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  1. They look good. This should be interesting.
  2. I am not sure if it is a rule with CBD plants or not. I get decent amounts from Harlequin. Somewhat less with ACBD.
  3. I am still working on developing that kind of vegetative density. It is one of the keys to a heavy harvest.
  4. There hasn't been much truth-telling by any of the governments.
  5. Yesterday's harvest. Afghan CBD. Day 57. Out of four plants, finishing or finished, this was the least substantial. Still, I am happy to have it. I love the strain. I cut a few of the smaller branches about three days ago. Sampling it now. This one has more of a regular THC buzz. I don't feel as much CBD from this plant. But this is a first impression. Two more ACBDs to go.
  6. An auto-flower grow. The strains are Northern Lights and Short Rider. Root-builder pots have a separate bottom. The bottom was placed in the middle of this pot. The roots are not deep, but they are extensive. This was two days ago when the plants were 21 days old. Now they have lots of room to grow new roots. Four plants will probably fill this out nicely. Then trained. They should start flowering after another week. So easy.
  7. Putting them on a 12/12 light-diet triggers flowering. It usually takes a week for flowers to form. But male plants will sprout pollen sacs during that week. Female plants will begin putting pistils out after 3 or 4 days on a 12/12 schedule. Harlequin x Strawberry Backcross is especially reluctant to put out preflowers.
  8. Yesterday the weather was beautiful. I sat outside and enjoyed all of the work I was able to accomplish. 16 plants grown together in four pots. The plants with the white plastic 'horseshoes' at the base are the females. Most of the males were cut away. By day 42 none of these was showing pre-flowers. So i put them in a dark closet for four nights. Now, these four are all confirmed females. The two plants in the pot on the right are Harlequin x "Strawberry Backcross". The plants in the middle and on the left are Critical. After potting them up: This other pot has four plants. One is a confirmed female. The others are still not showing any pre-flowers. So, i decided to just pot up the entire root ball and hope that they are female. They haven't shown male parts yet. If there is one in there, i can live with cutting it out. (All Harlequin x "Strawberry Backcross") Strong root system. After: And then, after tying down the stems. They will need a week, at least, to establish their roots.
  9. I have always heard that you can't get high from juicing raw cannabis. Having juiced cannabis without getting high, I believed that. But here is a video featuring a juice-recipe that evidently does get you high. This was discovered by accident by John Kohler, of Growing Your Greens dot com. It seems to be the combination of coconut oils and citrus plus the raw cannabis juice that brings this out. I am going to have to try this.
  10. Ten Blueberry Quintessa plants from @KomaKreations. I am super excited to give this a try. There are also two Critical plants to fill the last two spots. I was trying to figure out what would be the best way to grow plants for the purpose of batching females together in a 3 gallon pot. I think the answer is a manifold. So, I am going to begin playing with manifolds going forward. These are being topped above the third node. They have about three weeks to grow out a nice pair of branches.
  11. Harvest. Afghan CBD, day 59.
  12. Thanks for sharing the details. I imagined something different. I want to give my idea a try. I was thinking of pulling a nice bud from a plant that is about to be harvested, or is still green in some way, post-harvest. Then steam it, maybe with some carrots. Then eat. I'll report back on this. I think it has merit.
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