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  1. Grasshoppers. Killing Fields.
  2. I started out growing in soil. But I wasn't getting consistent results. I switched to growing in coir. Since then, my yields are up, and my plants seem healthier. I could go back to soil. But I am not anxious to do so. Everything is working right now. Soil grown weed does taste and smell better. I agree with you there.
  3. Strawberry Kush X (Strawberry Kush X Mystery Sativa)
  4. Northern Lights. Automatic disappointment. Hollow stem. Broken base.
  5. All up by the 4th day.
  6. The four in the back row are for the mini-challenge. (The four in the front row are the Afghan CBD strain being test-grown for @Cristalin). They all popped within the last day..
  7. It's on. Roots showing. The materials I have seen this somewhere Solid cup as a mold. Mycorrhiza Tomorrow they should be poking through
  8. Killing Fields -- Manifold Diaries. Day 39. Flushed a couple days ago. 'Up on blocks' to dry out better. Lots of budding along these two branches. Potting up from 1 gallon to 3. Already tall, she is placed at the bottom of the pot. I scored the stem with a razor. Then I painted cloning-gel along the stem to promote further rooting. I want to see these two branches completely encircle the pot. No plans to cut her any further, except to remove fan leaves. But, no need to yet.
  9. Seeds received. (Thanks for the opportunity to test-grow these!) I am operating under the assumption that these are not feminized. Correct? I will soak four of these and start them immediately.
  10. The seeds are from the Strawberry Kush plant I took down a few weeks ago. Strawberry Kush X (Strawberry Kush X Mystery Sativa). It's not a strain. But I will call it Strawberry Back Cross.
  11. This is the Storz & Bickel Plenty vaporizer. I had a cheap model base vape. It worked. But temperature controls were iffy and sometimes the cannabis would burn. This one has precise temperature controls. It holds a lot more than a portable vape. Stortz & Bickel also makes the Volcano vaporizer. I didn't want to deal with bags to capture the vapor, though. I wanted to be able to just load up a big bowl and inhale deeply. It is a great model to have at home.
  12. One of the simple pleasures of a cannabis grower. Vaporizing seedy weed. Afterward, eating the toasted seeds. Absolutely delicious.
  13. This morning i flushed Blackjack out on the front deck. She's the big plant in the middle. Here is the salt stain left behind.
  14. Good idea. There is something to be said for that. I wish i had enough space to grow all of my plants that way. (I secretly wish for a big garden on an acre or two. I would grow so much outside if it were legal to do so!) By week 3 most plants will show enough characteristics for me to decide how to train them. It all depends on how tall it projects to be at the end. Sometimes that is hard to tell. But i just focus on making all of the plants wide and short. Wide -- to the edges of the pot. Not wider than that. Everyone has to stay in their lane in a crowded tent. Short -- less than a foot at the onset of flowering. Short plants get folded over directly across the middle of the pot. Tall plants can be trained to wrap around the pot, or sometimes make a good manifold. Tall plants are conspicuous on a front porch or deck. Short plants hardly get noticed among other potted plants. I love to veg cannabis outside during the day. Out of sight is out of mind.
  15. Blackjack. Day 53 as a vegetable. Final trim before flowering. Any day now, enough will be enough. I shudder to think at how big this would have grown without all of the bending and twisting and tying. Before. The trim After
  16. Madberry is the last plant that i grew to natural form. She is also one of the plants that motivated me to go back to LST and super-cropping. It was interesting to grow a big plant like that without training. But, for me there is a challenge to growing tall plants short.
  17. You are absolutely right. Here are the same plants this morning. Completely re-oriented to the new situation. Never stopped growing. This is what i love about plant training You can do all kinds of things to the plant and it will keep growing and adapting.
  18. Are you referring to AK 47 or some other tall plant on the page?
  19. Trying something new. I wanted more variety. I also wanted to cut down the veg time. Two plants in one pot. Ice on the left in the first picture. AK 47 on the right. They both flower in 7 - 9 weeks. Today is day 18 of veg. I plan to flower them starting between day 35 and day 42.
  20. You deserve some sort of a medal. 19 weeks?!!! It better be worth it. The buds look fantastic. Enjoy.
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