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  1. Shoeless and JetDro seem to be battling for the prize. Can anyone sneak a win by coming from behind? Update: Here are the plants that I withdrew from the contest. Last night they experienced their first 12 hour dark period. The flowering tent has no room for them until something else finishes. So, they begin flowering by sleeping in a closet. After transplanting them to one-gallon pots, they seemed to go a week without much growth at all. It took them six weeks to get to this point. They are growing fast now.
  2. While I don't need more seeds, I couldn't resist.
  3. Time to double check my own connections!
  4. Wires heat up like that when they are driving a load. Either there was too much current for not enough wire. Or, there might have been a bad connection. Was the plug securely in the socket or was it a bit loose?
  5. This one is in the running for a record harvest.
  6. Flower tent is busy. Blackjack, back left. Aurora Indica back right. Harlequin front right. Killing Fields front left. Ice and AK 47 form the red mass on the right, in the back. Killing Fields in the back corner. Afghan CBD plants front right. Blackjack. 40 days in flower.
  7. Okay. I did. I took your suggestion. Although i didn't smoke it. I vaped it instead. It was worth it. Not for the taste or the smell. But for the high. This stuff is already pretty good.
  8. I am fighting the urge to sample. It isn't dry enough yet.
  9. Day 36 of veg. I don't know yet whether i will keep them in veg for another day or just leave them in the flower tent after tonight. These are really nice looking plants. I am not seeing different phenotypes. They all look very similar and uniform.
  10. Great looking plants. How many kilos do you think you will get from these?
  11. Harvest. White Widow. Day 64 of flowering.
  12. My brother-in-law alerted me to this. Pretty interesting news from the world of science. Scientists are looking to use yeast to mass-produce specific cannabinoids. There are all kinds of benefits to this approach. But it is disturbing to think about, too. https://www.wired.com/story/yeast-cbd-and-thc/
  13. Harlequin, day 41 of veg. She can stay in the flowering tent after tonight. She is in a 1 gallon pot. This is my newest direction. I am going to stop focusing on 3 gallon plants and eight weeks of veg. Instead, I want to grow 1 gallon plants with 5 - 6 weeks of veg. The 2019 Mini-Grow Challenge hosted by @Justcozz shook up my routine. I started four cups right around the same time that I started four Afghan CBD seeds from @Cristalin. It seemed crazy when i did it. I realized they would all need to be in 1 gallon containers in order for this to work. Around the same time I was growing tired of the 8 week veg. I was also lamenting the lack of variety. I was starting one plant a month. Sometimes two. Trying to keep four plants at various stages of flowering while vegging the replacements. Then it dawned on me. Instead of growing these big gnarly plants in 3 gallon containers, I could start a seed a week if i focus on 1 gallon plants. (Way more fun.) A 2' X 4' tent will hold a max of eight 3-gallon plants. A 3 gallon pot is generally about 12" diameter. 1 gallon pots are 8" diameter. So, in the same space that I could fit eight 3-gallon pots i could fit 18 1-gallon pots. If most varieties are in the 8 week flowering range, it will all work out. I will focus on a few basic forms. This is one of them. FIM the 5th node. Bend the stem. When it is nice and bushy, start the flowering.
  14. Where did you get the Nepali Pink seeds?
  15. In today's harvest news, two long-flowering sativas were taken from Gardener's flowering tent and given the chop-chop. They are a result of a Strawberry Kush X Mystery Sativa cross. It was day 98 of flowering, and their owner reportedly had said, "Enough." The weed was seeded with pollen from males from the same batch of seed. At around week 9 of flowering, the plants suffered damage from too much nutrient build-up. The roots were flushed and life went on. But the harvest could have been bigger and badder. "Oh well," Gardener was heard to say. "Live and learn. Live and learn." His cat told us he was thrilled to get them out of the flowering tent. And he was thrilled with the result of some early sampling. "A lovely high," said his tuxedo cat, who has an affinity for cannabis, himself.
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