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  1. Missed the boat on that one...... Could and possibly should have said, "... ...if that makes any scents"
  2. From the album: 2018

    Final harvest 14 ounces dry. Gorilla glue. One plant.
  3. From the album: 2018

    Big gurl. I harvest one a month. I have a second room vegging 2 more. Only ever own 4 plants, all approx a month apart. Cut one down, start another one, easy peasy trigger squeezy. When they veg for approx 2 months, they grow big. Big plants, big yeild, only need 1 per month Keeps my jars stocked and friends happy.
  4. From the album: 2018

    Nice up close. Amber? Not really any yet
  5. From the album: 2018

    GG3. Any time now dudes..... week 11. May go 12....may not
  6. From the album: 2018

    GG4 and GG3, one month apart in flower GG3 is 11 weeks GG4 is about 7
  7. From the album: 2018

    GG3 lower buds @ 11 weeks flower
  8. Thanks! Trimmed and dry I got 12 Oz of nice bud. Not sure how much trim, I don't weigh that, right in the extract bucket.... 12 Oz! Didn't make the rent! Lolol lol haha lmao hahaha ha. rent..... But I had a blast, a real pleasure to tend....AND made 12 Oz of killer. That combined with my outdoor puts me WAY ahead, I'm probably good until 2018. I certainly don't need more. Gonna pack the tent up and enjoy the fruits of my labor.
  9. Finished with great success. I'll snap some pics soon perhaps. I didn't expect much from my first ever dwc bucket, but it certainly suprised me. Best I've ever grown. Great success. Peace......
  10. 1st shot at dwc. A few weeks away yet, according to the calender. This girl isn't even 90 days old. I think about 80 days or so. Dwc rocks.
  11. charred420

    20161228 191052

    From the album: Untitled Album

    Bubblegum in dwc
  12. Cannot believe how snowy my bubblegum in dwc is. It's got me considering 100% conversion to dwc. And running only this strain! It was very forgiving with my pH imbalances at the start, it's growth is astonishing. I only wish I could take better pics under hps. They all turn out poorly.
  13. So they're in a 4x4 tent, illuminated by mainly a 1000 watt hps, and I've got a 200 watt true draw led, for 2 reasons. 1- I've read somewhere that led promotes resin development, and 2- I had it sitting there doing nothing, collecting dust. ( I wiped it off!) That atmospheric controller you see in the one pic is kinda useless, I never close the tent, my lamp's in a cool tube, I have my exhaust fan sucking air past the bulb the whole time the lamp is on. Temps around 78-80 lights on 68-70 lights out.
  14. The led comes on minutes before the hps. Here are a few pics of what's in my friends neighbors uncles tent. That beast in the back is one of two in a dwc res. The mobster is bubblegum, the one on her left is a white russian. She was a little upset with my inexperience, and she won't develop to her full potential I'm afraid. I've learned a few things on my first indoor, I mean, um...my friends, um...uncle . oh. ..whatever, it's just a few plants. Dwc rocks!! Look at that beast compared to the soil bitches around her, and she could be so much better. I think I'll do another dwc bucket. Only one plant strain per res tho. Not gonna mix them again. May only do one strain per run even! . I currently have 10 plants and 10 strains in that tent : ( Lots to learn. Wish I woulda started this earlier in life.
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