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  1. Harvest! This past Saturday I took down four plants in a pot. The strains were Ice, Blackjack, Aurora Indica, and Tangie. 56 days flowering. Feminized seed is another easy way to combine plants in a pot. Start three or four seeds in a 1 gallon pot. Transplant to a 3 gallon container as they reach maturity. Out of these four varieties, Ice and Aurora Indica work the best for my issues. Blackjack and Tangie were interesting. But i wouldn't consider them again. Now that i have some favorites that work for me, I will begin transitioning to mostly growing those. But before I can go that route, I need to finish bunches of plants.
  2. Northern Lights regular was selling cheap for five seeds. I splurged. Out of the five, three sprouted. Out of the three, one of them didn't belong. It had a tall, spindly nature and leaves that looked sativa. There was a male and a female among the other two. The strange plant was also male. So i cut it down. I took clones from the female. Cut back the male. By the end of the week this second male should be gone. Today is the 9th day of flowering.
  3. A look inside my tent. There are seven 3 gallon pots. In the back corner from the first photo there are also three 1-gallon pots. Each large pot has three or four plants. By batching plants together, a dense canopy can be created. This is the best utilization of both available light and root space that I have been able to manage so far. Weekly harvests to resume shortly.
  4. Good answer. Thank you. Another question. I have seeds from a backcross. But a backcross against an 'aunt' instead of the original mother. Does that have its own notation?
  5. What does 'bx' stand for? I have seen this notation before. Not sure what it means. Agreed -- Herjuana is fantastic. Currently enjoying Herijuana x Critical. I have to grow more of this.
  6. Keeps the mosquitos away.
  7. That windbreak is a great idea. Nice job on the plants, too.
  8. I count from the day the first pistils show.
  9. Harvest! Yesterday i took down two plants in 1-gallon containers. The first plant is Short Rider, an auto flower. I probably let it go too long. 95 days. It was ready after 84. I haven't checked the trichomes under a scope. I probably should. The second plant is a cross between Harlequin and 'Strawberry Backcross,' after 57 days flowering. I would have let it go longer, but i need the space in my tent for new flowers.
  10. That song just becomes more powerful with time.
  11. Expect some tall plants. If you are growing indoors, have a plan to deal with that.
  12. Harvest! One pot. Four plants. Two Critical. Two Herijuana x Critical. Day 55. Critical. Herijuana x Critical Critical After some leaf trimming. The two taller plants are Herijuana x Critical. The short ones are Critical.
  13. Blueberry Quintessa flowering phenos. There are four plants in this pot. Yesterday was day 28. They began putting on frost around day 24.
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