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  1. The no-more-tall-plants tent, now that all of the tall ones have finished. In the back left corner in this first photo are the two tallest plants still in the tent. Aurora Indica in the corner. Next to her along the back wall is Jack Berry -- the tallest plant at about 2 feet. Along the front row, some of these green plants are not flowering yet. (Afghan CBD) They spend the night under these lights, and during the day they soak up whatever winter sun is available through my front window. These two plants are Afghan CBD X [ Strawberry Kush X (Strawberry Kush X Mystery Sativa) ]. I am controlling the height by cutting the plants. This first plant has four branches. Three good ones and one disappointment. The immature tips of the branches were cut about a week before the plant began 12/12. In this next one, the plant grew out six branches. About a week before flowering, I cut all of the branches back to 2 or 3 nodes each. The result is a short plant with lots of vigorous stubby flowers. This is the first day that pistils are showing. I am counting tomorrow as the first day of flowering.
  2. It's funny you posted this. I tried my first Blueberry Heribei today. It was cut 4 days ago. Very calming, relaxing high. And i am getting some accidental seeds -- (Blueberry X Heribei) X Critical, where Critical == skunk afghan.
  3. I started with autos. I love them too. But i feel I can do more with photos. I like to create seeds. I'm not sure about crossing autos or crossing an auto with a photo-period. All in all, autos are awesome.
  4. Harvest! Mad Chem. 56 days flowering. Another rusty variety.
  5. I am in awe. It's great that you have the space for that thing. If Open Grow kept records on hall-of-fame home-grown plants, that one would have to be on that list.
  6. @Mr Goodfellow Are you growing six-foot plants inside?
  7. Harvest! Blueberry X Heribei. When i ordered some indicas from Sannie this past summer, Bueberry Heribei was a freebie. It was also the first of the four strains that i popped. 60 days flowering. This weekend it should be dry enough to try. Looks rusty.
  8. I can hear the waves in those photos.
  9. Four plants will begin 12/12 in the next few days. By Tuesday at the latest. I am trying to determine the sex of these plants with pre-flower pics. A few of these are tough to figure out. Please chime in to correct me. These are my guesses. Female Female These are the tough ones. Female. Female?? Female Male?? Same plant. Female? One of these guesses is wrong. Female?
  10. 24,000 watts of lighting? Wear shades in there. That's a nice workspace.
  11. Harvest! Harlequin III. This was the tallest plant in the tent. She was also the smelliest plant in the grow space too. Fruity floral funk! Day 63.
  12. Sampling AKA Rosenthal. That's Blue Dream in the grinder. I'll report back.
  13. Okay. Good to know. I spent a couple years in Lesotho. I got to see a lot of S. Africa too. I loved Durban and that region and climate. Great place to be growing stuff. Lots of tropical fruits do well there, closer to the coast.
  14. Welcome. What part of Africa are you talking about?
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