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  1. Good question those two plants came from 1/2 dead rooted clones i got in the mail in 6/18 so almost a year later i have yet to see either one flowered out. i have been trying to get clones to root for like 6 mo i am crazy and loosing it fast. The latest attempt # 4,5,6 ha ha but not... I do have a green crack rooted in the veg pic it is the only one in a uni slab.
  2. Hope everyone is doing good. Seeds up 8/10 so far. Veg moving fast Flower looking good Strawberry cream. Mothers, green crack and wedding cake respectively. Have a good rest of the week.
  3. Uh Oh I better quit slacking. I brought down the other bodhi tree down Impressive plant Strawberry cream not skipping a beat veg doing well Be safe out there.
  4. Sorry to hear of critter related problems outdoors but your indoor garden is beautiful. Hope you don't have any issues with your he/she sometimes the pollon isin't viable.
  5. Bleck i can still taste that first and last seed bowl giggle giggle
  6. check out this seed cracker i picked up on insta gram.
  7. hope everyone is doing well Happy Mothers day.
  8. you can use a bigger one than you think you need, the divice/load will only draw what it needs.
  9. About to get my pebble bar on ZZZZZZ
  10. howdy hope all is well. up potted the moms from 3 gal air pots to 30 gal cloth with a 50/50 mix of plagron/fox farms. taking down one of the bodhi tree tomorrow. have a good one.
  11. looks yummy to me! get em hanging... Next ha ha
  12. last outside edges and the toilet flange cut time to get this tile down. Have a good one.
  13. tonight before lights out
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