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  1. I found some black cloth at the local fabric store that looks like it was made to make grow tents. So, that became a drape. The zipper seemed like a good idea until i got home and carefully studied it along with the tent. The zipper is at least a foot too long. I can't leave it hanging off the top or bottom. But my tent also has horizontal zippers at the top and bottom edges of the flaps. And this zipper was not made to work with that. So, i used some velcro strips. That and the curtain are the current solution to the problem. I need to return the zipper to the store.
  2. This is Blackberry. 62 days flowering. I took a couple pictures, then quickly got caught up in grooming the plant for further photos. Then i forgot to take more pictures. Very dense buds. get your hands sticky. They smell like pine and menthol. One of my favorite cannabis aromas, bar none. 229 grams wet.
  3. Great ideas, both. Thanks.
  4. The main vertical zipper for my grow tent is failing. Does anyone have ideas on how to deal with it. I was thinking of making curtains or drapes for the front. But the airflow will change. What's the best thing to do short of sewing new zippers onto the tent, or replacing the tent?
  5. Ha. When i wrote this i wasn't thinking clearly. I am growing this out again. Here is my veg tent. There are five one-gallon plants here. The one in the middle is Madberry. That is my next specimen plant. The other four are brothers or sisters to the one i just harvested. I am looking for males. When i noticed that the flowering time of the mystery plant was going to stretch to 12 or more weeks, i decided to find a male and mate it back to Strawberry Kush. The goal is to get children more like the mom. Hopefully shorten the flowering time. If i get males and females, i might also cross them with each other. The seeds would be from an F2 generation of the original cross. There is also a tiny plant in a starter pot. This is a clone of the Strawberry Kush that just went onto a 12/12 diet. It's an insurance plan against the possibility that all four of the seed makers are females. If that happens, i will grow out the clone, and search for more males.
  6. Vapor report. (I don't smoke, so this can't be a smoke report.) Strawberry Kush x Mystery sativa. Smell and taste. Really tough to nail down. I like it. The smell is interesting and complex. But describing it is difficult. I would say it smells like something citrusy. But it doesn't smell like a lemon or an orange or a grapefruit. It's more like some sort of essence of citrus that they all share. The taste -- I really couldn't taste much. There is something delicate there. The high. Interesting. Satisfying. Before trying any I was hoping that the mystery sativa side would have been some kind of haze. It's not. But It is definitely stimulating, mentally. The world got a little brighter when i first tried it last night. I was high on Master Kush at that point, and i felt my mind lift out of indican relaxation and into this more alert and aware state. I do have a feeling of well-being too. CBD? I have been using it all day today. I think i will grow this again when i run out.
  7. Harvest update. Strawberry Kush x Mystery Sativa. The final product weighs in at 40 grams. Not bad for 5 weeks veg in a 1 gallon pot. I still have to grind up a flower and test her in the vaporizer. I'll check back.
  8. Thanks. This was 13 weeks, though, and not 15. Still, the longest flowering time I've ever done.
  9. Strawberry Kush at day 54. I had planned to flower her after 56 days of veg. But tomorrow stormy weather comes. I think she can begin flowering after tonight. I have been pulling mature leaves from the branches since about day 36. I will leave the leaf canopy you see here on the plant during the first week or two of flowering. I want to see some stretching. This plant has good bones. If i can get more than two ounces of bud, plus some seeds, i will be happy. One or two branches will get pollinated after flowering starts (assuming i find a male).
  10. Given enough time, it would be fun to find ten landrace strains from a hundred years ago and work from there. Otherwise, my inclination would be to name ten classic strains. But which 10?
  11. In this thought experiment, are we immortal? Do we have an eternity to breed and develop what we're after? Or, do we have a finite number of grows in our lives?
  12. Strawberry Kush x Mystery Sativa. 129 days total. 90 days of flowers. Wet yield 240 grams.
  13. I'll look for that the next time i trim leaves.
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