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  1. The room has been stripped floor etched , room fogged, sprayed and fogged again,I also cleaned the whole fooking basement as well. we will give it another month then start entertaining bringing it back up.fooking root aphids.
  2. Saginaw valley skunk kief press 185f thru 36u pressing screen
  3. Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays.
  4. That is a Azad Kashmir crossed with itself for the 2nd time since i received it fresh seeds on the way. I crossed a male Azad Kashmir with itself and, double strawberry diesil, la confidential, Chem, a mels punch cross, 5 different saginaw valley skunks, that covers the spread. been busy working the screens and press. 6 of 9 of the above mentioned still growing in the tent before it get yanked and the room bombed . \ Have a good Holiday!
  5. The war has been postponed due to losing it. tear down and scorched room is the new policy after finishing a few in flowering the rest of the room will be cleared and scrubbed and bombed and given a rest.
  6. 4th day after almost continuious treatment still got quite a few still at it. fook
  7. its some kind of essential oil mix the nematodes got here for salvo two i halved it and dunked in 5 gal a one min soak and a vigorous thrash in a 2nd and 3rd bucket before being drained on a table and returned to a clean tray, a lot of work again prob just to knock em back but i just started some testers so we solder on plants still not showing excessive stress yet or showing signs of the shitstorm brewing below... crazy.
  8. nice? ! i figured that will be the result teardown time in approx 90 days if we make it that far.
  9. Turns out my magnesium problem is root aphids must of caught a squadron of fliers from bringing my outdoor plants indoors to finish. ughh all plants all trays gonna try and fight em to finish all the stuff started let the battle begin. benificial nematoads and some Bontanaguard 5wp on order root drench two kinds sourced local yesterday used the whole bottle of sns on the opening salvo
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