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  1. Same consistency Press too hot and she's brittle Too low shes runny...
  2. I still owe you a pckg my bad I am sorry. When i can get off my ass i will toss a few more in
  3. Wedding cake after a two year project for beans i wound up with 1000's of immature seeds and about 20 brown ones, and just the dry skiff to smoke, I had forgotten back this summer my buddy took a cutting and he gave me a jar this week what a guy !!! I thought i was going to make seeds again and then finally getting around to tasting it.
  4. I sent out like 150 of these. i i made f2's of bare frogs seeds and blew em out everywhere, there should be 1000's circulating. I also did the saginaw valley skunks but they were not as popular. I am now mixing them.
  5. That is called Purple reed weed a granddaddy purple that has been growing and mixing in the colorado outdoors for 10 years, resistance to mold and mildew is off the charts never finishes in time in our short season. have seeds...
  6. He is a Azad Kashmir about to blast all over a laundry list of girls, and the stout ladies are saginaw valley skunk f2's after much deliberation the plant in the center is a Afghani delight x Mels Punch
  7. A few from the garden today.Have a good week!
  8. Whats up folks? been busy playing human. A few of the garden had to bring the outdoor indoor with snow and rain in the windows lately. San fernando valley O.G. x Durban doing good flopping all over flower tent two with a mix of Saginaw valley skunk and Azad Kashmir i will be crossing the two still not sure the direction of the cross just yet. new seeds down lemon garlic O.G. x Starfighter New beans in the mail LED Seedz is my fave breeder at the moment! another bath in the works and my ugg mug Have a good one out there!
  9. sorry having a hard time keeping current. tent still rocking the a5xvb and the San Fernando valley og x durban outdoor plants came inside to the covered patio i like to call the fridge and current office space for me. i had some bugs in veg and the plants are protesting to the onslaught of different potions and such. driver puts off some heat so i moved it out of the tent Have a good weekend.
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