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  1. wow Just that sounds like the worst! Man I am feeling better about my situation.I am sorry you have had to go thru all that man... just wow...
  2. still gonna take awhile for all the swelling to go down and i still have stitches coming out today where they inserted the posts. so not really formed an opinion other than i fucked up bad...
  3. Whats up had all my upper teeth pulled and 6 posts put in. Argo's rocking some new upper dentures, brush your teeth kids. to be continued...
  4. The Cherry Bomb seeds came from seeds made by Mr whipple made from seeds orig from Mr. Greengenes.
  5. The Zamaldelica is from Ace seeds and the REM was from Sin city seeds. nice cross here wish i had kept some more of the seeds. i sent a bunch of these out if you were lucky enough to get some grow em out...
  6. not sure i will ask but she has the colored pistils smell major bummer... had it in some product 13 from back in the day that had purple black pistils but smelled and tasted like cloraphill no matter what you did in post processing
  7. Whats up? Been having transportation issues ughhh.. The red pistil-ed girl is called Cherrybomb IBL and comes from a grow buddy. AK47 x (9lb hammer x starfighter) Zamaldelica x REM A5 haze x Vietnamese black Have a good one.
  8. ok have my interest can you provide any info on WFD?
  9. red haired girl cherry bomb ibl and the funny one A5 haze x Vietnamese Black topped.
  10. In all honesty i think i like playing with my setup almost as much as i do growing....
  11. it's defiantly something you cant let go more than a day temps in the 80's right on the tray.
  12. uh oh what do i have here?
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