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  1. @Le rat thank you man, i'm sometimes around, and kicking always my own ass, because i should be here more. Wanted to post pics of the black affie and amnesia core since a long time :/ but will do it soon the headbuds are still there. Will try your lost in space soon. Greetz to you all og'ers, have a nice rest of the week
  2. @ saxo is this the black affie i gave.you? Looks all really nice. @ smokey pockets really nice amnesia pick. San's lemon bubba looks tempting:) looking forward to it san
  3. Do you have soma amnesia haze? Is it from ols seed? Or is it from esko? Or do you have the original cut? Greetz
  4. Yes please bring the real amnesia back !!!
  5. Is the purpled bud a cookie cross or from the cookie cut?lools pretty much like it
  6. Yes sunny i work a lot at the moment from 7:00 -16:30 and have to learn after that :/ and do the things at home. Not much time for the babys at the moment
  7. Yes you are right i also know them from the jack, but my plant was much shorter have a good day.sunny, i'm on work now, just finishes a break :/ started to smoke cigarettes again.
  8. Your plants look healthy sunny, son't worry to much, how much time they need.from now? the jack candy has funny bloomhairs on her buds, they are standing like little hairbundels wish you much luck for the finish
  9. I think he said we can make an f2, but that it could be difficult to do this . I think it's diffiuclt to represent in the f2 what the anesthesia been in the f1. Looking forward to see your cheeseberry haze grow, or in generall your next grow sunny hope you will answer my pm and everything is ok between us. Nice that you include the usbeki and black affi, exited for the usbeki, i can show youcsome buds of the black affie soon it will be finished in one week. Greetz
  10. Thank you beach nice pics,thinking about adsing the ipa to my next grow. Will also show some budpics then my current grow is done.
  11. in europe if you mean this damar the spring is coming around @ Beachbud sad you cutted the big bud, because would love to see him good looking buds as alwqys would like to see a choco rain bud too.
  12. got also a citrus and sour citrus pheno from the big buddah cheese great report barrie, hope we meet us again this year.
  13. looks nice barreleye for me looks og dom., but could be wrong too. drooling over the killing fields too. glad i have some seeds laying around
  14. Leo.Z


    really nice crosses i'm exited for them san, good luck bro.
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