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  1. I'm so happy with this purchase. I'm glad i didn't over engineer my own the price is perfect for what you get. I am a little less happy with the operator of the press trying to ring the last drop of goo has had some interesting effects like blown bags ripped parchment and a less than happy Harbor frieght bearing press bar, ha ha a new one on the way.
  2. Beautiful Garden Wowzers.... I need to be more dissapointed ha ha looks great to this old guy
  3. both those plants are over a year and a half old from cuttings recieved in the mail it been a long journey and were just put out last week.
  4. tour of argos garden start in, now...
  5. the ladies had a rough ride from the casa to the neather regions of the plot by myself with a two day stop in the shade for hardening the plants are battered and torn and we are just starting we wait and watch bugs will surly attack next.
  6. I wasent a fan of the cherio texture to be honest..
  7. Plants today and my corner tile pieces that were back ordered came in today almost a wrap on that bath finally. the tub glazers looked to have sprayed bed liner all over the tub and are due back to re do it then i can finally finish this one.
  8. a few have a safe work week.
  9. oh and plants and stuff . I separated out the tall's from the shorts in veg and fired up the idle veg tent, Flowering the closet day Zero starting tonight. Have a super weekend.
  10. Getting it dialed in. So good you cant taste,smell feel the vibration in your brain it's that good. Garbage in garbage out Gold in Gold out OD garlic bud from a year ago Have a good weekend.
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