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  1. Harvest. Skunk Afghan X Shack. Day 62 of flowering. My first order from Sannie included two of these seeds as freebies. The first time i grew this i liked it a lot. That was almost 3 years ago.
  2. Now, if only Congress would enforce rules of behavior for members of government. (....wishing upon a star...)
  3. Plants should stay within their own airspace. At least half of these don't.
  4. Aurora Indica. Day 44 of veg. This is more or less what I am shooting for now when growing cannabis. I'm done with big plants and tall plants. I have muscular dystrophy. I want manageable plants. With buds coming due roughly on a weekly basis, I don't care anymore about growing massive plants. The focus is more on establishing lots of short stout branches. This one goes into the flower tent tonight.
  5. I do get other seeds that i didn't intend for. But seeds that i don't intend to grow i snack on. So they're not being wasted. My next pollination will take place in late January. I am growing out the rest of the Afghan CBD seeds that i received to test. I love that strain. I want more seeds.
  6. This is the love shack where select males and females can do their thing, away from the flower tent. It's actually just a front-entrance closet. Two Critical males on the shelf. On the floor below there are three Critical females, and one bushy Herijuana. Herijuana
  7. Thanks for that info!
  8. I have been waiting for this moment. 10 days since the females first showed pistils.
  9. A brief strain review: Misty Kush As I ran out of Afghan CBD buds, my hope was that this would be a good pain-relieving strain. It is. This is very relaxing. Good for achy muscles. The high lasts long. When finishing, the smell was of ripe fruit.
  10. Looking good. My own first attempt at Herijuana is in the first week of flowering. Can't wait to try it.
  11. Not sure what generation this is. But i just bought it in the last few months. Sannie was offering 3 Indica's, plus a set of freebies, for 25% - 30% off over the summer. Whatever generation that was. I noticed that Jack Berry is Blueberry + Sannie's Jack. Sannie's Jack, which i haven't tried, has some haze genetics. I became a fan of Blue Dream, which is blueberry X haze. So i am interested to see how Jack Berry compares to Blue Dream.
  12. The plant on the left is Jack Berry, 40 days veg. The plant on the right is a Critical male, one week into flowering. Critical was the same size and age as Jack Berry, when 12/12 began. When I grew plants in 3 gallon containers, I vegged them for eight or nine weeks, trying to fill the root space. I wanted to grow monster plants. Growing in 1 gallon containers has changed my focus. Rather than maximizing the size of the plants, I am trying to maximize the throughput of a continuous grow. As long as each plant provides more cannabis than i can use in a week, my stash grows. (I need to learn more about making extracts.) Six weeks is plenty of time for a cannabis plant to fill a 1 gallon root-space. Tonight i will put Jack Berry in the flower tent. This is about as big as I want the plants to get. She has 12 branches, counting the first node. Or, ten real branches. They vary in length from about 3 inches to as long as 5 or 6. ( 8 cm -- 15 cm )
  13. I hope everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving had a good one. What am I thankful for today? Harvest, of course. This strain is [Strawberry Kush X (Strawberry Kush X Mystery Sativa)]. Flowered for 63 days. The plant took on this strange posture after i untethered it about mid-way into flowering. The branches had been growing vertical until that moment.
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