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  1. Holy crap I'm so jealous. Why is it that in some of your pics it looks like your bulb is putting out a green spectrum light? It almost looks like green blue neon or something. Anyway, amazing chunky fat buds...I can only hope one day I can have a place to do that kind of large scale thing...
  2. Hi I'm pulling up a chair for this grow for sure I just ordered some Sannies Jack as well, and I'm pretty nervous. I still don't know how it will do in a small space with little light. Anyway, good luck on this grow, I hope they get huge!
  3. I think organic is the way to go for sustainability, and you should only do AN if you can afford to keep paying for the full lineup. On the other hand, if you get like a worm bin and a compost pile going, you don't really need to buy other stuff...
  4. Haha I love your description of the "desperate attempt to give life to a new generation". How about some details on your setup? What soil, nutes (if any), lights, container size? I hope those beans are powerful like their parents.
  5. Whoa talk about tall and slender ladies I really like how LC4 looks chunkier than the rest.
  6. Thanks everybody, and now I can say I'm a true member here, I just ordered the 5 plants starters kit with Sannies Jack. I'll probably start a grow journal, and I'll be needing lots of help along the way.
  7. This is just unbelievable...damn Powerlifting is right
  8. Wow that is amazing! I wish I could get half those results with what I do...
  9. Hahaa anyoung! Well I got in touch with Sannie, and he says he can ship here, it just doesn't say so on the site. So, what do you guys recommend for my first taste of Sannie's best?
  10. Awesome grow man. The Cheeseberry is looking killer--can't wait to see the other strains up close.
  11. Hello everyone, it's nice to be a part of this awesome growing forum The only thing is I can't officially say I've experienced Sannies genetics, as he doesn't seem to offer shipping to my area... anyway, it's nice to be here and I'll make sure to pop in often... peace, bdano
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