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  1. Gardener

    First Car you ever owned and got stoned in :)

    First car owned was the '71 Chevy Chevelle SS. Web photo. I paid something like $950 in 1980 and sold it for about $1400 about two years later to a collector who bought it for the body.
  2. Gardener

    A Continuous Evolutionary Grow

    Strawberry Kush x Mystery Sativa. Day 73 of flowering. In the past week to ten days the flowers really filled out. Is it my imagination or do these trichomes look milky already? If so, i can probably cut back on the late-flowering feed to half strength for a week. Then flush. Then harvest a short time later. The hairs on the flowers don't seem to look ready yet. that's why i think this can go for another couple of weeks. Maybe even three. I would love to hear from sativa growers any suggestions on how to finish this. Not really sure what i am doing. Flying by the seat of my pants.
  3. Gardener

    Demonstrating Defoliation

    Strawberry Kush after removing the leaves from the first five nodes of the stem. I am growing the plant nine nodes tall. I plan to veg for 8 weeks total. I think it was 28 days old in these photos.
  4. Gardener

    Hello Opengrow, greetz from Germany

    Yes. Welcome.
  5. Gardener

    Crystal Candy/ Sweet Cheese -250w- (Sweet Seeds)

    Nice looking plants. Good luck with the grow.
  6. Gardener

    Growing Just Cozz

    Sounds like an exciting grow. How long do you plan to veg the plants before flowering them? Or, do you base it on the density of plants in the space?
  7. Gardener

    A Continuous Evolutionary Grow

    Master Kush harvest. Day 62 of flowering. A new milestone. My first harvest where the wet weight is north of three hundred grams. 379 to be exact. My best harvest to date is the last Tangie plant. That one worked out to be 56 grams. 2 ounces on the nose. Recently i took down an Ice plant that had been defoliated. The dry harvest for that plant turned out to be 48 grams. Wonder Woman just came in at 52 grams. And this morning i put the Lemon OG Haze auto in jars. 31 grams. This is my biggest harvest so far. Let's see what the dry weight reduces to.
  8. Gardener

    A Continuous Evolutionary Grow

    Lots of seeds on hand. I am always planting something i am out of. I grew Madberry this past fall. Harvested it around November. Used it up already. Madberry is not the best pain-relieving variety. This is because it does not have a heavy indica high. But it is a great strain for enjoyment. The head high is pleasant. It relaxes without locking me to the couch. Yet, there is a body component.
  9. Gardener

    A Continuous Evolutionary Grow

    Choosing the next seed to start.
  10. Gardener

    Oldschoolsg's Garden

    Nice. Very similar to my own setup. The one recommendation i have would be to to put a tub in the bottom of the tent. It's not necessary. But i am sometimes sloppy, and dirt washes from a pot, or there is some standing water. One of my lights is ViparSpectra. Can't beat them for their price. No issues.
  11. Gardener

    Demonstrating Defoliation

    Harlequin, day 46 of veg. She'll be ready to flower in ten days or less. Kind of a tall plant. I don't want her height to get out of hand during flowering.
  12. Gardener

    A Continuous Evolutionary Grow

    None of these are autos. The lemon haze i took down a couple days ago was an auto. The next auto i want to grow is Northern Lights. But I won't begin that for a while yet. Too many other seeds to grow out first.
  13. Gardener

    When to flower males for seeds?

    I will flower the males in my veg tent, or outside. The days are still shorter than the nights. Still too cold right now. But in about five weeks it should be perfect. I plan to do the pollination outside. I also read something about taking branches from flowering males and keeping them in water until the pollen sacs open. I may give that a try.
  14. Gardener

    A Continuous Evolutionary Grow

    Harvesting plants frees up space in the tent. I am down to five plants at the moment. Four adults and one juvenile. Here is my grow tonight. On the left, Master Kush. Day 56. She comes down in a week. The other tall plant is the cross between Strawberry Kush and a mystery sativa. Day 60 of flowering. I'm guessing she'll need about 98 days total. So a bit more than five weeks to go. Harlequin is in her 7th week of veg. Blackberry is at day 21 of flowering today. In the starter pot on top of the clay pot, young Strawberry Kush. Almost 3 weeks old. Last year i felt like a subsistence farmer. I barely made it from one harvest to the next. Now, i can't help but overproduce. I also can't stop. I am not addicted to pot. But i am addicted to growing it.