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  1. Amhurst diesel x starkiller og by sonic seeds
  2. I heard from a source inside out strain hunters it was real agressive Malaria and it was stronger then they had anticipated
  3. http://www.occnewspaper.com/cannabis-seed-breeder-franco-loja-dies-at-42/
  4. GWTF


    Looking fly as F I will not talk about image quality But damn those budssssssssssss
  5. GWTF

    Happy New Year

    Happy NewYear to all of you guys
  6. GrowTheFlow Happy holidays to all of you
  7. I hope to finish them within 1.5 - 2 weeks max! Its moving time so they need to go before the movingteam is loading all the other stuff up they need about 8-9 weeks flowering i've read I flipped them to 12/12 13th of october so they have 6 weeks flowering done now :-) Gonna push the nutrients up a little bit more,kicking some more booster and super flowering nuts till the end of next week,and then no more nutrients i guess Not sure if i'm gonna water them till the end or just let them dry out last 4 days And the smell is just awesome! One diesel has a real strong smell,if i touch the buds by accident it will shoot aroma's out as a machgreen gun The red cherry berry's all smell fruity! One is more hubba bubba smell,the other 2 are Orange all the way
  8. I'm having a blackout on what the name of the product was atm but 5ml of it on 0.5L and sprayed the plants real good,one time,2 weeks later another time and the bugs vanished ... The end of this round is nearby,here some photos..
  9. IF there are some beans avaible for testing or for sale give me a shout
  10. How do you the charger lol I have now bought a 4 oz bottle of this : http://cannafemspray.com/product/canna-fem-spray-2-4-oz/ I'll buy a pre made bottle of CS with 40ppm or higher also when i start the expiriment with it ... Maybe i'll try to do the diy CS way also,when i come across all the things needed grtz
  11. Hi guys! Any of you that are making their own STS(Silver Thiosulfate) or rather buying it ? How do you make it ? Or for the buyers,can u recommend me some site to buy it from ? grtz
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