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  1. Missed the boat on that one...... Could and possibly should have said, "... ...if that makes any scents"
  2. Thanks! Trimmed and dry I got 12 Oz of nice bud. Not sure how much trim, I don't weigh that, right in the extract bucket.... 12 Oz! Didn't make the rent! Lolol lol haha lmao hahaha ha. rent..... But I had a blast, a real pleasure to tend....AND made 12 Oz of killer. That combined with my outdoor puts me WAY ahead, I'm probably good until 2018. I certainly don't need more. Gonna pack the tent up and enjoy the fruits of my labor.
  3. Finished with great success. I'll snap some pics soon perhaps. I didn't expect much from my first ever dwc bucket, but it certainly suprised me. Best I've ever grown. Great success. Peace......
  4. 1st shot at dwc. A few weeks away yet, according to the calender. This girl isn't even 90 days old. I think about 80 days or so. Dwc rocks.
  5. Cannot believe how snowy my bubblegum in dwc is. It's got me considering 100% conversion to dwc. And running only this strain! It was very forgiving with my pH imbalances at the start, it's growth is astonishing. I only wish I could take better pics under hps. They all turn out poorly.
  6. So they're in a 4x4 tent, illuminated by mainly a 1000 watt hps, and I've got a 200 watt true draw led, for 2 reasons. 1- I've read somewhere that led promotes resin development, and 2- I had it sitting there doing nothing, collecting dust. ( I wiped it off!) That atmospheric controller you see in the one pic is kinda useless, I never close the tent, my lamp's in a cool tube, I have my exhaust fan sucking air past the bulb the whole time the lamp is on. Temps around 78-80 lights on 68-70 lights out.
  7. The led comes on minutes before the hps. Here are a few pics of what's in my friends neighbors uncles tent. That beast in the back is one of two in a dwc res. The mobster is bubblegum, the one on her left is a white russian. She was a little upset with my inexperience, and she won't develop to her full potential I'm afraid. I've learned a few things on my first indoor, I mean, um...my friends, um...uncle . oh. ..whatever, it's just a few plants. Dwc rocks!! Look at that beast compared to the soil bitches around her, and she could be so much better. I think I'll do another dwc bucket. Only one plant strain per res tho. Not gonna mix them again. May only do one strain per run even! . I currently have 10 plants and 10 strains in that tent : ( Lots to learn. Wish I woulda started this earlier in life.
  8. its a pretty sweet hobby They are fascinating creatures! I'm in constant awe! They make natures perfect food, as well as other beneficial, magnificent products. Pollen, propolis, wax, royal jelly, not to mention all the pollinating they do! incredible, fascinating creatures and I'm very grateful to be able to have a small collection of them.
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