from light flip. I've grown Bubba Hash, Tikal, Panama, Golden Tiger, and Destroyer from CBG. I changed my computer recently, but I post in icmag with same nick so some pics there in my couple topics and in topics related to those strains. Bubba Hash is great indica and what I consider in my top2 strains, from sativas I liked Golden Tiger most ..but I've only grown like single specimens or 2 at time so not too much info about different phenos.. Destroyer can be very good if u get the right pheno..and Panama is dreamy daytime sativa, a lot similarities with Destroyer. Been thinking about running Killing Fields and GT or Destroyer together at some point, to see how the sativa qualities compare. I expect alot better taste and aromas from KF, but I've understood there is a slight indica touch in the effect.
  11. Hi, I vegged them pretty long.. Madberries were started around first or second week of august and Madchems week and 2 later. So around 7-8 weeks for madberries. Mainlining slows things down a lot and this time the rooting power was very weak, until they got to final containers with buffer tabs then I saw huge improvement.
  12. Hi folks.. Here are some pics of my 2 Madchem and 2 Madberry plants 8 days in flowering. Been using Sannie's buffertabs and bacto + guano for 2 years now and it has made growing pretty easy. Madberry I've grown 2 times before and it is in my top2 strains I've grown..hoping for purple very frosty pheno or green juicy one ..:P MadChem has been little dissapointment so far..very slow rooting power and pretty weak looking plants too..couple seeds also died after sprouting. Then again I'm used to sativa hybrid growing vigour from ace past couple of years so that could be reason why they feel slow..but Sannie's gear usually shines in the end ;). I tried to do some kind of mainlining for 8 tops..this resulted once again in overcrowded tent but they didnt stretch to the top of the tent, which is nice. They are in 25l pots under 315w solistek cmh. I took one trash bag full of sun leaves few days ago ( first time doing that ) ...since the canopy was so crowded with leaves, I hope the light can penetrate few lower budsites now also... Whole gang From side Madchems in front Madberries in the back Structure wise best Madberry..should've taken cuts but too lazy Smallest Madchem started 1,5weeks behind others and also fucked up transplanting Dope Sorry first time I try to post something with pics in this forum..doesn't work like some platforms I'm used to ..so some pics came out several times and some are in imgur links perhaps? WIll try to post some when they progress and with better succcess ...peace E. and for clarification Madchems are in the front and Madberries are in the back...right now I'm thinking about ordering a new fan for my veg tent and sprouting some more Madberry..or perhaps Killing fields or Blueberry indica x heribei..time will tell so stay tuned
  13. rlsmooth

    5 plus 5

    Emailed them and got it sorted out. Thank you Sannie great service as always..I think I might pop a grow journal of madchem+ madberry..not much info about Madchem here. Killing fields will get it's turn a bit later;)
  14. rlsmooth

    5 plus 5

    Is one supposed to activate this 5+5 deal somehow? I ordered KF when the deal was supposedly on, and got only 5 KF and 5 blueberry x heribei, I thought it was just enough to click em Killing fields beans to shopping cart.
  15. Hi NAW dudes, What kind of organic nutes you use nowawadays if I may ask? Some bottlet Guanokalong stuff or you mix something to the soil and thats it? Been thinking about Guanokalong complete mix.. (NPK 2-5-3) wondering if that would be enough. If you could share your thoughts on your current organic feeding regiments I'd appreciate alot. Been using Sannie's tabs and bacto, but it's almost always too heavy soil with those.
  16. Hi yall, As I am as lazy as they come, I'm always trying to find easier ways to grow in organic soil. Sannie's shop used to sell this https://growdiaries.com/nutrients/guanokalong/complete-organics Guanokalong complete mix. Has anyone grown weed with solely using it? Chili plants in my balcony seem to be doing decently with only it, so might give it + bacto a shot. Sannie's buffertabs work great but seem to be too strong for most of the plant's Ive grown...
  17. Any insight when we can expect Aj seeds in the shop? Thats the one I'm waiting for
  18. Amazing news. The pics and strain descriptions you guys post here on boards have me absolutely sold! Also very happy to read that you are also exploring making fem seeds, which is great for small indoor setup grower like me.
  19. Hi, I've been lurking this forum for couple of years now. When can we expect some naw seeds back in the shop?:)
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