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  1. A picture is worth a thousand words. This is a very cool grow journal.
  2. I used this when i grew in soil, before i started trying to mix my own. Maybe if i had focused on learning to use it properly i wouldn't have switched to coir.
  3. Maybe it's not a curing problem? Maybe it is more related to how the plants finish. My plants grow in coir. I use four different feeding solutions. One for veg. Another for early bloom. A third for mid-flower. The last for late flower. If i want to harvest a plant at nine weeks, the plant receives the late bloom feed at full strength during weeks 6 and 7. During the 8th week, I feed the plant at half-strength. At the end of 8 weeks, i flush the plant so it only gets water during the last week. This ensures that the nutrients in the plant all get metabolized properly before harvest. The smells you are getting could be from weed with too much nutrients still in the flowers, not yet metabolized. If you are growing in soil, the plant may be pulling too much nitrogen if the soil is rich. This can lead to the funky grass smell. I haven't tried this, but it may be worth a shot. Cut the plant and let the branches sit in a water vase for a few days. This will help the flowers finish up all of the available nutrients. Then, let them dry. Good luck solving that problem.
  4. It's not legal around here. But when someone is suffering and can benefit from what you have, and you have enough to share, why not? The government cannot legislate morality. I would rather my actions be moral than legal.
  5. Strawberry Kush, day 55 of flowering. Loaded with seeds. I met a woman who suffers from some hereditary bone disorder. She was in a lot of pain. I asked if she had ever tried cannabis. She told he she had a medical cannabis card from another state. So i gave her some weed. She was very grateful. There went my buffer, though. I had a lot of variety, until i gave away most of my stash. Then i ran out of indicas. Then i harvested Harlequin. Harlequin is good for pain. But it is low THC. I burn through it a lot faster than other varieties. Strawberry Kush wasn't ready to harvest. The plan is to flush it after today. Keep it going on fresh water through the coming week. By next weekend, withhold water. Chop the plant after it dies. I want the seeds to be viable and eager to sprout. Two small branches made for an early harvest
  6. As tiny as they are, i love the colors. Stunning.
  7. Gonna be spectacular in full flower
  8. This Black Jack is a tall plant. By node-3 it was 8 inches high. To keep her short, the stem was bent horizontal. 24 days old and already halfway around the pot. Planning on an 8 week veg.
  9. welcome aboard. Start a thread for your grow. Ask questions. Share pictures of problems. people here will help you out.
  10. Do you have any good exercises you can do to help regain mobility? I have a history of back problems (stemming from muscular dystrophy.) I have had the epidurals too. At the advice of doctors i began to explore yoga. That has been very helpful. I don't practice yoga anymore. But i still use the discipline of standing and moving with a correct posture. I had a flair up in January. The posture muscles had atrophied because i sit so much now. So i had to activate those muscles and get them working again. Once I was able to do that, the flair-up came to an end. I mostly focused on exercises i learned from a book called Pain Free by Pete Egoscue. This book has a number of excellent simple exercises that can bring your back back to health. +++ Your plants look good.
  11. Update on the recent Harlequin harvest. Final dry weight: 64 grams. A new personal record. The old record was 60 grams from Master Kush.
  12. Strawberry Kush x Mystery Sativa. I have two females flowering in one gallon pots. This one is worth showing. I love all of the secondary budding sites. In the last image, you can see a few seeds forming. These seeds are (Strawberry Kush x Mystery Sativa) x (Strawberry Kush x Mystery Sativa), making them an F2 cross? All of the top flowers have some seeds forming.
  13. Super Thrive diluted in the water can help a seed along in the early stages.
  14. I am interested in testing it out.
  15. Week 14 and still chugging along. That's dedication.
  16. Harlequin harvest. 340 grams wet.
  17. I did get two males. I believe i managed to pollinate the two females, along with the Strawberry Kush plant. Over the course of a few days, i would take the flowers out of the tent. Put them in the veg tent. Then shake the males over them. I did not capture extra pollen. If it works, i don't need anymore of that. Fingers crossed. Looking forward to some seedy weed.
  18. When i lived out in the desert (literally) for a few years, i used to study all of the social insects. During autumn in the Sonoran Desert ants will defoliate mesquite trees and pull the leaves underground. Often in a day! I would go to work in the morning after filling the bird feeder. I come home in the evening and there are no leaves on the tree anymore. They would just knock out every tree within hiking distance of their nest. Put it to sleep for winter. Methodical and unrelenting.
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