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    Welcome. Share what you know with us.
  2. Welcome. Have fun growing!
  3. I can't help you with your soil questions. Soil was my first choice when i began growing. But i switched to a hydro approach using coir as the medium, on the recommendation of others.. (Coir and perlite.) That move allowed me to "get some decent smoke without a ton of effort." Good luck with your current situation. I still think soil-grown smells and tastes better.
  4. This is my tent at full capacity. 18 plants. For the next few weeks, the plants that get harvested will be replaced with new specimens. Within six weeks or so, some space will begin to open up as i harvest faster than the replacement rate.
  5. Lively looking plants. I love the stretching phase. You should get some good bud from this.
  6. AK 47 X Mystery Sativa. Day 72 of flowering. The plant looks done. But the buds do not. The buds look like they are just beginning to fill out. Loaded with mature seeds of an F2 cross. Yesterday i clipped a small bud and tried it this morning. Potent. Hard hitting. Long lasting. Kind of like AK 47, but with more pop, zing, and oomph. Today i took the tallest branch from the plant. In another week i will see if the plant is growing at all, or if it is pretending to be alive..
  7. Lots of branches, none too long.
  8. Blueberry Indica X Heribei. These seeds were freebies thrown in when i ordered Mad Chem, Herijuana, and Jack Berry. Day 50 of veg. She was not topped. Just grown in a coil. The stem is shaped like a horizontal letter 'U'. Today she begins 12/12.
  9. I just want to re-iterate. This is a great strain. I love it.
  10. Welcome. May you learn to grow more weed than you need!
  11. These plants are all sisters. The one in the middle is at day 36 of flowering, while the bookends are at day 66. I call this Strawberry Back- Cross, or Strawberry Cross-Back, because the father of these plants was a cross between Strawberry Kush and a Mystery Sativa. The flowering time for that cross was 14 weeks. I wanted a shorter flowering time, so I crossed a [Strawberry Kush X Mystery Sativa] male with a Strawberry Kush female. These plants are the result. The older plants were injured pretty badly when they were young. This seemed to set back and slow the growth after that. They look kinda ratty in appearance. The buds looked kinda done. But they were small. A few days ago I clipped a branch from the plant on the right. Day 62 of flowering. Yesterday I vaporize some for the first time. The high was incredible and soaring for about 25 minutes or so. Then it settled into a very pleasant sativa mood enhancer, stirring the mind. I think my efforts were successful. The plant in the middle was started 30 days after the first two. I planted this one because i was frustrated with the way that the first two plants were growing. (The first two were the females from a batch of fou plantsr. They carry the F2 generation as seeds.) I wanted to grow another plant without the setbacks. I atrtribute the small buds on the first two plants to their various setbacks while growing. The buds on the middle plant are doing fine. They also appear to be buds that would finish in 9 weeks, at least visually confirming what the taste-test indicated. The buds are sorta sativa in appearance, while taking on many of the indica traits of Strawberry Kush. The original cross between SK and the Mystery Sativa took 14 weeks to flower and had very sativa-like buds. The high was good, but i didn't like the flowering time. I grew it again so that i could cross a male back against a Strawberry Kush female. This is very much like having the high of the 14 week variety at only 9 weeks. Except that it seems to be better. Strawberry Kush is a cross between Strawberry Cough and OG Kush. It has an interesting head high from Strawberry Cough, but it expresses as an indica. This plant is like flipping the indica-experience back to the sativa side. The head high is enhanced. This is a good day strain. A bud from the plant on the left. Day 66. Top branches of the middle plant. Day 36 From the plant on the right. Day 66.
  12. I thought this seedling had three cotyledons. But, I didn't look closely enough. It has four! First time seeing this. The strain is Master Kush.
  13. Indoor vegging by daylight
  14. This little Master Kush has three cotyledons.
  15. There was a deal on regular Critical seeds. I got 5 for $12. Here they are at 22 days of veg. Critical is an indica, but the structure of the plant is very open. The leaves at the 5th node are immature, and the sixth pair is emergent on all of the plants. Most of the time, plants reach this stage by about the 19th or 20th day. So they are a little slow in that respect. The plants are very uniform in appearance. If there is any kind of morphological difference worth noting, it is in the eagerness of the buds to show at the leaf junctures. Three of these plants display 'eager buds'. Two of the plants display shy buds. My goal is to create some seeds. If I get a male and a female both from the three eager-budding plants, then that is the trait i will select for. Any shy-budding males will be culled if there is at least one eager-budding male. Eager buds Shy buds
  16. Get yourself a plant cart! I needed one because i like to bring the vegging plants outside for sunshine each day. (Today it is raining, so the plants are in the doorway, under the eaves.) This is a labor savor. If you struggle with physical disabilities, but like to move things around easily, this is something to consider. I have had this for about 2 weeks now. I love it.
  17. I don't know how many plants you grow or how large they become. But, would it be possible to screen the plants off with some kind of mesh, small enough to thwart the moths but thin enough to allow good light penetration?
  18. I agree with Gardenartus. Indica + CBD is a good way to go. Or maybe just pure CBD in the form of an oil, without THC, just to see.
  19. These two plants were originally started for the 2019 mini-cup grow that @Justcozz sponsored this summer. Day 63 of flowering. The strain is [Strawberry Kush X (Strawberry Kush X Mystery Sativa)]. I need to figure out if these are done. So l clipped a branch from the plant on the right. (I clipped the left branch from the plant on the right.) The plants are loaded with seeds of an F2 generation of the cross.
  20. The last of the three plants. This is the one I pollinated. Turns out everything in the tent got pollinated. Oops. Afghan CBD produces some fantastic colors. This is day 64 of flowering, btw.
  21. I once ordered 5 feminized canna tonic seeds. One of them sprouted. The others were duds. Looking back, I think the seeds i received were not well-enough developed. This was one of my few negative experiences with Nirvana. Anyways, the one Cannatonic plant I tried was effective. I liked it because i got pain relief with very little high. The taste was sort of lemony, as i recall. I would like to give that one a try again. Toro Boro sounds interesting too. Who sells Toro Boro?
  22. I taste something a bit like cherry. That's an approximation. It does have some sort of flavor. The smell is really interesting. I like to get my hands a bit sticky from the plant. That way, the smell lingers on my fingers. Sort of pine-y, sort of menthol. Complex and fascinating.
  23. I volunteered to test this strain because i have a form of muscular dystrophy that comes with muscle pain. There are good days and bad days. Yesterday I got up feeling bad. I used Harlequin and Aurora Indica to treat the pain. Last night i went to bed early and woke up late this morning, feeling achy again. The Afghan CBD buds have been drying on the branch for the past four days. Perfect conditions for trying this strain for the first time. Days like this is exactly why i volunteered to give this a try. In terms of pain relief, this is now at the top of my list. I also use Harlequin and love that strain. But this has a better high. Indicas are better than sativas for the type of pain i experience.. Harlequin is a sativa. I started using Afghan CBD morning, Already planning the next grow. I have at least six seeds left. Congratulations on all your hard work. This is a great strain for pain relief. Now 'proven'.
  24. This is my second go-around with Killing Fields. I like it more now than i did the first time.
  25. Harvest. Killing Fields is the last plant i had growing in a three-gallon container. This started out looking to me like the pink pheno. But what do I know? These are pink or purple. The plant was grown as one continuous manifold. I took a lot of pictures.
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