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  1. Been a while since I checked in and I'm probably late to the party, but Donairious is in also.
  2. Sweet, been watching for that sour kush for a year now.
  3. It's funny, I've just switched to organic from Canna, and I've been growing a Jack Skellington plant for almost three years. Every time, without fail, in weeks 6-7 she pops a manner or two. This time though, in organics, no signs of nanners at week 8. I tried everything, 1/2 strength nutes, 1/4 strength nutes, no PK booster, no Boost, making sure the ph stayed the same, making sure the ph fluctuated in range. It was just too good to dump over a couple late nanners. So... Sub uses organics to produce his seeds... I used Chem nutes on them, and even though the original mom was on Chem nutes for years, clones clipped from a Chem fed mom are switched to organics, and BAM!!!, problem solved. So I'm wondering if the way seeds are produced allows a genetic predisposition of hermaphroditism to being stressed when grown with different styles and nutes? I have had light leaks in the past, with all from seed crops, and only one plant in the whole room herms. When I say light leak, I mean a friggen laser beam right onto a top bud, and the plant furthest from the leak hermed. I think the "light leaks" theory is over used by breeders to convince new growers that they are to blame for shitty genetics. I also believe that that there is a percentage of plants that have a natural predisposition to herm, no matter what the conditions​, and poor genetics and not fully testing strains greatly increases that percentage, especially with all the mutt mixing going on. Just my humble opinion, no scientific facts or studies to back it up. I may be completely wrong.
  4. Sour kush doesn't even appear in the list of strains anymore, it seems to have been removed. Are all the seeds spoken for?
  5. Well, neo, if you aren't getting letters from customs asking permission to inspect your pkg (under 28 grams mailed weight), then it has nothing to do with customs. I know, I'm in Canada and had a few from different seed companies get snatched, and if you don't pay 20 euros for a guarantee, and 20 euro for some stupid t-shirt or beanie, they won't even respond to emails, unlike Sannie. Sent him a pic of my customs letter, and bam, seven days later a pkg arrived for me, freebies included. Maybe you just fall into that percentage of people that just can't be satisfied, no matter what. I think one reship with no proof you didn't receive your order is pretty generous considering the price they give their seeds away for. Just sayin...
  6. I just mail random shit from around the house in a medium sized, manilla envelope. I think my last order was cellphone plan pamphlets and burger king coupons with the money randomly placed inside the folds.
  7. Yeah, that's rough. It seems they're well pollenated throughout the entire bud. I find it hard to see how they were pollenated that much without some visible male flowers. I had an Arcata trainwreck x Alaskan ice push nanners on the inside of the bud, close to where it meets the stem. I didn't see it until trim day, wasted 4 months and ruined 4 other strains with seeds. I just hacked down an Ace, Malowi for pushing bunches of nanners, got some seeds on the tops of some others close to the fan, but otherwise acceptable. My other Malowi pheno is throwing around one manner every few days, Gotta check that thing daily with a magnifying glass to hopefully catch them before opening. Not sure why they're doing it either, they seem happy and healthy. Anyway, wishing better luck your way.
  8. I don't know what your yields are percentage wise, but I figure I'm doing pretty good if I do a 20sec press @ 225°, fold over and press again for 15 secs and get between 15-20%. That's somewhere in the .15-.2g for 1g of flower. My buddy has something called "super hash"(?) That blows that out of the water at about 30%, but it seperates quickly (within 3-4 days) so I assume it has a high wax/residue content. So, if I'm using my own anecdotal evidence, yield may not always be paramount when it comes to a good, clean product. Also, I find the clearer the colour, from yellowish​ to a light amber, the cleaner the taste and is much less harsh on the exhale.
  9. Honestly, if those are at week five (and only that size), I think your only real option is to fire them into the worm farm and start again. With only 3 weeks left of flowering, fully seeded plants will put their energy into seed production and not anything worth your time, effort or money. It's unfortunate, but those are most definitely seeds in the crown of that bud. If there are no male flowers and no visible pollen source, you have a Hermie. If you want to make absolutely sure, sacrifice a bud, cut it off and pick through the calyces and look for seeds. At that size they will be small green balls inside that look like little immature peas.
  10. Thanks guys, I settled on biocanna peat/coco mix. 50l of that, 15l of Gaia green worm castings (roughly 30%) and 15l of "grow stone" (made of recycled glass and is said to not break down over time like vermiculite, which will be great for no till reuse). I also used perfect start, bio char, symbiosis, bacto and buffer tabs. Other than a couple seedlings damping off (likely due to over watering), things seem to be going quite well. I have switched my mom's and clones from Canna to the organics and they seem to be quite happy. I have one proven clone almost big enough to pop in the flower room to see how she does, she was a little root bound in the beer cup, so I'll give her another week to untangle. On the bad side, I just threw out a beautiful looking Ace, Malowi (1 of 3 phenos being tested) for popping big bunches of nanners overnight. What a shame, 6.5 feet tall and covered with foxtaily buds. Oh well, to the worm farm she goes! Those are still on Canna though, might have been the heavy N, I cut out A about a week into flower, and she pushed nanners at week 6. Smelled like motor oil, fuel and honey and covered in greasy trichs. G-39 and honey badger haze are spectacular specimens I can't wait to blow through in a month. Got a good mom of each, which is awesome for only 5 seeds of each.
  11. I can't wait to get my paws on some of that blackberry haze. That looks and sounds like something I'ma fall in love with for sure. Can't wait for my strawberry blues to get here, money is in the mail. Too bad I waited too long and didn't pull the trigger fast enough on the headcandy, so I settled on the soliloqueen.
  12. My blue hammer x jack hammer turned out beautifully, even though it was cut two weeks early because of fungus gnats. Absolutely mind bending high, with the same berry haze taste. I just put a couple durganchitral x blue hammer, a couple purple chemdog x headcandy and some TPR in sponge pots today. It will be my first organic grow ever, I'll post some updates along the way. I also have a couple g39 about 2.5 weeks into flower also, looking absolutely beautiful. Strong, green monsters loving my last run of Canna in Coco.
  13. Well, after reading this thread, I'm pretty glad I have some g39 3 weeks in and some TPR just went into sponge pots today. I'm a new guy to the shop, and if these strains come close to the blue hamme x jack hammer freebie I just grew out, I'll be one happy, pain free guy. What a great thread guys!!! Keep it up.
  14. Sooo, I've been a Canna man for 15 years and have gotten great results, but have received the 4 step system from Sannie the other day, so I'ma give it a try. Just a question about what soil to use and what I should mix with it. So I have bio char, perfect start, symbiosis, buffer tabs, spongepots, yucca and due to my own mistake, the bacto will be arriving late. I've read through the organic thread, and my understanding is that the less nutes in the soil to start the better. My question is...Sunshine #4 and promix both come precharged with mycos and some nutes for the first week or two, will it be too much to add worm castings to these soils, and if not, what ratio should I use to build a soil that will be good for the 4 part system? With the last two grows, one being ravaged by fungus gnats (thanks to really bad Coco that was full of them, I should have known when I lost 6 of twenty seedlings to damping) and the subsequent grow being weakened by pythium, and I don't want to loose the next round to burning the living crap out of them. My experience with organics is pretty low, so any pointers that aren't too complicated would be much appreciated.
  15. Meh, I just received a $450 organics order on Friday, as well as 6 seed orders over the last year. Not one of my cash envelopes have been stolen and only one seed order was ripped by customs, and it was resent and received within 7 days. Not sure what's going on with the US, but here in Canada, its business as usual.
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