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  1. @gardenartus Are you still growing? Or are you focusing now on medibles? Your CBD dummies look good. The lemon cookies looked delicious too.
  2. I haven’t been able to post anything for the past week or two. Sorry about that. Anyways, it’s day 24 of flowering and things are looking good. I gave each plant 3 tablespoons of the Rainbow Mix bloom formula when flowering started. Eleven days ago each plant got 2 teaspoons of fish emulsion. They also got 2 more tablespoons of the bloom mix, so five in total. The plants are loving it. Harlequin Harlequin Strawberry Kush bx1 Strawberry Kush bx1 x Afghan CBD Aurora Indica x Strawberry Kush bx1 Blueberry Quintessa
  3. What month does this finish? Nice looking buds.
  4. I started cannabis breeding four years ago when I unwittingly grew out a male mystery sativa plant which pollinated my entire grow. I got seeds from Strawberry Kush, Harlequin, and AK-47. The Strawberry Kush offspring was the only decent cross. But i used it to create the backcross and several other crosses after that. Strawberry Kush bx1 x Afghan CBD is one of my all time favorite plants. I grow that one a lot. The Aurora Indica cross is something I haven't tried yet. But, I like both parents so it should be decent. Strawberry Kush is originally a cross between OG Kush and Strawberry Cough. Strawberry Cough is the strain that tasted like strawberries. I can't say i have ever tasted strawberries from my plants. This Strawberry Kush bx1 is a real stinker while growing.
  5. Good stuff. Are you saying that you add feather meal at the beginning of the grow as a late-developing source of nitrogen for later in the grow? Or do you add it in and let it decompose some before planting?
  6. The line-up for this grow: Strawberry Kush bx1; Strawberry Kush bx1 x Afghan CBD; Aurora Indica x Strawberry Kush bx1; Blueberry Quintessa; and two Harlequin plants. Today is F3. It may not show in this photo, but I need to do some more super-cropping to keep the canopy down.
  7. Welcome back. Ain't life a bitch.
  8. All of this was based on guesswork. It wound up being a bit nitrogen-rich for some of the plants, especially at first. I have another batch of soil I need to re-charge now waiting in a big plastic bin. I'll get to it soon.
  9. Here is what went into the soil recharge: 1 cup blood meal 0.75 cups dolomitic lime 0.5 cups guano 3 cups alfalfa meal 1 cup kelp meal 0.5 cup greensand 1 tbs azomite ~20 gallons of spent Ocean Forest soil 2.5 gallons of compost (clumped and dry)
  10. A lot has changed since my last grow report. I had been maintaining a continuous grow for several years. Now I am back to a batch grow featuring six plants in 5-gallon pots. I had been growing in coco coir. But then I helped a friend through her first grow. I recommended she go with soil. She did and her plants out-performed my own. So, I switched back to soil. Finally, I kept my old soil and recharged it for this grow. I have been feeding with compost teas. The plants are doing great. This is shaping up to be my best grow yet. Forgive me. But I am posting from my phone for the first time. These photos did not load in chronological order. I’m just going to roll with it. Two weeks ago. This week, after three nights of 12/12. Three weeks ago, after the plants were first potted up at about five weeks of age.
  11. Doing well enough, thank you.
  12. Greetings to the Open Grow community. Long time no see. Is everyone well? I will share a report on my current grow soon.
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