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  1. Gardener

    A Continuous Evolutionary Grow

    Strawberry Kush x Mystery Sativa. Day 49 of flowering. These flowers have a ways to go yet.
  2. Gardener

    Hello from Costa Rica

    Welcome to Open Grow
  3. Gardener

    Repot smart pots?

    I am using fabric pots. Potting up from one gallon to three gallon size. The roots attach to the bottom of the pot. The trick is to get all those roots to tear away from the bottom. It can be done.
  4. Gardener

    Demonstrating Defoliation

    The picture in the first post is of a Wonder Woman plant after it had been defoliated, a few days before initiating flowering. Here is the same plant now. Today is day 57 of flowering. I would like to let it finish for another ten days or so. Every plant is an experiment. I may have over-defoliated. This plant required lots of defoliation during the first three weeks of flowering because of how fast the plant was producing leaves. Flowers from the bottom four branches each formed stems that became secondary branches. These branches produced a jungle canopy that completely hid the flowers. I stripped away all of the leaves from most branches. The buds are kind of on the small side. Oh well.
  5. Gardener

    Demonstrating Defoliation

    @gardenartus suggested that i should move the topic to a different forum. I kept waiting for the issue with the forum to be fixed, instead. It got fixed when someone else moved it. Ha. Sorry to make someone else do the work. But, I am thankful someone else did it. Pictures soon.
  6. Gardener

    Demonstrating Defoliation

    Thanks everyone who fixed this issue. Great to see that this topic is now 'live'.
  7. Gardener

    Hello Fellow Growers

  8. Gardener

    A Continuous Evolutionary Grow

    Sing praises for auto flowers.
  9. Gardener

    In regards to parent age

    Thanks for sharing that. Great idea for controlling pollen.
  10. Gardener

    A Continuous Evolutionary Grow

    About three weeks ago i defoliated an auto flower Lemon OG Haze. Here she is now. Does she look like she misses her old set of leaves?
  11. Gardener

    A Continuous Evolutionary Grow

    @gardenartus I agree. It is very subtle. The fan leaves were turning purple. But there weren't many fan leaves left on the plant. So that didn't show well. The flower leaves were still green. Especially the ones that were hidden more on lower branches. They were probably robbing the fan leaves of nitrogen. @Mr Goodfellow @saxo I wish the internet allowed me to share some buds with you. Someone needs to make a device. On one end, a reader would deconstruct a bud. On the other end, a 3-D printer would build one for you. @Sunnyvale Thank you for asking. You sent me on an enjoyable quest of trying to answer the question. First observation. Half the weight of the harvest seems to disappear within the first 24 hours of cutting. Is it my imagination, or does soil-grown dry out a little slower? Probably my imagination. Second observation. First sniff. A big fat lower branch. Kind of pine. But with some sweet notes. But that's not nailing it, either. So i looked up Ice on Leafly, to see how other people describe it. "Most users report Ice as having a petrol aroma and a very heavy indica-type buzz," I don't smell any fuel smells at all. It's still early. While it could develop an aroma of 'petrol', i don't detect any. Further on the page they categorize the smell in this way. Ice Flavors 1. Earthy 2. Menthol 3. Chemical Menthol? Was i smelling menthol and not pine? Good question. I went back and spent some time trying to detect menthol. Nope. Not menthol. In fact, i will stick with my own description of sweet not-quite-pine. Chemical? Since every individual scent is its own chemical concoction, i could answer yes, if i were inclined to be a wise-ass. But no. Not chemical. Not fuel. That's the thing. Earthy? Another sniff. Yeah. In the sense that i can't quite capture the aroma, i would have to throw earthy in there. A sweet earthy not-quite-pine fragrance. Guaranteed to make any room smell interesting. Permeates my home.
  12. Gardener

    Minus 60 this morning

    All I can say is, stay warm.
  13. Gardener

    A Continuous Evolutionary Grow

    Ice harvest. 114 days old. Flowered for 62 days. Wet yield 288 grams.
  14. Gardener

    A Continuous Evolutionary Grow

    Strawberry Kush x Mystery sativa. Day 28 of flowering.
  15. Gardener

    LED Variety by Tread

    Hell no.