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  1. Nice thread. I am investing in some octos. When my current grow finishes in August, I'll start my first octopot grow.
  2. Hello Open Growers. Long time no check-in. I stopped posting to Open Grow when i reached a stage with this muscular dystrophy where everything seemed to be too difficult. Something had to give. I just didn't have the energy to keep this thread going. Still growing. Went through some issues after switching to a different CalMag product that seemed to be causing some sort of nutrient lock-out. That problem is solved. I finally managed to defeat the mites and thrips by washing every leaf of every plant by hand. That took a lot of effort on my part. But it was time well spent. Those problems though, resulted in the small harvests I am taking now. I will hopefully continue to post on this thread. But don't expect weekly updates anymore. Happy Thanksgiving to the new world growers who observe this holiday. I hope everyone here is doing well. Keep on growing.
  3. Good morning, Open Growers. All kinds of crap in my life right now. The sewer pipe from my house broke. There's a work crew in my front yard digging a ditch. Had to have some trees cut away. Hospital procedures have been cutting into my time. I'm okay, but doctors are investigating some swallowing problems. But, everyone has crap in their lives right now. So, no big deals. Instead of a harvest picture (I have several harvests yet to share here) I thought i would show the most recent pot of plants to begin flowering. The first new entrant en about five weeks. I have been finishing up a bunch of flowers. This is what I am focusing on cranking out now. Pots of clones. This one has three. Each clone has between six and eight branches. These plants are a cross between Ice and Strawberry Kush bx. The photos are six days old.
  4. I got pulled away from this site the past couple weeks by life. I'll have to catch you up on some of the plants I have taken down. But first,.... Harvest! Today I took down AKA Rosenthal x Critical. 56 days flowering. AKA Rosenthal is a re-creation of the original Rosenthal. This plant is a cross between the recreation, and Critical. If this is close to the plant i got to try, I'll be starting more seeds soon.
  5. I have reached the same point as you have. After starting so many seeds this year, I finally realized how easy taking clones are compared to starting seeds. I started a new seed this past Friday. It looks to be hatching today. First seed planted in the past five or six weeks. Destined to become a mother plant. (Top 44, feminized.) Everything else started in the past two months have been clones. Clones are easier to train than plants started from seed. Clones seem to branch easier too.
  6. Harvest! Northern Lights, day 64. I took eight clones from her before flowering. She be loaded with seeds. Northern Lights auto was a good strain. I am curious to see if this is in any way better.
  7. You're not the only person to notice this. Just the latest.
  8. Harvest! Strawberry Kush bx1, four days ago, at 56 days. The F2 generation. This 'strain' is the father of ACBD x SK bx. And that cross is one of my favorites. Heavy yielder. A hybrid with a pleasant sativa head-high, plus some body-stone effect. And yes. The leaves look crispy. Thank you for reminding me.
  9. Gardenartus is correct. I have mites. Or thrips. I also have a plan. A friend of a friend needs work, and she can be trusted not to cause trouble. I can't do the work necessary to clean out the grow room. But I am happy to hire this person. Hopefully i can bring it under control with her help.
  10. Harvest! Five days back. Critical, after 55 days of flowering. This plant started as a filler plant when i grew out Blueberry Quintessa. I had ten seeds. I needed two more to fill out a third 1-gallon pot. It was a slow-grower, too, until about the fifth or sixth week, when it just took off. At some point, I got tired of always searching for female plants and grew to appreciate the wisdom of keeping mother plants. This was the first mother plant of the summer. I took about a dozen clones before letting it flower. I could have kept it going. But by this point I was looking at every female as a potential mother plant, preferring favorite strains over this one. Nothing wrong with Critical. It's a good strain. I like it. But it is not one of my faves. (But i like the head high.) However, i have a number of crosses from a Critical father. This is a good strain for pollen chucking. I have been using Mad Chem x Critical the past couple of weeks. That stuff is pretty damned good.
  11. Harvest! Mad Chem x Critical. 55 days flowering. Hard nuggets.
  12. Welcome to Open Grow. Thanks for sharing some photos. You have some nice looking plants!
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