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  1. Autoflower harvest! Northern Lights & Short Rider. Day 55. Of all the ways to combine multiple plants in one pot, the easiest is to grow autoflowers.
  2. Harvest! Yesterday, Harlequin, day 65. More seedy weed!
  3. Gardenartus has good eyes. I see the problem too. But, I am trying to grow enough weed that I can shut the whole operation down, clean thoroughly, etc. I don't have that yet. (I am supporting a friend's medicinal needs too.) This is why I began batching plants in bigger pots. I am trying to maximize the output of my setup. Oldschool is correct. It is either mites or thrips. I don't know which. I have seen both. The leaves sustain some damage in the form of micro-bites. And the LEDs drive them pretty hard. I use spinosad on the plants before they go into flowering. I won't be able to cure the problem until i can perform the deep cleaning necessary. I am hoping to shut everything down this fall season.
  4. Well done. I can almost smell your pictures.
  5. Stunning photos. Especially the first one. Wow.
  6. When combining plants in a pot to create a dense even canopy, small plants work really well. These four plants were each big enough that they couldn't help but invade their neighbor's space. The stems are lashed together to form a rough circle. It is important to keep all of the stems and branches within the footprint of the pot. The pot on the left, below, is the same as the one above. The difference is roughly eight days. The 'strain' is Afghan CBD x Strawberry Backcross. Same stuff I have been harvesting the last couple of weeks. I wanted to see mature leaves on all of the branches. Tonight she can start 12/12. The pot on the right is about a week behind the pot on the left. The strain on the right is Madchem x Critical. Each plant is responsible for putting out six branches or so. As long as the growth sites are evenly distributed around the pot, there is very little interference between the branches as they develop.
  7. Harvest! This is the second 3-gallon pot of Afghan CBD x SBC (Strawberry backcross). Started with three plants, but had to cut what turned out to be a male. The taller branches on these plants were cut back. This allowed some of the lower branches to catch up and contribute, instead of getting shaded out. The first time I grew these seeds out, I was impressed by the high of one of the plants. It had comforting indica qualities, but it also had some high CBD content from the ACBD. This time around, I have not found any high CBD plants. But that's okay. Because, if they are not high in CBD, they make up for it with THC. These plants without the CBD content still inherit the Afghan characteristics from the mom. The result is a heavy hitting indica. This is an awesome night strain. I still have another round of these vegging. They won't start flowering for another week or so. This is a another keeper strain.
  8. Harvest! Harlequin, day 60, two days ago. I bought some Harlequin regular seeds. I started with the fem. Then i decided that the strain was a keeper. This plant should bear some nice seeds. I selected both the male and the female for the specific phenotypical traits that I like. The structure of the branches and of the buds. Three plants were pollinated. The first one might have been too late in flowering. I got some seeds, but they barely looked finished. These should be in better shape. Of the three females, this one exhibits the best traits. These would be the seeds I would want to use.
  9. A couple of harvests to report. A small Harlequin. Nothing impressive. The second is an arrangement of four Afghan CBD x Strawberry Backcross plants in a 3 gallon pot. These just got flushed a couple days ago. I took the smallest plant yesterday. Within a week these should all be drying.
  10. It's not the fastest path to flowers, but it will create a dense canopy.
  11. Gardener

    Drone footage

    I am in dixie too. Thankfully, I don't have snow.
  12. Blueberry Quintessa sounded promising for pain relief. Had to give this one a try. I find that batching smaller plants together in a 3-gallon pot yields better results than growing one big plant in the same pot. Ten seeds in three 1-gallon pots, along with two filler plants. Identifying females was tough because of the lack of any sort of pre-flowers. I forced the plants into flowering so that i could identify the females and group them together. The plants were growing as manifolds. But they were tall. So, I bent each plant across the center of the pot, with the roots 'across' from the branches. Re-veg. Another two weeks of growing. Once everything was growing thick and lush, i cut the manifolds back to two nodes. Each plant had two branches, with four buds growing out per branch. Four plants. 32 colas. That's not too much to ask from these plants, is it? Another ten days later, here is the result. They have been under 12/12 for about 5 days now.
  13. Gardener

    Drone footage

    Where is this?
  14. Harvest! Somango XXL (Somango x Critical). This is actually a rolling harvest that started a few days back, out of necessity. I had no dry flowers. The buds on this plant tend to fill out quite a bit between the 7th and the 9th weeks. So i have been taking a branch or two per day for the past four days. Taking only what i need and letting the rest of the plant finish. Here is the plant before the first branches were cut. Here is where she is at today, day 59.
  15. Afghan CBD x "Strawberry Backcross". Two planters. One has four plants. The other had three, but one turned out male. So now down to two. The pot with four plants is at day 36 of flowering. The branches were not cut back before flowering. The pot with two plants was vegged four days longer. Before flowering the branches were all cut back to the second node. and then flowered. That one is at day 32 of flowering.
  16. I am growing BBQ. No pre-flowers after 5 1/2 weeks. So I began 12/12 to force them to declare boy or girl. It took more than a week for male flowers to begin to show. Still no pre-flowers on the females. Currently four females are re-vegging together in the same pot. I plan to flower them for good in another ten or eleven days. Big plants too.
  17. Harvest! A couple days ago I took down Misty Kush. Day 60. For a month now I have been steadily consuming Afghan CBD. That strain is great for pain. But it doesn't get me stoned. Today i vaped some Misty Kush for the first time in a while. This is what I missed. Feeling stoned. Afghan CBD has a light, clear-headed high by comparison. Both are good. Misty Kush grows fat buds.
  18. I don't want to feel guilty for consuming the last seeds.
  19. I am willing to trade three feminized seeds of Chocolate Rain. I like the strain, having grown it twice. But given that a lot of people seem to appreciate Chocolate Rain, and given that people are trying to revive Escobar's strains, I thought i would share this with an interested breeder. Does anyone have something to trade in exchange?
  20. Northern Lights and Short Rider auto flowers. Four plants in a 3-gallon pot. Day 29. Pistils beginning to form at the tops of each plant. At this point, the leaves are all tucked underneath the stems. Flowering sites are all exposed. For the next few weeks this is going to be fun to watch.
  21. Harvest. Afghan CBD, day 63. Love this strain.
  22. Harvest. Afghan CBD, day 56. I am letting this plant finish outside. She isn't coming down yet. But i pulled the first lower branches this morning.
  23. I don't believe so. @Cristalin developed the strain. He can speak to the genetics.
  24. They look good. This should be interesting.
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