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  1. Leo.Z

    Coming back

    Hey @saxo , happy to see you here again.
  2. Really nice builder, I have also some seeds of that cross
  3. Leo.Z

    Coming back

    I already have seen your plants, they look very good, but I need to see the buds closer, to know if any plant is simular to mine. I had 4 plants, 1 finished in 8 weeks, but maybe I could let her take 9. the other plants all took 9 weeks all have been very good plants, I did like the phenos on the stardawg side more, really potent. The shiva skunk phenotype was not that potent, and had a really weird smell. Greetz leo
  4. Thank you for the warm welcome, i‘m happy to be here again, I had always a bad feeling in my stomach then I thought you should go online on og. And show you at least my grows. Happy to do this now.
  5. Sounds very good looking forward to try it will follow you from now again
  6. Oh man, i missed so much from your stuff, can you tell me genetics of the fromboise cookies? How do you come to cookie and og genetics? What are your plans?
  7. Again sorry for the long absence guys. I will continue this soon. I have also a outdoor harvest coming this Summer, i have some lebanese, afghan helmand, pakistani and mob x og x fire99 auto. I think it will be good. For my next indoor grow i have planned some gg#4 x chocolate diesel by san and the Vanilla Haze from escobar. I will Start this then i come back from my albania Trip. See you guys.
  8. Leo.Z

    Coming back

    Hey guys, i‘m sorry for the Long Time i haven‘t been online, or i should be more sorry for myself. I will Start a new Report soon. I had some grow‘s in between, but i was to busy to focus on the Forum. First one was cheeseberry f2+ jaggen s2 from a friend, but they didn‘t turned out good, the complete grow was seeded, i didn‘t expected Males in the s2 suprised me and i cutted them to late. Last grow was black afghani, boudica and shiva stardawg from san. This was a very good grow, all purple phenos in the afghani, hashy berry Taste in this, but Not such strong stoned as in the green phenotype before. Had just to female plants of the boudica, one berry tasting, the Other one more like orange peel+ a floral smell. The shivastardawg was the best for me extremely strong effect, really stinky smell, had one skunk pheno the others had been more on the stardawg side. Greetz to all you guys, wish you a happy weekend!
  9. @Le rat thank you man, i'm sometimes around, and kicking always my own ass, because i should be here more. Wanted to post pics of the black affie and amnesia core since a long time :/ but will do it soon the headbuds are still there. Will try your lost in space soon. Greetz to you all og'ers, have a nice rest of the week
  10. @ saxo is this the black affie i gave.you? Looks all really nice. @ smokey pockets really nice amnesia pick. San's lemon bubba looks tempting:) looking forward to it san
  11. Do you have soma amnesia haze? Is it from ols seed? Or is it from esko? Or do you have the original cut? Greetz
  12. Yes please bring the real amnesia back !!!
  13. Is the purpled bud a cookie cross or from the cookie cut?lools pretty much like it
  14. Yes sunny i work a lot at the moment from 7:00 -16:30 and have to learn after that :/ and do the things at home. Not much time for the babys at the moment
  15. Yes you are right i also know them from the jack, but my plant was much shorter have a good day.sunny, i'm on work now, just finishes a break :/ started to smoke cigarettes again.
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