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  1. I've had to kill my main vegging plants off. There too far infected to try saving. Got some cuts from a pal trying to save though as think they maybe OK. Had them in different area and have been treating with haccers and plant vitality plus ever 3 days. They are not showing any real signs of damage from bm's just a bit battered from the chems as used high dosage to make sure it worked. Should I be using lower concentrations as there only newly rooted cuts?
  2. Thanks for all the great info fellas. As joker said can you only give info if you've actually used the tech and its worked for you. As there is so much miss info on the sites from passed on info its all most impossible to find the proper info. Any idea if merit 75 works? Think it's got imid in it?
  3. Cheers bro, great info in that thread got some great ideas from it. Only problem I've got as being in UK we're not able to readily get them chems that the peeps in the states are. So looking for alternative options.
  4. Been told only mitcides will kill these mofo's. Is this true? Looking to take cuts from moms and soak in 10% bleach for 10-15 mins before rooting. Then kill the rest off. Will this work? Any info would be great.
  5. is the kali shnapple the same cut sonic seeds use?
  6. great idea hill mate. loving the fact that their annon and it would make life a lot easier then sending cash all the time. will defo get one next time i'm in my local shop. cheers bro. just what i wanted to hear mate, i'll get it sent out first thing tomorrow. i hear you on the tracking too bro. don't want those sticky fingered posties getting my cash, lol. cheers bro.
  7. alright sannie, tried to pm you to ask this ? but seems you haven't gotten around to reading it yet. just want to know if you accept sterling as payment for my order. if you can let me know asap pls so i can get it sent out. cheers bro
  8. damn bro, some monster dank assed buds you got there. hows the buddha's sister smelling?
  9. killer projects you got going e$ko mate, will be interesting to see how all the test grows go. can't wait till cheeseberry's back instock. looking forward to runiing a good few of those.
  10. damn theres some seriously big buds in there bro. hope they smoke as good as they look.
  11. i'm locked in for this one carper. have you run budha's sister before mate?
  12. looks like 2012 will be one hell of a year, looking forward to seeing what you've been working on e$ko mate.
  13. sorry to see you had to bin the bb mate, hopefully they haven't spread much pollen to the other plants. what do you reckon the gravita? looks like a great light. do you reckon its worth paying the extra for it?
  14. biggs

    Gas leak !

    do you have your gas bolier venting any where near your grow room? i get a strong smell of gas outside where my gas boiler vents. not sure if this is the same as yours, but defo get it checked out mate. last thing you want is your house to blow up.
  15. Sorry to see your having problems bro. Has the dutch master reverse worked? Is this the first time you've run this pheno of bb?
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